How To Pick A Kayak

How To Pick A Kayak

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Kayaks are great for going up and down rivers, or paddling on lakes. To use them can be relaxing and an excellent form of exercise too. However kayaking is a serious sport as well so some people take having the right Kayak just as seriously. Kayaks need to have a combination of ruggedness, strength, and also speed. The right Kayak though depends on what individuals prefer just as much as what they actually need. Here are some factors that allow people to pick the right Kayak for them.

  1. Prior to deciding to buy anything at all work out the exact requirements you need in a Kayak. Doing this makes it far more likely that you will pick the right Kayak for you at the first time of asking. This can be the part when those experienced in Kayaking have the advantage over rookies as they already have a good idea of what works best for them. There are advantages in picking your own features as you have a Kayak that you are completely happy to compete in races with.
  2. Decide how many people will be in the Kayak, so then pick one for individual Kayaking, or one for two and three people to crew. For people that entered races as an individual, and also take part in team events it may be worth picking two Kayaks instead of just one. Perhaps the Kayaks used for team events could be shared between the members of each team. Consider joining a kayaking club if you live near to one as well.
  3. You will need to pick a Kayak that has been ruggedly built as it could take a lot of punishment during races. This may especially be the case on the race courses that feature rapids and ravines. Of course there is a high chance that kayaking courses would have such features in order to provide a greater challenge to all the contestants. Rugged Kayaks potentially keep you safer in the races on the harder courses.
  4. Consider designs that make Kayaks move faster through the water. The more streamlined designs are something you will want to consider more the better you become at racing Kayaks. Further more a leaner and more streamlined design could certainly make all the difference in a close and keenly contested race, with extra second gained potential being vital in determining who wins, and who comes second. Extra speed in the hands of an experienced racer makes for more competitive racing contests over all.
  5. You should consider picking a Kayak that fits in with your current level of ability, and upgrade when you get more experienced. Thus beginners are probably better advised to begin practicing and racing with a basic Kayak. Then you should consider moving on to better ones as your skill levels increase.
  6. The better you become at Kayaking consider buying a custom made Kayak instead of a bulk standard ready made one. This can be an advantage in races, as custom made Kayaks can have the features you pick instead of making do with what you get.

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