How to Use a Neti Pot

How to Use a Neti Pot

Using a Neti Pot

netipotTaking drugs to combat allergies, common colds, flu, and health conditions affecting breathing has become standard practice in the West. The healthcare industry makes a vast fortune measured in hundreds of billions each and every year selling drugs and treatments. When it comes to the common cold and viral infections such drugs are quite simply a waste of your money. On the other hand using a Neti Pot on a daily basis will do you more good, and at a fraction of the cost. A Neti Pot is a completely natural not to mention drug free means to improve your health. Further more as word gets around more and more people are using Neti Pots to enhance their health. At first some people are not sure on how to use a Neti Pot yet it is quite straightforward once you know how to. This is when being able to breathe through your mouth gives you an advantage.

Neti Pot Guide

So you have gone out and brought a Neti Pot, well this how you use it improve your health. The practice of using a Neti Pot originates from yoga, when the pot is used to clean out the nasal passage with salt water. Yoga uses the techniques linked to the Neti Pot to improve the breathing techniques of people, and regard it as a means of improving peoples’ health. The yoga term for the process is Jala neti, meaning that people clean out their noses with water from a pot. In most cases when people can use the pot properly it makes a notable enhancement to their health. Although the pots come in different shapes and sizes the techniques for using them are generally the same.

Firstly you need to fill the pot with lukewarm or tepid water. The water works best at this level of warmth. Then you need to add salt to your water, but only enough to make it a 1 % saline solution. Adding the salt allows the water to cleanse once inside your nostrils.

As soon as the saline solution is ready you need to get it into your nose. Here it is really important that you position your head correctly. It is best to place your head pointing downward over a sink, a bath, or possibly sat on the ground in your garden or backyard. Then you need to slowly start pouring water from the Neti Pot into the nearest nostril and slowly begin to tilt your head upwards. The upward movement will then allow the salt water to drain away through the lower nostril.

Once you have done the process for one nostril then you need to repeat the same steps but for the second nostril. Generally it is usually best to use roughly half of the solution in the Neti Pot for each nostril. If there are no problems then the process only needs to be used once per each nostril. Sometimes however one nostril or both can be blocked. If that should be the case then you will have to keep switching sides a few times until the blockage has been successfully removed.

It is important that no residue of the saline is left within your nose. The best method to ensure that has all been completely removed is to bend over. Once you have bent over start breathing out rapidly through your nose. This part can be messy so have a tissue handy or be bent over the sink or bath so residue can be cleaned up with the minimum of fuss.

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