How to Use Solar Generators While Camping

How to Use Solar Generators While Camping

We all want to go green to do our part to help save the planet for future generations. Using solar power is one of the best choices that we can make when it comes to power choices. The more that we integrate this type of power into our lives, the better off our children and their children will be. A trip to the great outdoors gives us the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of nature, and how important it is to preserve its continuation. It’s a common practice to hook up a generator to power RVs so we can enjoy the comforts of home, but there are better alternatives. There are ways to use solar generators while camping and some definite benefits over gas-powered units.

Advantages of solar power generators

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The most obvious benefit is that solar power is more eco friendly and doesn’t harm the environment with dangerous pollutants. But there is more. Traditional generators are noisy and they can disturb other campers in the area when you fire them up. They also produce fumes, which can be unpleasant to smell. Solar power generators do not make any noise because they have no moving parts. They don’t put off odors, they’re friendly towards the environment and they can be cost efficient once you get them set in place.

How solar power works

These systems work on the basis of stored energy, which is gathered from sunlight. Solar panels made of photovoltaic cells catch and convert energy from the sun into electricity. The greater the number of panels, the more electricity you can generate. The converted energy can be stored in a large battery bank, and replenished whenever there is sunlight available.

Setting up camp

Just a few minor adjustments are needed to setup your camp for solar power. Setting up two panels to collect more replenishing energy sources should work fine. Start out with a full charge in stored batteries when you begin your adventure and you can continue to gather more energy as needed. AGM batteries are a little more expensive for the initial layout, but they exceed the duration of flooded cell batteries in an RV setting. You may also want to consider bringing an additional set with a full charge in case there is a lack of sunlight available.

Ways to use a solar power generator while camping

Solar power can be used to run any major appliance or device in the same way that traditional electricity does. You’ll enjoy the use of entertainment electronics, microwave ovens, an electric coffee maker, charging cell phones, laptops and any other electrically powered item. Once your solar power generator system is set up, the only difference that you will notice is that you won’t have to keep gas and oil in a noisy and smelly generator to keep your power going. Both you and your camping neighbors will appreciate this. Just make sure to select an area that gets the best possible source of sun for panel setup.

Solar power generators are an exceptional alternative to traditional power generators. They are a cleaner source of power. After the expense of initial setup and installation, they become a more economical way to generate electricity because they rely upon the conversion of energy from the sun. Using this type of power won’t cramp your style. You’ll still enjoy all of the benefits of modern appliance use on your camping trip. The major difference is that you’ll be giving back to the environment by doing your part to clean up the earth.

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