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Best Humane Mouse Trap

Humane Mouse Trap 1

Humane Mouse Trap Reviews

Humane mouse traps are designed to capture mice without causing them any harm or distress and let you catch and release the animal back into the wild. As they do not kill the mice it makes it safe around babies and young children as well as other pets. Some advantages of using humane traps are that there is no dangerous spring mechanism, meaning you won’t get your fingers caught, they are easy to set up and keep clean, and they can capture several mice at once. The traps work by the mouse making its way over the trap door that then closes tight behind them trapping the mouse in the end of the trap. The simple design means no power is required and the muse once inside cannot escape. To entice the mice into the trap there are usually holes in the trap to allow the mice to smell the bait at the other end.

Most Popular Humane Mouse Trap

Mice Cube

5/5 Product Rating

To get rid of pest in your home with no mess and no hassle and without even seeing the dead mouse in the trap, this mousetrap does all those things for you. All you need to do is add the bait to the trap and wait. There are no poisons to endanger your pets or children and the mice will not suffer in pain either. They enter the chamber and are given a humanely quick yet powerful jolt of electricity. There is a red light that tells you when there has been a catch. So there is no mess or blood or gore, you do not even need to see the dead rodent as you just simply tip the Mice Cube and let the rodent fall out. It has been proven as more humane than the traditional snap traps or glue boards that make the mouse suffer for a longer period of time.

  • A clean and quick humane way to kill the mice with a deadly shock
  • Hands free disposal
  • It is safe and sanitary to use with no mess or chemicals
  • Can be used at home and for occasional infestations that occur

Best Overall Humane Mouse Trap

AB Traps

4.8/5 Product Rating

This trap is ideal for trapping mice, chipmunks, shrews, voles and any other similar sized pest animals. The AB Traps Trap has two doors that are essential for the animal’s safety when they are being caught. The doors are spring-loaded but are safe and quick once the catch has begun. The trap is made of a sturdy mesh wire that has been reinforced with galvanized steel making it resistant to rust and corrosion so can be used for years. The openings in the mesh are small, and do not allow the mice to escape or to steal the bait and get away with it. The gravity action doors work by the mouse walking over the top and by gravity pulling the lever doors down behind them; they can enter from either direction and still be caught without any way of escape. The smooth internal edges mean that no harm can come to the animal or the user when transporting the animal back to the wild.

  • Made of sturdy rust resistant mesh
  • Steel reinforcements galvanized for maximum resistance
  • Small mesh openings preventing escape
  • Gravity action doors for quick security from either direction

Best Budget Humane Mouse Trap

Kness Tip-Trap

4.6/5 Product Rating

Mouse infestations can become unbearable, and the thought of using a snap trap can be quite a frightful thought. The Kness Tip Trap has a unique design that is safe and humane and will relieve you of your pest problem quickly. All you need to do is remove the end cap and place peanut butter in to the bait cup. The trap then should be placed in a problem area and all you need to do is wait. When the mouse enters the trap to get the bait the trap tips up automatically and the door closes behind it. You can then release the trapped mouse safely and the mouse goes free unharmed. The traps are easy to clean and can be reused again and again or if you want to you can dispose of it after the mouse has been caught. It controls mice, voles and shrews or any other small rodent that is causing a problem in your home.

  • Made from polypropylene
  • Easy to clean and reusable
  • No harmful chemicals are used so safe around pets and children
  • Safe to set up and use
  • No stains or odors

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