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Ice Axe Reviews

Do you love mountain hikes? Do you love those high altitude hikes? In the areas that you love to hike, are there below freezing and snow conditions? If your answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then you definitely need the correct equipment. One of the most important tools for hiking in snowy conditions is an ice axe. An ice axe is a tool of many uses especially by mountaineers for climbing and hiking in below freezing conditions. The ice axe is used both for ascending as well as descending. For ascents the most basic use of the axe is as a walking stick, another use is anchoring it deep in the mountain to help bring up a fellow climber. For the descent, the axe may be used to slow your fall in case you slip down the mountain face. When buying an axe the things that you should consider is your size, the axe’s CEN rating, shape, weight, length, as well as what you intend to do with the axe.

Most Popular Ice Axe

Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe with Grip

5/5 Product Rating

This is another great product from the legendary manufacturer Black Diamond. This ice axe is made of durable material and the shaft is made of aircraft grade aluminum. The axe is investment cast and features a 1 piece head that is made of stainless steel, which has a hole for a carabiner. The head is also ergonomically correct, which provides excellent grip. The head is flat which is essential for smooth self-arrest. The teeth and curvature of the pick are designed for self- arresting that is secure. The axe weighs just 437grams, its head weighs 15 ounces, and the shaft is made of aluminum and the spike of stainless steel. This axe is recommended for mountaineering and comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Surprisingly lightweight so your arm won’t tire
  • The axe is excellent at executing a self-arrest safely and smoothly
  • Designed for use by people of all heights
  • Comfortable to handle and use
  • A solid choice for mountaineering and hiking

Best Overall Ice Axe


4.7/5 Product Rating

This is a wonderful ice axe from the great brand Petzl. The toothed pick is rated B and is made of Charlet steel. The pick has a hole for putting a carabiner or even attachment of a sling. The shaft is made of 7075 aluminum and is also rated B. This type of aluminum is the same found on aircrafts and other industrial vehicles. The profile of the adze, head and pick is cutout to reduce weight and the axe has a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years. The ice axe is recommended for use on easy slow slopes and glacier travel. This ice axe works on both ice, snow, and comes in 3 different sizes each of a different weight. The 60cm model weighs 415 grams, the 75cm model weighs 458 grams and the 68 cm model weighs 438g. The axe includes its own leash.

  • It comes in 3 different sizes depending on your height or preference
  • The ice axe provides a great balance between price and weight
  • The construction of the entire axe is well designed for rugged use
  • The axe comes with its own leash unlike others where you need to purchase separately
  • Made of durable aluminum

Best Budget Ice Axe

Omega Pacific Mountain Axe

4.3/5 Product Rating

This is another great product from Omega. The axe features a handle made of aluminum and a head made of 4130 CrMo. The NiCrMo head is laser-cut and tig-welded with the shaft rated T. The 60 cm model weighs 22Oz, the 65 cm weighs 23Oz, the70cm model weighs 23.4Oz, the 75 cm model weighs 24.2Oz and the 80 cm axe weighs 25 Oz. The axe does not come with its own leash so you have to buy one separately. The heads are also not interchangeable. The axe is manufactured in the USA and offers a wide range of flexible model options.

  • Excellent design for a smooth self-arrest
  • The variety of sizes cater to persons of varying height
  • The axe is lightweight enough that you won’t feel it on those long hikes
  • It makes for a great anchor tool when ascending
  • The axe is made from very strong and durable material

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