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Best Kids Wetsuit

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Kids Wetsuit Reviews

Wetsuits for children are still a bit novel, and if you’re a family that enjoys water adventures, then no doubt you started shopping for them just as soon as they came on the market. No child can enjoy a seaside holiday when they’re playing on the beaches and freezing cold. Although this probably won’t be the case in the Bahamas, there are colder beaches out there where one still wants to enjoy the waters. The cost of high-tech fabrics for wetsuits has come down recently, and this means you can get a higher quality suit for the kiddies without spending a fortune. The way this technology works is that, once the wetsuit is first submerged in water, a tiny bit of fluid enters the wetsuit and gets trapped, and quickly warmed by the body. This is the effect that the best technology offers, and it’s a sure way to keep your kids warm no matter what water adventure you choose. Finding the right fit is key to the local electronics wiz at your computer store always breeds good results.

Most Popular Kids Wetsuit

NeoSport Wetsuits Youth

5/5 Product Rating

These are very cute neoprene shorties for the kids, and look exactly like the larger sizes that mom and dad can wear. If you happen to have a family that likes to match (even when the kids roll their eyes) then buying from NeoSport is a great choice. Not only do these suits keep the kids warm, but they completely block UV rays to keep everyone safe from the sun. There’s also great protection from jelly stings, sea lice, and other irritants that can be lurking in the ocean. The heavy-duty zip back is incredibly durable, and the flat-lock stitching simply won’t budge, even after years of usage. The price of this suit, considering the amazing quality, is quite affordable, and it also comes with a handy warranty that protects you against defects in the construction and materials. However, the odds are that you won’t find any defects here.

  • High quality Neoprene
  • Stylish shorties are comfortable for the kids
  • Identical to the larger Mom and Dad versions
  • Protects from UV rays, jelly stings, and sea lice
  • One Year Warranty

Best Overall Kids Wetsuit

NeoSport Wetsuits Junior

4.8/5 Product Rating

NeoSport is the leader in affordable wetsuits for kids, and this Junior Premium Shorty has a nice adjustable collar that ensures that the fit won’t be too snug. The stylish graphics make this design a favorite among kids, and the back zip is ultra durable and ensures years of usage. Just because it’s a kid suit doesn’t mean that NeoSport skimps on quality, and it performs just as well as the adult-sized version, at a fraction of the price. The cut is meant to be Unisex, and the cute, shorty style is perfect for freeing up the limbs for snorkeling, diving, surfing, and waterskiing. The suit is built tough and built to last, thanks to the Flatlock stitching. The high quality neoprene makes this one of the most sought after kid suits you can find. It comes in junior sizes 10, 12, 14, and 16. This is the perfect choice to keep your kids warm and safe during your water adventures.

  • High quality Neoprene
  • Soft and comfortable on a child’s skin
  • Adjustable velcro collar
  • Lycra arm and leg seals
  • Heavy duty back zip

Best Budget Kids Wetsuit

O’Neill Wetsuits

4.3/5 Product Rating

O’Neill has been the leader in wetsuits for over 50 years, and this Lycra Kids Shorty is designed with the same precision and superior fit as the adult version. The Hybrid shorty has a number of innovative features such as the Lycra shoulders, neck, and sides, that make it incredibly easy for your child to move in. What you get is unsurpassed warmth and 100% UVA/UVB protection from the harsh rays of the sun. No parent likes to see their child at a swim lesson with blue lips. Some kids simply don’t take well to the cold as others do. That’s when this suit can change your child’s experience of the water to a more positive experience, without restricting movement. The core body temperature is regulated by the Fluid Foam Neoprene chest, back, and lower body. The material is also breathable, so there are no feelings of claustrophobia in the suit, and it’s also designed to completely prevent chafing under the arms.

  • Perfect for slender kids who can’t stay warm in the water
  • Complete freedom of movement
  • Flatlock stitching lyes against the skin and stretches for comfort
  • Provides 100% protection from UV rays
  • Ranked high by parents and kids

Kids Wetsuit Buying Guide

Kids Wetsuit Review

Kids Wetsuit

Purchasing a wetsuit for your child can be helpful when they’re in the water since it creates comfort, warmth, and a better experience for them. Whether your kids want to go swimming, surfing or scuba diving, you should find them wetsuits with proper protection and comfort.

However, finding the right wetsuits for your children can be tricky especially if you don’t know what to consider. Without any experience or guidance, you may end up just looking for the best style without further looking at other aspects. To make the whole process easier, below are some top things to consider when selecting the right wetsuits for your children:

1. Thickness

Before purchasing children’s wetsuits, it’s essential to consider thickness. The thickness of a wetsuit provides warmth, especially in the cool water. Different wetsuits come with different thickness scales that measure the thickness of arms, legs, and the entire body. People have different bodies; therefore, you need to understand that what works for you may not necessarily work for another person. You should have an idea of how your kid gets cold after getting in the water. If your child comes out in water while shaking or blue lipped, consider purchasing a thicker wetsuit.

2. Type of Wetsuits

Generally, there’re three different types of kids’ wetsuits. One type covers the whole body, go to the ankles and wrists and thus offering maximum warmth and protection. The other type of kids’ wetsuits that have short legs. They’re the most common and popular kid’s wetsuits for swimming, and they offer warmth and room for movement compared to full wetsuits. Finally, there’re kids’ wetsuits with full legs and no arms. For scuba diving in cold water, choose a full wetsuit. However, if you kid likes swimming or just running in water, short wetsuits are ideal since they offer warmth and are more flexible.

Kids Wetsuit 4

3. Quality

This is an essential factor to consider although in kids’ wetsuits it’s not much crucial like for the adults. The reason behind it is that the kid is still growing, and the suit may last for one or two seasons. However, this doesn’t mean that you should look for low-quality kids’ wetsuit. The cheap and low-quality ones are uncomfortable and have seams which stick up. On the other side, you don’t want to purchase very costly wetsuit that will last for one or two seasons. Select a medium quality wetsuit that offers the required comfort and protection at a relatively lower price. The quality of a wetsuit can be judged by the strength of the seams. High-quality wetsuits tend to have more secure seams.

4. The Fit

Before investing in a kids wetsuit, ensure it fits your kid well. This can only be done by trying them before purchase and not estimating. However, if you like purchasing things in online stores, check the return policy in case the suit fails to fit your kid perfectly. Wetsuits are meant to be snug to fit children properly. If you purchase a loose wetsuit, water can easily run freely into the body of your kid. Water can also loosen the insulating properties of the wetsuit.

Kids Wetsuit 3

5. Price

Before you purchase a kids wetsuit, you should consider the price. Different types of wetsuits come with different prices depending on the quality, model and manufacturer. In most cases, high quality and thick wetsuits come at higher prices. The thicker wetsuits come at relatively low prices whereas the low-quality ones come at very low prices. As said earlier, your kid is still growing, so you don’t have to purchase the most expensive ones since they’re last for a single or two seasons.


In conclusion, these are some of the top things to consider when choosing the right wetsuits for your kids. You can also consider the chest zip or back zip. Most traditional kids wetsuits have back zips for easy entry. Today, things have changed, and we have wetsuits with chest zips which are more flexible and watertight to disallow water entry. Follow the above tips, and you won’t get disappointed or feel that your money hasn’t been spent in the wrong way. You can also seek advice from someone you trust.

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