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Best Knife Sharpener

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Knife Sharpener Reviews

Choosing between so many options to find the best electric knife sharpener can be pretty confusing. However, after reviewing and testing out dozens of different brands, we’ve identified the Top 3 models currently available on the market.

Most Popular Knife Sharpener


5/5 Product Rating

If you’re looking for a knife that works well on kitchen knives, fillet knives and hunting knives, you may want to opt for a National Presto Electric Knife Sharpener.

This particular unit comes with interchangeable blade guides that automatically hold the knife in the perfect position.

Furthermore, the National Presto Ind features a 3-stage system that provides great sharpening angles for three different types of blades – thin for paring and fillet knives, thick for sport and chef’s knives and medium for regular household kitchen knives.

  • It’s very easy to use
  • It sharpens knives really well
  • It works fast
  • The blades retain their sharpness for a long time
  • It is sturdy and built to last

Best Overall Knife Sharpener


4.8/5 Product Rating

This Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Electric Knife Sharpener ranks high on our list for several reasons.

Equipped with superior EdgeSelect technology and a Trizor (triple bevel) edge, it can be used to sharpen American, European and Asian-style knives, as well as serrated and straight edge blades to an impressive 15 degree angle.

The Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener also contains flexible spring guides that are designed to automatically adjust for the right angle.

What’s more, its 3-stage process (with Stage 1 used to re-shape your knives and Stages 2 & 3 for refining the edge), results in minimal metal removal, which in turn helps keep your knives in good condition for an extended period of time.

  • It’s a fantastic sharpening tool for knives
  • It’s perfect for a wide variety of blades
  • Metal removal is minimal
  • It’s easy to use
  • It comes with an excellent instruction manual that shows you how to make maximum use of the device

Best Budget Knife Sharpener


4.6/5 Product Rating

Equipped with the same sapphirite grinding wheels utilized by professionals, the Shenzhen Electric Knife Sharpener produces incredible, razor-sharp edges on knives, making it a must-have item in the kitchen.

It is suitable for stainless steel, alloy or carbon blades and can also be used to sharpen non-electric serrated knives that are serrated on one side only.

Additionally, the Shenzhen Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpener features a 2-stage system that enables you to grind and sharpen your blade in Stage 1 and hone it in Stage 2.

Also, 3 suction cups situated beneath the device help secure it on a countertop/table and 2 receptacles positioned below are designed to catch metal filings for easy disposal.

  • It’s value for money
  • It is easy to use
  • The quality of sharpening is superb
  • The compact design allows for effortless storage and setup
  • It’s easy to clean and silent when in operation

Knife Sharpener Buying Guide

Knife Sharpener 4

Cutting Edge Guidelines in Buying Knife Sharpeners

Have you found yourself in the middle of cooking and stuck with a knife that doesn’t slice as efficiently as you’d like it to? Don’t be satisfied with having to squish tomatoes.  Sharpen those knives and make the cooking preparations easier. By simply following some guidelines, anyone will be guaranteed to find not only the best knife sharpener out in the market but also the one that suits their needs.

Know Your Electric Knife

Each knife differs on thickness and edge texture of the blade. There are two categories in edge texture: Serrated knives and Smooth Edge knives. Serrated knives perform saw-like maneuvers when cutting. These are mostly avoided for frequent sharpening. In some case, it even requires specialized apparatus like F. Dick RS-150 or Dick RS-75 to prevent damage on the rough teeth of the blade. Smooth Edge knives are also grouped into two categories either straight or curved. Compared to serrated ones, smooth edge knives can be sharpened through normal methods. It can either be refined by stones, steels or hones.

The thickness of the knives refers to the width of the blade. Butcher knives and Meat Cleavers are the thickest and largest kinds of knives. It is especially sturdy to endure cutting through bones and thick meat. Larger knives appeal more for the sharpening stones because it facilitates unrestricted sharpening maneuver due to its wide base area. Thin and longer knives like boning knife, carving knife, fillet knife and coring knife usually call for sharpening rods to lessen the friction on unnecessary parts of the blade. Unnecessary friction on the blade may cause knife bending or carving in the wrong way.

Pick the Right Equipment

Carefully choosing the proper sharpeners prevents the occurrence of blade damage during sharpening. There are four kinds of sharpeners: the sharpening stones, sharpening steels, knife hones and electric knife sharpeners.

Sharpening Stones

These are the most abundant manual knife sharpener. It comes in either the wheel form or the block form. Wheel form is the old timey equipment wherein it uses a rotating wheel while pedaling continuously as the knife touches the wheel. Block form is the most standard form used today. It sharpens the knives through a back and forth motion done repeatedly. Oils and water are used to assist in sharpening. Oil reduces the effort exerted manually and it also lessens the possibility of material shaving of the knife.

  • Examples: Antique Steel Box Whet Rolls Razor Sharpener 1927 , Chosera sharpening stones for Edge Pro (8 pack)

Sharpening Rods/Steels or Ceramic Rods/Steels

They are rod-like ceramic sharpeners with coarse surface usually utilized just as maintenance and alternative sharpener aside from sharpening stones. No material shaving occurs in the blade during sharpening. It is used only before the actual slicing.

  • Examples: Knife Sharpener Twin Aluminum Ceramic Sharpening Rods V-Sharpener, Lansky Guide Rods of (4 Pack), for Lansky Sharpening Sytem Kits & Hones #LROD4

Knife Sharpener 3

Knife Hones

These are slotted machines in which the knives are aligned and carefully placed in the dents wherein the honing and polishing transpire. It is convenient and easy to use since it lessens the effort and man labor. Material shaving of the blade is prominent in this kind of equipment.

  • Examples: Safe Kitchen Dining Electric Knife Sharpener Hones Blade Multi-function Chef, Kitchen Chef Dining Multi-function Tool Electric Knife Scissors Sharpener Hones

Electric Knife Sharpener

It is comparable to knife hones. Though unlike the knife hones, it aligns the knife itself into proper angle so precision are quite counted on. It sorts sharpening from jagged to fine. Read the instructions prudently to prevent premature wear and mishaps along the way. Control over premature wear is not its strongest suite. Kitchen knives that don’t need keener attention are perfect for this sharpener.

  • Examples: Kyocera Electric Diamond Sharpener DS-50 for Ceramic Knife Japan, Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Station, Electric Knife Sharpener

How to Sharpen?

For sharpening using stones, hold the knife steady with the edgy side against the utilizer. Press and tilt down the knife in the stone while continuously pushing the blade to and fro. Tilt the knife into their designated degrees: Meat Cleaver (30-35 degrees), Kitchen knives (25 degrees) and Carving and fillet knives (12-18 degrees). Repeat pushing until desire sharpness is attained. Check the angles of the sharpened edge. Also remember that meat cleavers and butcher’s knife should have wider angles in the edge since those receive large amount of force than carving knives.

Utilizer who uses electric sharpeners simply puts the blade through dent of the machine and let the machine do the job.

Where to buy a Knife Sharpener?

Knives and sharpeners go together like salt and pepper. Possible prospects for places retailing sharpeners are likely on area of the knife sellers too. Stores in same sorts of kitchen and dining are first perfect place to start looking. Online website, online auction and trade offer a bunch of equipment in an easy click. Just make sure to subject into your ideal price. Be sure to screen the new from handed-down equipment and choose the one in your liking. Skim through the comments and ratings given on the site by buyers for background information and inspection. These will give you hints on what not to buy.

Online Gourmet food stores and houseware stores seem suitable too especially for specialized knife sharpeners. Direct selling knife companies are hard to come by but sometimes they conduct door-to-door sales. Door-to-door sales are very convenient and affordable especially since they drive to you straight and customarily offer up in sets. Some of these shops offer secondhand equipment. Proper inspection of the goods may give you advantage for attaining good product on lower price.

Owning anything is a matter of preference. One would prefer the manual type of sharpening while the other lean on the premise that using electric can be more convenient. Do’s and Don’ts of the equipment should be taken seriously to ensure an accident-free sharpening and honing. With all this guidelines in mind don’t be afraid to be creative and make use of your knife skills worry-free.

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