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Best Label Maker

Best Label Maker Reviews

Label Maker Reviews

Label Makers have become popular as customers discover their many uses. Whether you are labeling food that goes in the fridge or freezer or labeling drawers or boxes, labels allow for better organization. This leads to less waste and an easier time finding things you need. There are a variety of label makers on the market today with varying degrees of features and designs. We have selected the most trusted labelers for your review.

Most Popular Label Maker

Epson LW-400

5/5 Product Rating

The Epson-Label Works-LW-400-Label-C51CB70010 is a P-Touch labeler for large label use has a very quiet operation. The label maker has a wide range of options including 14 different fonts, 10 styles, 300 symbols and 75 frame options. The Epson-LabelWorks-LW-400-Label-C51CB70010 prints up to a ¾” width which allows for printing up to 4 lines of text on each label. The label maker can store up to 50 files. The Epson 400 labeler reduces paper waste by up to 60% by reducing the margins needed at the beginning and end of each label. This labeler can also create special formats. Flag labels, wrap labels and even barcodes can be created with the Epson-LabelWorks-LW-400-Label-C51CB70010 labeler. This label maker supports 7 different languages. Specialty papers are available in glow in the dark, reflective, iron on and decorative labels for scrapbooking.

  • 14 Fonts, 10 Styles, 300 Symbols, and 75 Frames
  • 7 Different language options
  • Smaller margins reducing waste by 60%
  • Up to 4 lines of text and storage for up to 50 files
  • Special Formats including flag labels, wrapped labels and barcodes

Best Overall Label Maker

Epson LW-300

4.7/5 Product Rating

The Epson-LabelWorks-LW-300-Label-C51CB69010is a P-Touch label maker with a wide range of options to create custom labels. There are options for 14 different fonts, 10 styles, 300 symbols and 75 frame options. The other big advantage to this labeler is that is has smaller margins saving up to 60% of label paper waste. The Epson-LabelWorks-LW-300-Label-C51CB69010 allows you to save up to 30 files in memory saving you time for labels that will be re-used. It also offers split back printing making for fast peeling. Create personalized labels with up to 2 lines of text. The Epson-LabelWorks-LW-300-Label-C51CB69010 supports up to 7 different languages. Specialty papers are also available so you can create glow in the dark labels, reflective labels, iron on and decorative labels for scrapbooking. The quiet operation makes this a labeler that will be used frequently.

  • 14 Fonts, 10 Styles, 300 Symbols, and 75 Frames
  • 7 Different language options
  • Smaller margins reducing waste by 60%
  • Up to 2 lines of text and storage for 30 files
  • Specialty labels like glow in the dark and reflective labels

Best Budget Label Maker


4.4/5 Product Rating

The Brother-Handheld-Label-Maker-PTH100 is a versatile labeler. It can create up to 9 fonts, 7 frames and 175 symbols. The handheld label maker is easy to use and easy to move around to wherever you need it. The one touch keys make it easy to access the fonts and frames. There is also a deco mode and an auto mode which allows you to print custom text in preset designs. There is a cable labeling setting which allows you to print wrap text for labeling and organizing your cables and wires. The Brother-Handheld-Label-Maker-PTH100 uses laminated TZe tapes up to 12 mm in width. The unit stores up to 9 of your favorite files for future use. If you save files and then run them in sequence it will create less tape waste. The laminated labels come with easy to peel backing and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • 9 Fonts, 7 Frames and 175 Symbols
  • Laminated tape with easy peel backing
  • Save up to 9 files
  • Cable labeling for marking cables and wires
  • Up to 12 MM wide printing

Label Maker Buying Guide

Label Maker Buying Guide

Organization is one key to a less stressful day. And one way to be well organized is to have everything properly marked and labeled. It makes our work and daily task more systematic. Managing a big or small business, working in the school or office and even at home would be less of a clutter. One material that we can use to help us to accomplish any of these is a label maker.  This also popularly called label printer.  It is used in creating labels for our business products, labeling items for inventory and storage, making bar codes, filing our office papers and documents, and marking and putting labels to our personal belongings.

Label markers are now becoming more and more a necessity, because they really help us do a lot of things. If you are contemplating buying one, this article will provide you basic but important information about label markers. Having some knowledge on the item will help you make your choice according to your own necessity. As you continue to read, you’ll learn what the types of a label maker, what are the printing methods and a comparison on how each functions, and what are the features to look for.

Types of Label Makers

There are three general types of label printers or label makers that are commonly available in the market today. Let’s take a look at each one.

Handheld label makers/ Personal printers – this is very portable. It makes use of QWERTY keypad, small LCD screen, uses batteries, and does not need to be connected to a computer. This is widely used for home, office, and smaller business industries.

Desktop Label printers – this requires computer software programs. It has to be connected to your laptop or PC. It is usually more compact, and would allow you to create and print labels with a lot of variations.

Commercial and Industrial label printers – For big business industries that require a lot of labelling works. This is what’s usually used in warehouses.

Each of these types of label makers also has its own print method capabilities. The most traditional method is embossing. Then with modernization and technology the use of Thermal transfer and Direct Thermal was developed.

Print Methods

Embossing label maker – this started way back in the 50s. It requires the user to manually press together a raised molded tab and the tape. It uses a wheel that has the letters, numbers, and basic punctuation marks. The letters are pressed to the plastic label without using ink. There are still a few that makes use of this embossing printers. The print quality for this type last the longest and does not easily fade compared to the other types of printing labels using thermal transfer and direct thermal.

Direct Thermal – this is a printing method where heat sensitive or heat activated paper or label tapes are used. An example is a thermal fax paper.  This is the usual print method for fax machines.  It does not make use of carbon ribbon. The print quality for this type fades at a much shorter time compared to thermal transfer. This type of print is sensitive to scratches and fading.

Thermal Transfer – this is the most popular and most widely used type. This uses a carbon ribbon, can print in various colors and on most type of printing papers.  It also has a more dense print making it last longer compared against direct thermal. If you will be printing barcodes, shipping labels, or mailing labels, this type of label printers is better.  It is not subject to direct heat and sunlight and so the quality of print does not easily fade.

Thermal Transfer Direct Thermal
Uses carbon ribbon No ribbon
Multi colored print Black color only
Longer print life Shorter print life
Can print on most paper materials Uses heat sensitive paper/label tape
High density print Less dense print

Label Maker Buying Guide

After getting basic information about the types and printing methods for label makers, you can now go ahead and take a look at the different features you want and think to be necessary.

  • Consider the availability to use different types of fonts and colors. Does the label maker allow you to print text in various styles?  Some printers have special features where it can print barcodes and some images and pictures.
  • Choose a label printer that has a wide and high resolution LCD screen. Also make sure that the keyboard allows you to type in letters and characters easily. The QWERTY style of keypad is more convenient to many.
  • The power source is also important. Most portable handheld printers make use of AA batteries. So if you will be printing in bulk, make sure that spare batteries are available. Check also if the batteries are rechargeable, or better yet look for printers that can also make use of power cords or an A/C adapter.
  • Portability of the printer is also a good feature even for the bigger and more durable types of label makers. Smaller label printers that are more portable would usually offer limited features compared to the bigger ones. However, this would again depend on how you intend to use your label printer.
  • Connectivity to a computer using USB ports is a plus. This is usually available on top label printers. This would allow you to preview your label and do some editing on your computer.
  • Warranty. This type of tools will definitely have some issues. So it’s better to go for brands that can offer a good period of warranty, parts, and services.

There are other special features available on different brands of label makers, but usually the price would be higher. As always, not all features are actually necessary. Just buy what you actually need, because in most cases, you would realize that a lot of those features you won’t actually be using at all.

Now that you at least have the basic knowledge about label makers, you should now be able to choose the right label maker or label printer for you.

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