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Best Lacrosse Glove

Lacrosse Glove

Lacrosse Glove Reviews

Next to the stick itself, it’s difficult to determine which of the player’s pads are the most effective at providing protection and enhancing player performance. The helmet is arguably the most important component when it comes to protection, as it protects the head against high-impact collisions and reduces the risk of concussions and other head injuries. Shoulder, rib, and elbow pads help protect their respective areas against stick checks, high-velocity balls, and impact with other players, but each player has his/her own opinion as to their usefulness. This is due in part to the fact that they restrict the movement in those essential joints. On the other hand, lacrosse gloves are something players of all level get excited about. Not only are the gloves essential for effective stick handling, they’re also essential for keeping the hand and fingers protected, and without his/her hands a player can’t play. Most of the major lacrosse equipment manufacturers like Brine, STX, and Warrior offer a diverse array of gloves to meet the needs and budgets of all players. Most lacrosse players look for a glove that is equally lightweight and protective to maximize mobility, flexibility, breathability, and grip. And like sticks and helmets, lacrosse gloves are offered in a vast array of colors and design schemes to meet any player’s taste.

Most Popular Lacrosse Glove


5/5 Product Rating

With a design inspired by STX team member Kyle Harrison, the K18 has been updated for the 2014 season with better protective properties and increased mobility. With a sleek, low-profile design scheme that blends matte and patent leather textures, the K18 is available in black, white, navy, red, and royal blue. Upgraded for the 2014 model, the K18 offers enhanced finger protection and 360-degree wrist mobility for the ultimate flexibility and stick speed. The palm, made of breathable mesh with grippy webbing, provides a great close-up feel. Inside the glove is an elevated polyester liner that wicks away moisture and enhances the glove’s breathability. The K18 has most of the features of the high-end Stallion HD glove at half the price, making it an affordable option for players at all levels.

  • Design inspired by professional laxer Kyle Harrison
  • Five available colors with contrasting matte/patent leather materials
  • Specifically designed to provide 360-degree wrist mobility
  • Grippy, breathable mesh and moisture wicking interior

Best Overall Lacrosse Glove


4.7/5 Product Rating

New for 2014, the Warrior Regulator 2 Rabil Edition lacrosse gloves were designed in honor of Major League Lacrosse (MLL) star Paul Rabil. The Warrior Regulator 2 is already one of the most comfortable and high-performing gloves on the market, but has been updated with performance-enhancing design features and an all-American profile (also available in “Boston” grey and red). Warriors new IMPAX technology features a lightweight, high-density padding that provides some of the best protection on the market throughout the glove’s the fingers and thumb for hard checks, face-offs, and ground balls. The palm of the glove is made of ultra-thin suede that gives provides a closer feel to the stick. On par with comparable high-end gloves in terms of price, the Regulator 2 Limited Edition Rabil gloves are backed by one of the biggest names in the name of lacrosse and one of the sport’s best professional players.

  • One of the best gloves on the market, upgraded with Paul Rabil-worthy design features and color scheme
  • IMPAX technology provides lightweight protection for the glove’s backhand
  • Ultra-thin suede gives extremely close “palm” feel on the stick’s shaft
  • Premium price point

Best Budget Lacrosse Glove


4.3/5 Product Rating

Available in over six unique colors, the Brine Senior King 4 gloves offer exceptional fit, performance, and feel. The King 4s have new Brine “skylight” fingertips that have a lightweight yet protective ABS-capped finger slots designed to give the maximum protection against hard stick checks. The new Floating ARCH backhand gives the bulk of the glove plenty of flexibility while allowing plenty of air to flow into the hand. The palm provides a plenty of grip but was designed with less material overlap to allow a close feel on the shaft of the lacrosse stick. With a tight grip and fully-protective backhand and fingers, the Brine Senior King 4 Lacrosse Gloves are revered by high-school, college, and club team players all over.

  • Diverse array of colors to match different uniforms
  • Floating ARCH backhand offers maximum protection
  • “Skylight” fingertips are lightweight, flexible, and plenty durable
  • Less material on the palm gives a closer feel on the stick while still offering plenty of grip

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