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Best Lacrosse Goggle

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Lacrosse Goggle Reviews

Lacrosse is a very intense, fast paced sport. Players race up and down the field with their stick passing and catching in search of the goal. The ball is being sent at a high rate of speed and there is no determination where the ball will end up. In men’s lacrosse there are helmets to keep the entire head and face protected from impact. However, women wear less padding in their version of the game. But protecting the face and eyes remains imperative, hence the importance of goggles. Lacrosse goggles are an important and vital piece of the required uniform. A good lacrosse goggles should fit properly to ensure proper levels of protection. The goggles should never be too loose, but fit snugly around the head going directly over the eyes. The goggles should provide excellent visibility.

Most Popular Lacrosse Goggle

STX 4Sight Goggle

5/5 Product Rating

The STX 4Sight Goggle is perfect for women’s lacrosse. The 4Sight goggles are a low profile design. The low profile design provides for maximum visibility and comfort. The padding around the frame of the goggles have a vented silicone padding that resists moisture and sweat to the wearer. The goggles won’t fog up or slide down the face as they fit the face perfectly. The STX 4Sight Goggle has a unique wire design that is lightweight, form fitting and excellent for all areas of visibility, which is an added plus for the player. The goggles can be adjusted to fit each player perfectly. Field vision will be drastically improved with the pro goggles. It will keep eyes safe while providing excellent visibility throughout the field. The STX 4Sight Goggles are perfect for professional and all players. These goggles have meet all ASTM standards and requirements along with the 60 mph impact ball test.

  • Vented Padding
  • Form Fitting, low-profile design
  • Moisture and Sweat Resistant
  • Meets all ASTM Standards
  • Excellent Visibility

Best Overall Lacrosse Goggle

STX 4Sight Plus Adult Goggles

4.8/5 Product Rating

The STX 4Sight Plus Adult Goggles are perfect goggles for players who have to wear their prescription glasses as the eyeguard glasses fit comfortably over the glasses and still provides excellent visibility. The goggles are shatterproof and come with an amazing head strap that keeps sweat from entering the eyes. The headband is washable too. There is also a protective padding for the eyebrows along with facial padding added to the eyeguard. The padding resist moisture and come with vents to keep the goggles from fogging up or sliding and slipping. The STX 4Sight Plus Adult Goggles has met all ASTM F8-03 standards along with the US Lacrosse standards. These eyeguard goggles will protect all prescription glasses from damage. They adjust to fit each player precisely and are excellent goggles for all sports. Protecting the eyes and prescription glasses are important along with maximum visibility for the player. The STX 4Sight Plus Adult Goggles are perfect for these reasons and many more. These are the eyeguard goggles that all prescription eyeglass wearers select. They are comfortable and don’t slide the glasses, which is essential for the wearer.

  • Meets all US Lacrosse and ASTM Standards
  • Shatterproof and adjustable
  • Protective Padding
  • Vented Added

Best Budget Lacrosse Goggle

Brine Vantage Stock Lacrosse Goggle

4.5/5 Product Rating

The Brine Vantage Stock Lacrosse Goggle features a lightweight design that provides excellent comfort and stability. The goggles come with a unique low profile design that adds maximum visibility throughout the field. The head strap is adjustable so it can fit precisely for any player. There is special foam that has been added around the face that provides airflow to the face. It allows the face to stay cool, comfortable and ready for any play and maneuver. The goggles come with an open cage. Many players prefer the open face for an unrestricted game and performance on the field. The Brine Vantage Stock Lacrosse Goggle has met all ASTM F2713 along with the F803-11 requirements and standards. These goggles are recommended for all lacrosse and field hockey players. The Brine Vantage Stock Lacrosse Goggles should be worn for protection, but still provide maximum visibility and performance for the player and these goggles do that and much more.

  • Maximum Airflow with Open Cage design
  • Meets all ASTM F2713 and F803-11 Requirements and Standards
  • Dual Head strap
  • Customizeable, comfortable fit

Lacrosse Goggle Buying Guide

Lacrosse Goggle 3

Lacrosse is a strenuous sport that is fast paced and scores more physical in terms of contact than American football. The potential for damage to the eyes and face is tremendous, thanks to the addition of Lacrosse sticks being waved about. Each piece of protective gear is vital for the protection and well being of the players and the only way to ensure that the eye and upper face areas are kept from severe injury is to use the right type of goggles that are designed specifically for use in Lacrosse play. There are quite a few different brands, types and designs available, so finding what would be considered to be the best for you can become a difficult assignment, unless you know precisely what it is that you are looking for. This guide is designed to provide you with the information along with tips and recommendations that will help you to make the most suitable choices when shopping for Lacrosse goggles.

The Purpose of Wearing Of Lacrosse Goggles

Protecting your vision while making sure that you can see well enough to play the game is what is required when selecting a pair of Lacrosse goggles. The goggles that you choose should be lightweight and comfortable to wear while covering an adequate area. This includes coverage of the cheekbones and the eyebrows while leaving the nose untouched. There is a good reason for this. If the goggles become checked, it is all too easy for the goggles to move and fully impact your nose, potentially causing severe damage. They should fit snugly at the brow bone and the cheek bones, but not so tightly that they are uncomfortable to wear.

Materials Used In Making Lacrosse Goggles

Most goggles are constructed with hard plastic or wire that is unbreakable for the frame. The lenses are generally made with scratch resistant plastic. Some lenses feature an anti fog coating and are the most highly recommended to prevent occlusion of the vision while in play, particularly in humid or cold weather conditions. Some of the plastic goggle lenses that are not treated with the anti fog coating can fog up in rainy weather. The wire goggles provide for more efficient performance during rainy weather because there is no lens to catch the rain and cause streaking and obscured vision.

Goggle Padding

The padding that is used in Lacrosse goggles should be made from an anti microbial material that can be either silicone based or foam because it is used along the inner side of the goggles that come into direct contact with the skin of your face. The addition of this cushion provides for additional comfort and a more secure fit. The padding should be constructed of a semi rigid material that will provide added protection from impacts, but porous enough to be molded into the shape of the face so it will provide a firm fit against the skin. It should be lightweight to enhance the comfort and to help minimize the potential of slipping when playing the game.

For those who have sensitive skin, silicone padding is the best alternative as it is resistant to the absorption of sweat or other kinds of moisture. It is also one of the easiest materials to clean for reasons of sanitation.

Gel padding is another material that is easy to clean and provides a comfortable fit that easily molds to the shape of the face.

Lacrosse Goggle 2

Specifications for the Band

Ideally, the band that is used to secure the goggles will be flexible so it can further help to prevent any impacts from sticks or the hard rubber balls which are used in play. The bands which strap around the head, are designed to hold the goggles in place firmly so they do not slip around, which could make the eyes more prone to injury.

Certification for Lacrosse Goggles

Goggles used for Lacrosse should meet the minimum safety requirements for eye safety. Look for the seal of approval that is issued by ASTM F803-03 which is a testing specification standard. This means that the goggles are tested to withstand the force of a ball which is traveling between 45 and 60 miles per hour.

Goggle Design

There are a few different goggle designs which each offer different benefits. The oval wire design provides enhanced vision capacity and resistance to impacts. The low profile design is intended to provide very little obstruction which allows for a wider field of view for greater peripheral vision.

When enhancement of the downward vision is desired, as for use by midfielders, look for a lightweight wire construction with a flexible frame which comfortably molds to your head. This can provide for more of a custom fit, additional comfort and a flat bar wire that adds strength and a decrease in visual interference.

Additional Lacrosse Goggle Features

Some models of goggles feature a swivel clip along with a flexible frame that is designed to fit the shape of any face with great comfort. They feature soft padding that grips to hold the goggles in place and prevent slippage while handling nearly any type of impact. The split strap feature can add to security and comfort in fit for some players who wear it over the ears.

Players who wear eyeglasses should choose goggles that are designed to fit over the glasses. Bear in mind when shopping that not all goggles are constructed with this design and some will not accommodate the use of additional eye glasses.


Now that you have an idea of what you need to look for in Lacrosse goggles, you are equipped with the information to make the best choices to meet your needs. So long as you make sure that your choice provides the features that provide for adequate protection from injury, a good field of vision and the additional features that will provide for the greatest comfort, you are ready to begin shopping. By following the tips and suggestions provided in this guide, you won’t have to wonder which goggles will work the best for your particular situation.

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