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Best Lacrosse Stick

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Lacrosse Stick Reviews

Lacrosse is a sport that people have enjoyed since the 12th century. It was part of 5 different summer Olympic Games, but none since 1948. Lacrosse is very popular as a high school and college level sport offering players a unique game that resembles soccer and hockey. There is professional lacrosse known as the MLL or Major League Lacrosse. The highest governing body for lacrosse that is responsible for the rules and changes is the Federation of International Lacrosse. Lacrosse is a team sport that has several different components needed to play the game. First, you need a team, and you need equipment to play the game. The most important part of being a successful lacrosse player is the crosse, or lacrosse stick that you use. This is the stick that you use to pass the ball back and forth to teammates, and shoot and score goals with. This stick is the only piece of equipment that is allowed to touch the ball while you play, and you carry your stick with you the entire time you’re on the field.

Most Popular Lacrosse Stick

STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 Defense Complete Stick

5/5 Product Rating

STX is known for their quality craftsmanship of lacrosse heads and shafts. STX developed this stick as a defenders stick at the entry to moderate level of play. This full stick is developed to help younger players improve their defensive game. Helps younger children learn the fundamentals of lacrosse. The large pocket makes catching and cradling the ball very easy, and allows great control of the ball.
This complete defense length stick is lightweight and easy to control for younger players. The design was to introduce a good solid quality shaft and head at an affordable price.

This stick is a great stick to introduce younger players to lacrosse with the lightweight design and ease of control it will make even the least skilled players feel comfortable. Built with high quality standards that the STX name is known for in the lacrosse business.

  • Great stick to teach youngsters the game of lacrosse
  • Quality built stick that will last years
  • Great value that includes the strung head and shaft
  • Easy to control and pass the ball
  • Budget friendly complete stick

Best Overall Lacrosse Stick

Waboba Water Lacrosse Stick

4.7/5 Product Rating

Waboba continues to build on their reputation for quality at a great price. This complete attack stick is the meaning of great quality at an exceptional value. This attack stick gives you more power and velocity on your shot. Great control with the offset technology, and it really helps develop the shooting technique of learning players. Developed to teach young lacrosse players how to play offense by giving them a stick that performs the fundamentals of passing and shooting effortlessly.

The ultra-mesh pocket gives the user a better feel for passing and shooting when they control this stick. Consistent performance allows younger players to grow with a dependable teaching tool. Comes in various colors and graphic designs to make it more fun and customized for younger children.

  • Youth and JV full stick is great for teaching younger players the fundamentals of offense
  • Quality manufacturer is trusted throughout the lacrosse world
  • Pocket is developed for an offensive player
  • Easy passing and shooting
  • Lightweight but durable, will last for years

Best Budget Lacrosse Stick


4.5/5 Product Rating

This full stick from Franklin is a fantastic stick for those above the starter level, but not at the highest levels yet. This stick is designed for great playability and durability for those on a budget. Good for midfield players and players who shoot the ball often. This stick gives the user great control over their passing and shooting with a general design that meets performance and playability in the middle.

6.5 degree angled ball stop has the maximum height to improve your catching and cradling performance. Moderate travel and V shape paired with the height make this a good overall stick for general use. A recessed channel made of lace help improve the durability and lifespan of the string. Five different colors are available for you to choose your favorite color, or to match a team color.

  • Good overall value
  • Middle of the road playability not too aggressive
  • Deep channel helps improve your catching and cradle
  • Very durable material is lightweight and lasts several years
  • Pairs good performance with good control and value making it an overall good stick for younger lacrosse players

Lacrosse Stick Buying Guide

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Lacrosse is a strenuous, fast paced and exciting sport that intimately engages the players in a flurry of concentration and strategic activity. Each player wields a Lacrosse stick in the game regardless of the position that they are playing. The Lacrosse stick is one of the most vital pieces of equipment in the game and selection of the most appropriate one can make the difference between excellence in performance or frustration because the stick is not a good match for the player or the desired results. There are several different types of Lacrosse sticks on the market which can make choosing the best one an overwhelming prospect for players who are inexperienced or who do not know how to select the best stick. This guide is prepared to provide you with some information that will help you to know how to choose the Lacrosse stick that will be best suited for your playing style, position and personal preferences.

What Kind of Lacrosse Stick Do You Want

When choosing a Lacrosse stick, one of the first and most important considerations to be made is to select a stick that is the best fit for you personally. The stick must be comfortable in your hands and provide the control that is needed to properly participate in the game. The right stick will help you to more easily gain a sense of how the ball will respond when you use the stick in a variety of maneuvers and forces. Another consideration to be made is what you can realistically budget for the expense.

Your Position On The Team

The position that you play will have a lot to do with the type of stick that may work best for you. For example, goalies and defenders will use a longer stick that is heavier in weight as they require a stronger stick and more weight when defending against attackers or blocking members of the opposing team from advancing. Attackers on the other hand, will usually select a more light weight stick that allows them to have a greater freedom for maneuverability on the field. But when all is said and done, you will develop your own preferences as you advance in skill and experience.

Materials Used For Lacrosse Sticks

There are several different types of materials that are used in the crafting of Lacrosse sticks, each with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Aluminum alloy sticks are one of the easier types to use as they are lightweight and the most popular choice for new players or beginners. The downside is that they do not offer much strength.

Titanium Lacrosse Sticks are stronger than aluminum and are popular choices for both beginners and advanced players. It is a little heavier than aluminum, but still considered to be light weight.

Composite carbon lacrosse sticks are designed for strength and durability and the difference is highly noticeable, particularly if a player is in the attacker position where the additional strength is required. They also work well for defenders as the materials are not only strong, but also light in weight. Coming in as the most popular choice in stick material is scandium alloy. This material provides for enhanced durability and performance and is most often the choice of professional Lacrosse players. The weight of this type of stick is appropriate for use in any position that makes it a versatile Lacrosse stick choice.

Lacrosse Stick 4

Length of Lacrosse Stick

Lacrosse sticks must meet minimum standards to be allowed within play. NCAA standards demand that the sticks used by men must lie between 40 and 72 inches in length and for women, between 35.5 to 43.25 inches in length. Those who occupy the attacker positions prefer the action of a stick on the lower end of this range while those who are in the defender positions, generally opt for those on the higher end of the allowable range.

What to Look For In Lacrosse Sticks

The most important thing to look for in a Lacrosse stick, aside from any competition requirements, is the fit and the feel. The stick must be comfortable for you to hold and to use, and it must give you a sense of how the ball will react when you make contact with it. This is a factor that can take time, practice and experience to truly master. But for the short term, make sure that the stick you are currently considering has a good feel with regard to the grip, length and diameter.

Select the stick that features the construction and material that is recommended for your current level of play, the position that you play and that is the appropriate size in accordance with NCAA standards for men and women.


When searching for the most appropriate stick to meet your needs, you will need to make a choice of what type of material you prefer. The materials that are used will have an effect upon the type of performance that you can expect from the stick and when you try a few different types you’ll be able to distinguish these differences. Bear in mind that there are also differences in strength and durability for each of the different types.


By reviewing the differences in performance for each of the various types of materials, you can more easily choose between the vast assortments of Lacrosse sticks available. The cost of course, will advance along with the degree of quality found in the stick, in most cases. This doesn’t mean that you need to purchase the most expensive Lacrosse stick to get the best one for you, but rather, finding the one that is the best fit that performs well with your individual style of playing will most likely be your best bet. Looking for a stick that feels good in your hands swings easily and sends the ball in a predictable direction will enhance your performance on the field. By following the recommendations and tips that are provided in this guide, you now have a better sense of what to look for in the best Lacrosse stick for you.

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