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Lawn edging can really set off the look of your garden making it the finishing touch. It provides you with a neat and tidy finish and can be chosen in many different styles to suit your personal taste. If you want a contemporary feel in your garden you can use decorative stones or logs to edge your lawns. Doing so also helps to designate flower and garden areas and keeps the plants, mulch, and water in the appropriate place. However, if this is not the idea you are after there are also plastic and non-visible lawn edges, or earth coloured ones to provide a discreet yet effective way of keeping your lawn looking in its best shape. Using lawn edging makes caring for your garden much easier and much more controlled without the hassle of needing to recreate the edge of your lawn every time you tend to your garden. The edging keeps a nice clean cut between the soil and the grass.

Most Popular Lawn Edging

Master Mark Plastics

5/5 Product Rating

This Master Mark Plastic 95340 Terrace Board Foot Landscape Edging Coil in Brown is made of the highly durable HDPE plastic that has been recycled from milk jugs and detergent containers. Try to find a more environmentally friendly and reliable product for your garden and you probably won’t. The brown colour gives a discreet finish perfect for edging your grass with and stopping it from spreading to any unwanted areas. It can be used for making flower beds, creating raised layers for rock beds or soil and as it comes in a large 40 foot length roll you can make use of it in many areas of your garden. Master Mark Plastics is a well-known manufacturer of all things garden related so you can trust that this lawn edger will serve you well. The plastic used to make the edging is grinded up and sterilized then further treated totake its form as various garden products and decking materials.

  • Gives a textured, grainy, wooden look to your edging
  • 100% HDPE plastic is used
  • Stops grass spreading as well as creating a neat border
  • Makes a raised layer of mulch

Best Overall Lawn Edging


4.9/5 Product Rating

This edging gives a beautiful finish to your garden trimmings. Whether you are using it as a border for flowerbeds, a finishing touch for the lawn, or as a centerpieceof an established outdoor living area, this Suncast Edging is a lovely design to top off your garden with. The edging can act as a weed barrier for your garden to stop the weeds form attacking your plants or grass, or it can double up as a barrier for your grass from growing in the wrong places too. The ten included 12-inch sections means that you can place them where you want to and combine them together to create a longer border as desired. The installation process of this product is a breeze; absolutely no digging is required and the sections can be installed in minutes at your ease and convenience.

  • Acts as a weed barrier in your garden
  • With its decorative top it looks quaint and natural
  • Comes in ten 12-inch sections
  • Quick and easy to install and maintain

Best Budget Lawn Edging

Emsco Group

4.6/5 Product Rating

The Emsco Group 2035 Trim Free Poly Landscape Edging in Terra Cotta is so easy to install. You simply tap the sections in with a hammer or a mallet and they are set and ready just like that. The product includes 5 extra-long spikes to sink into the ground in the places that you choose for your edging and these provide a sturdy and reliable edging for your lawn. The attractive design lets your garden have a beautiful finish with such a small yet effective design; it gives off a stylish and homely feel for your garden. The edges allow you to use your lawn mower right up close without causing any damage, with the option to turn them 180-degrees as to ensure they aren’t in the way. The handy pack of six edging sections at 10-feet each gives you a total of 60-feet of material to work with, enough for most average-sized gardens.

  • Comes in packs of 6 with 10-feet of edging material (60-feet total)
  • Attractive design in terra cotta
  • Adjusts to 180 degrees
  • Allows for trim free mowing

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