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Best Lawn Mower

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Lawn Mower Reviews

Lawn mowers have had significant technology advancement in the last several years. This has provided a much wider range of options for top quality mowers than were available in the past. Just a few years ago selecting a mower meant choosing among brands of gas mower. Today there are powerful electric mowers that compete with the gas mowers, providing good power with energy savings and environmental benefits. Gas powered mowers also have additional features that include energy savings over older models and features which make mowing the lawn easier and faster. We have selected the best mowers including both electric and gas mowers.

Most Popular Lawn Mower

Sun Joe

5/5 Product Rating

The Sun-Joe-Cordless-Electric lawn mower is a top quality mower that produces no emissions and needs no gas or oil. This electric model is much lighter and quieter than the standard gas powered mowers. The 40 volt battery will cut around 1/3 of an acre lawn on one charge. The battery is energy star rated, meaning it is very efficient and does not use much electricity to fully charge the battery. The battery has an average life of 5 years. The Sun-Joe-Cordless-Electric lawn mower has an 16’ inch blade width. It comes with a one touch height adjustment for the blade which will adjust all four wheels at the same time. The ergonomic handle has a comfort grip for easier mowing and the handle folds down for compact and easy storage. The instant start means no more pulling strings and struggling to get the mower going. It includes the 3 in 1 design which allows for mulching, rear bagging or use of the side shoot. The Sun-Joe-Cordless-Electric lawn mower comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • 16” Cutting blade width
  • One touch height adjustment for all 4 wheels
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Enough power to mow 1/3 acre with one charge
  • 40 Volt Battery for electric mower

Best Overall Lawn Mower


4.8/5 Product Rating

The Remington-RM1159-22-Inch-Powered lawn mower comes with a Honda GVC159 engine with 6.9 gross torque. This gas powered lawn mower is perfect for smaller yards and will get the job done quickly. The gas powered lawn mower has a 21” cutting width. Add the 3 in 1 cutting options and you have everything you need for easy mowing. The Remington-RM1159-22-Inch-Powered lawn mower has the option of mulching, rear bag and side discharge. It has 14” rear wheels which increase the ease of movement around the yard. Whether the mower is tackling uneven terrain or maneuvering around trees, bushes, or flower beds the Remington-RM1159-22-Inch-Powered lawn mower will complete the job without difficulty. The soft grip handle has height adjustments which allow for different users to mow with a comfortable grip. The handle also folds down for convenient and compact storage. There are 6 height adjustment options for the blade that range from 1.5” to 3.5” inches. The Remington-RM1159-22-Inch-Powered lawn mower comes with a two year warranty that covers parts and labor.

  • 14” Wheels with 6 height adjustments
  • 22” Cutting width
  • Honda GVC159 engine
  • 3 in 1 Cutting including mulch, side discharge and rear bagging
  • 2 Year warranty including parts and labor

Best Budget Lawn Mower


4.5/5 Product Rating

The GreenWorks-25022-Electric-Lawn-Mower is a corded electric mower. Because it does not use gas or oil you save the money and the emissions that are put off by a gas mower. It is a corded electric mower which means there is no expensive battery replacement that occurs every few years and it uses very little electricity to operate. The GreenWorks-25022-Electric-Lawn-Mower has a 12 amp motor that gets the job done. No worrying about whether the unit is charged, just plug it in and mow. The mower has 20” steel blades for a wide cutting range. There are 7 positions of blade height adjustment to cut any grass length or thickness. It will cut from 1 ½” to 3 ¾” adjustments. It also has 10” rear wheels and 7” front wheels. This allows for easy mobility and can maneuver around flower beds, trees and shrubs. The large back wheels also allow for easy movement over uneven and hilly terrain. This mower has a 3 in 1 option which provides for mulching, side discharge or rear bagging. The GreenWorks-25022-Electric-Lawn-Mower comes with a 4 year warranty.

  • 7 Position height adjustments
  • 4 Year warranty
  • 20” Steel blade
  • No gas or oil maintenance and no emissions
  • 12 Amp electric corded mower

Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Lawn Mower 11

They say first impressions last. Though this has always applied to people, this saying has never been truer for places. People only need five seconds of a sweeping glance to decide whether a place is worth visiting or not. In fact, in a typical neighbourhood, people judge each other based on the physical appearance of their houses and lawns, especially the lawns. People actually base a family depending on how their lawns are kept, clean and meticulous or ragged and unkempt. This is why one of the most common household equipment is a lawn mower. This gear has been helping families keep their lawns tidy and neighbour’s judgement clean.

A lawn mower is not a cheap object one can just buy out of the blue, without deciding on the what’s and why’s of owning one. Prices of lawn mowers range from as low as $70 dollars to as high as $800. Don’t be overwhelmed by the various types of lawn mowers, check this guide on how to choose the perfect lawn mower while saving a few bucks.

Know Your “Lawn Mow-Able” Area.

A person should first be aware of the size of his lawn and his mowing preference. There are different kinds of lawn mowers depending on mobility, and these kinds could be matched to the size of the lawn.

For those who have the small to medium sized sub-urban lawns, a walk-behind mower would be the perfect mowing companion. These are usually eco-friendly and easy to use. It also comes in different styles: cordless, gas-powered, electric or reel. Walk behind mowers also provide the users a little push for the much needed exercise.

However, when one has a larger lawn that mowing becomes a hassle or when he just does not enjoy walking, he can opt to purchase the riding mowers. These lawn mowers also come in varying kinds: garden tractors, zero-turn mowers, rear engine riders, and lawn tractors. These cut a lot of grass at one time, with a mowing range of 26 inches to 66 inches.

Finally, when one is mowing a vast expanse of grass or an overrun dense field, it would be best to buy the tow-behind mowers, or those mowers that could be attached to a tractor or ATV. The different kinds of these towable mowers are the trail cutters, trail mowers, and the gang reel.

Lawn Mower 11

Look At The Current State Of The Lawn.

There are lawn mowers modified to different kinds of lawn surfaces as to provide the user with the most comfort and east in mowing.

For the lawns regularly mowed and have even surfaces, a cylinder mower would be the best bet. These mowers have a revolving blade that cuts grass in a scissor motion. These would not work best for rough grasses, as the blade motion is too weak to make a clean cut. These mowers could be electric-based or petrol-powered. There are also hand-pushed models available in this kind.

For those whose lawns are usually damp, with overgrown grass, or rough and irregular surface, the best kind of mowers to be used are the hover mowers. These are more effective in cutting grass, even when the lawns are irregularly shaped. Hover mowers are also effective in cutting overhanging shrubs. Some hover mowers could even collect the mowed grass while there are those that just reallocate the grass to be raked after.

The most popular and favorite kind of lawn mower is the rotary lawn mowers. These lawn mowers are efficient for any kind of lawn, from small sized to medium sized ones. They have a quick moving blade, making it easy to cut longer grass. They are also more powerful, making it easier to mow the lawn regardless if the surface is even or not. These mowers are usually electric based, though there are also petrol based and rechargeable cordless ones, perfect for mowing lawns that do not have an outlet or other power source nearby.

Be Aware Of the Different Power Sources of Lawn Mowers.

The power source of a lawn mower greatly affects its mobility and ease of use. The simplest of all lawn mowers are the hand push mowers. When the mower is pushed, a gear turns and moves the blade to cut the grass. This mower also requires the most work. This mower is recommended for small-sized lawns.

Next is the corded electric mower. Running on electricity, it is relatively easier to use but would only be convenient for small lawns. Before buying this, a person should know the length of its lawn and look for a cord that could reach the farthest corners of his lawn. It would be more efficient, though also more expensive, to buy a cordless electric mower for a medium sized lawn. It works the same way as the corded mower.

The most expensive would be the petrol-based mowers. These are powerful mowers that, when used, guarantees a clean cut grass lawn. However, these are also quite heavy and are only efficient for large lawns with difficult to cut grass.

Look Out For the Lawn Mower Add-Ons.

One of the first things to look for in a lawn mower is a grass box. This is a part of the lawnmower where the cut grass is collected. The bigger the box attached to the lawn mower, the less time one has to stop mowing, remove the grass box, and empty it. There are actually separate grass catchers for some lawn mower models when the grass box is not available.

For the corded electric mower, it would be wise to buy a cable tidy. This would make sure that the cables, when not in used, are stacked and stored neatly.

Remember that one should mow not only to attain a perfect lawn. Mowing helps the grass grow healthily and prevents the growth of weed. A properly mowed lawn also prevents certain lawn diseases. This is why choosing the perfect lawn mower is important not only for upholding an image, but also for improving environmental health.

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