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Best Lawn Sweeper

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Lawn Sweeper Reviews

Fall is one of the most popular seasons of the year, as the beautiful earthy tones sweep the streets. However, it is also the time when leaves start to pile up and add more maintenance work, especially if you have a large property. Picking lawn debris and leaves are not exactly the type of chores one looks forward to. However, it is definitely something that is required to maintain a clean and well manicured look. This is when a lawn sweeper comes handy in cutting down the time spent on clean up. Lawn sweepers are sound investments as they can be used all year round, especially when performing yard chores during spring and summer. But with all the options available, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best one for you. Among the most important considerations include the width of the lawn sweeper. Basically, the wider your lawn sweeper, the more efficient the cleanup. Another equally important factor to look into is the hitch, which is required for attachment purposes. You’ll want to choose a model that offers multiple/adjustable height hitch for enhanced versatility.

Most Popular Lawn Sweeper


5/5 Product Rating

This lawn sweeper comes with six high velocity brushes. In particular, its index brush features an adjustable height that promotes better pick up of leaves and debris. In addition, the product is also equipped with an impressive 20 cubic foot hamper, complete with a 42-inch sweep so you can significantly reduce the number of passes required as well as the need to empty.

Featuring a patented design for its storage, you can look forward to enjoying the convenient and simple want of storing the lawn sweeper with very minimal space required. When you have experienced the convenience of using this lawn sweeper, you will definitely don’t want to go back to manually raking leaves.

  • Efficient performance
  • Adjustable brush height for easy sweeping
  • Brushes can be replaced
  • Easy to assemble

Best Overall Lawn Sweeper


4.8/5 Product Rating

Featuring a mesh back with 25 cubic feet hopper, the Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper is designed to combine optimum efficiency and durability. It features a pull button lever which allows you to adjust the height of the brush to ensure the best possible performance.

This lawn sweeper also comes with a sweeper tongue that can sweep and cut all in a single pass without the need to use any additional tools. It also comes with a dump level that you can conveniently operate without the need to leave the tractor seat.

Storage is also not a problem with this lawn sweeper as it can be conveniently folded and collapsed so it will not take up too much space. Indeed, this lawn sweeper offers you the best combination of both form and function at a reasonable rate.

  • Efficient way to collect leaves without raking
  • Works for both wet and dry leaves
  • Sweeper can also be used to pick up soda cans, sticks
  • Well constructed, sturdy and stable
  • Can hold more grass clippings

Best Budget Lawn Sweeper


4.6/5 Product Rating

If you are looking for a lawn sweeper with medium capacity, this one can store up to 26 gallons. Designed to allow easy storage and take up the least amount of space, the Scotts lawn sweeper can be easily folded for convenient, fuss-free storage. This presents a practical yet highly favorable feature especially when you have limited storage spaces.

Equipped with a 21-inch sweep path, you don’t have to make several passes to clear the debris. This naturally cuts down the maintenance work to a fraction of the time. It also comes with height adjustments for the brush, making it so easy to manage and control when going through uneven surfaces.

This is a multi-functional sweeper that presents a wonderful investment for homeowners keen on maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of their property without spending too much time performing the chores. Look forward to spending more time enjoying your yard and less time spent on maintenance.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Solid, stable construction
  • Easy to assemble with easy to follow instructions
  • Offers easy height adjustment for convenience and enhanced performance
  • Worry-free storage requirement

Lawn Sweeper Buying Guide

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Fall is the time of year when most people turn their attention to the cleanup of falling leaves and other vegetation that has come to the end of its annual life cycle. They don’t usually all fall at once, but over a period of days or even weeks. This makes raking them up a regular chore that can become time consuming and involve immense physical effort, particularly when debris collects in hard to reach areas and alcoves. Purchasing a lawn sweeper is one of the best solutions to cut down on the time spent raking fall leaves. It can help you to quickly achieve a manicured appearance to your yard. Finding the best lawn sweeper will depend upon the size of the area which needs to be cleaned and the amount of debris that you anticipate collecting. This guide is designed to help point you in the right direction for finding and purchasing the lawn sweeper that will best meet your needs.

Uses for Lawn Sweepers

Lawn sweepers can be useful all year round. Debris can collect on your lawn every single time the wind blows. They are most commonly used in spring and fall cleanups and can significantly decrease the manpower required to complete yard cleaning tasks. They not only pick up leaves, lawn sweepers are useful for removing lawn clippings and other matter than is blown in on a stiff wind. Lawn sweepers are helpful for both commercial and residential projects involving lawn grooming.

How Lawn Sweepers Operate

Lawn sweepers come in two different types which are push sweepers and tow-behind styles. Push sweepers are powered by the user, and tow-behinds require the use of some type of vehicle to tow them. Most commonly, lawn tractors are used, but some owners find that an ATV does just as good of a job. They are pulled across the surface of the lawn and heavy duty brushes move to sweep all debris into convenient hoppers which are easily emptied into piles for discarding.

Different Styles of Lawn Sweepers

Push Sweepers

Basic models of lawn sweepers are known as push sweepers. These require you to push them while walking across the lawn. The brushes sweep debris into the catcher. This is the simplest style that does not require an additional vehicle to tow it, nor a hitch to attach it. Some of the best push sweepers do an excellent job of cleaning the lawn of almost all debris and can be very effective. The difference between these and cheaper models is that many of the lower end lawn sweepers will leave debris on the lawn or require multiple passes. It pays to purchase the better sweeper as it saves in time, effort and frustration.

Pros and Cons of Push Sweepers

Some push sweepers do an excellent job of picking up virtually all debris on the lawn. There are few parts to worry about so maintenance is easy. The downside is that they are powered by you. They do require physical exertion on your part, while the towable versions are as easy and hitching up, driving and emptying the hopper.

Lawn Sweeper

Tow-Behind Lawn Sweepers

These versions require a good adjustable height hitch and a vehicle to pull them. These are recommended for larger areas. The brushes pick up leaves and sweep them into the hoppers. They are usually a little wider than the push sweeper versions, therefore, covering more area per pass. This cuts down on the amount of time that you spend sprucing up the yard.

Pros and Cons Tow-Behind Lawn Sweepers

Tow-behind sweepers take less physical effort on your part to operate. While this is a definite plus, they do require having a vehicle to pull them across the lawn, which is an additional expense if you don’t already own a lawn tractor or ATV.

What to Look For In a Lawn Sweeper

If you want to have the convenience of a groomed yard, there are two choices in lawn sweeper styles. These are the push sweeper and the tow behind sweeper.

Push sweepers come in a variety of brands, sizes and models. It pays to find a push sweeper that is moderately priced and has sturdy brushes. Some of the less expensive push sweepers tend to leave debris behind, and may require making additional passes to get everything picked up.

Some of the less expensive towable sweepers may not come with a hitch. Since the tow-behind models are towed behind a vehicle of some sort, a hitch is required. The best models come with a multi height hitch that has several different height settings. This will allow you to attach the sweeper to a variety of different vehicles.

How to Find a Quality Lawn Sweeper

One of the best ways to find out how well a particular product performs is to read customer reviews. Others, who have purchased and used these items, leave feedback regarding their personal experiences. This can serve as an indication of how the product would perform for you. If the majority of people claim that a certain lawn sweeper picks up all of the debris on the first pass, then it is most likely the one you are looking for.


Finding the best lawn sweeper does not have to be a guessing game, or done by trial and error. It’s best to avoid the frustration of getting a product that doesn’t meet your expectations. By following a few tips and recommendations, you will know what type will provide the optimum service for you. Determine what you will use it for and how large of an area you will be covering. Next decide if you want the push sweeper style of the tow-behind. This narrows the choices. Take a few moments to read customer reviews to determine which brands and styles have worked best for others. When you have found a brand that comes with high recommendations from real people who have actually used the product, you are ready to go shopping for your new lawn sweeper. The last step before making your purchase is to compare prices to get the best deal possible. Look at online reviews and tips on how to use a lawn sweeper to learn more.

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