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Best Leaf Blower

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Leaf Blower Reviews

Raking leaves is one of the least favorite yard tasks, when it comes to doing yard work. Why complete these back breaking tasks manually, when leaf blowers will get the job done in no time without the exhausting work. There are both gas powered and electric leaf blowers that will get the task done. If you don’t like bagging the leaves, choose a blower that includes a mulching/vacuum feature and convert the yard waste into mulch which will help the soil in your garden or around your flower beds or trees. We have selected leaf blowers that provide energy efficient options with top quality brands to provide a leaf blower that has the power to get the job done and the longevity to last many years.

Most Popular Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 125BVX

5/5 Product Rating

The Husqvarna-125BVx-2-Cycle-Powered-Blower has a 1.1 HP 2 cycle engine which can blow wind up to 170 miles per hour. This produces enough power to remove even stubborn or heavy yard waste. The 28cc engine comes with smart start technology. This creates easy starting. The stop switch is built to automatically reset to the on position creating an easy start. There is also an available “cruise control”. This feature allows you to maintain the same fan speed for larger jobs without having to constantly adjust the speeds. This lightweight leaf blower also has a vacuum feature that includes a mulching option. The flare nozzle creates higher air speeds to complete the vacuuming and mulching of yard debris and leaves. The Husqvarna-125BVx-2-Cycle-Powered-Blower has adjustable fan speeds and also adjustable blower length which creates the perfect blower for any job. The Husqvarna-125BVx-2-Cycle-Powered-Blower was named a “Best Buy” by consumer digest and comes with a 2 year warranty. Extend the warranty to 4 years by purchasing 3 32 ounce pre-mix fuels and registering the purchase on line.

  • 28cc 2 Cycle 1.1HP gas powered engine
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Creates up to 170 MPH in wind power
  • Blower Vac with Mulch feature
  • Lightweight ergonomic design

Best Overall Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 350BT

4.8/5 Product Rating

The Husqvarna-350BT-2-Cycle-Powered leaf blower has a 50.2 cc 2 cycle patented X-Torq gas powered engine. The patented engine provides more power using 20% less fuel and 60% less emissions than similar 2 cycle engines. The leaf blower is efficient enough to pass California’s high standards for efficiency. It produces air speeds up to 180 miles per hour which will move any stubborn yard waste or leaves. The lightweight design comes with a ventilated back pack harness. This reduces the weight and the ergonomic wide shoulder straps and hip belt provide extra comfort for completing large jobs. It starts easily and runs efficiently. The Husqvarna-350BT-2-Cycle-Powered leaf blower is strong enough for commercial jobs and does a great job with large home projects. It comes with a 2 year warranty. However if you purchase the unit and 3 32 ounce cans of premix fuel and register the purchase online the warranty will be extended from 2 years to 4 years.

  • More power, better fuel economy and 60% less emissions
  • 50.2cc 2 cycle 2.1 HP X-Torq gas powered engine
  • Ventilated Back Pack Harnesser
  • Creates up to 180 MPH in wind pow
  • 2 Year warranty

Best Budget Leaf Blower


4.5/5 Product Rating

The Toro-51609-Variable-Speed-Electric-Impeller leaf blower is a 3 in 1 unit. It has a blower, a vacuum, and a leaf shredder all in one. With variable air speeds ranging from 112 MPH up to 235 MPH it will blow and shred leaves making yard work easier and more efficient. It has an ergonomic design for comfort while completing yard work. This is an electric corded blower that creates no emissions and needs no oil or gas to operate. This blower is lighter and quieter than similar gas powered blowers. The Toro-51609-Variable-Speed-Electric leaf blower includes a metal impeller and variable speed motor which helps to shred leaves creating mulch that will improve the soil in your yard or garden. There is a quick release latch which converts the blower to a vacuum in seconds. It also includes a vacuum bag which will collect the leaves or mulch for easy spreading. The Toro-51609-Variable-Speed-Electric leaf blower comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • Electric blower/Vacuum/Leaf Shredder with 12 Amps of power
  • Air speeds up to 235 MPH
  • Quick release latch convert from blower to vac in seconds
  • Variable speed motor for blowing leaves and creating a fine mulch
  • 2 Year warranty

Leaf Blower Buying Guide

Leaf Blower 1

Considered as one of the most fun gardening tools, a leaf blower is equipment that blasts air out of its long-necked nozzle. This is used to move garden fragments, especially leaves, towards a particular area. It is a more fun and easier alternative to raking the leaves. These leaf blowers are really handy, particularly during fall when the leaves of trees start to fall. As this scenery is sure to happen annually, it would be a good and wise investment to buy one for the long run.

Though the function of any leaf blower is the same, that is to collect the fallen leaves, there are still a wide range of leaf blower depending on its power source, physical construction, and the likes. Before a person goes out to buy one, it would be better to go out of his way and understand the different kinds of leaf blowers. As such, here is a guide to choosing and buying the perfect leaf blower for the family yard.

Factors to Consider

Identify the Space and Actual Work to Be Done In the Yard.

A person should first be aware of the work to be done in the yard. If there were hardly any leaves or just a minimal amount of leaves in the yard, it would be best to use a small electric-based leaf blower. If the yard were quite small, it would be okay to use the electric leaf blower than runs on battery. There are also corded electric leaf blowers if the power brought by the battery-based is not doing the job. Electric leaf blowers are preferred in the domestic setting as these, among all other kinds of leaf blowers, generate the least amount of noise. They are also weaker in terms of power, but are also less obdurate to use because of the lack of fuel tank.

Determine the Frequency of Use

In choosing an electric leaf blower, one should also consider the length of time he would be using it. When his job entails using it only for a few minutes, he could just buy the cordless electric leaf blower, as this equipment needs to be recharged after 15 minutes of usage. When he is going to use it for an indefinite amount of time, it would be best to buy the corded electric leaf blower because this equipment would run for as long as needed, as long as it is plugged and switched on.

For the people who find the electric leaf blower lacking, they could opt to choose those powerful leaf blowers that are gasoline dependent. As is the norm, this kind of leaf blowers comes with an engine, typically a two-stroke one. There are also four-stroke engines that produce fewer emissions. Now, these gas powered leaf blowers are more powerful but are also noisier than the electric. These are appropriately used when someone has a large yard that a power outlet dependent leaf blower will not be able to cover the entire yard. In fact, this kind of leaf blower is seen more in a professional commercial setting rather than the domestic residential one. These gas based leaf blowers are superior both in portability and in power.

Know How Heavy the Leaf Blower Is and How Strong the Person Using It Would Be.

The strength of a person actually is a factor in buying a leaf blower. When a person is strong enough to carry a leaf blower for long periods, he could choose the handheld leaf blower.These leaf blowers do not have straps and rely heavily on the strength of the person for it to be carried around. These would also work best for small tasks or for short period works.

However, the leaf blower is not a light object and carrying it for long period would be tiresome and too much of a hassle. A person could consider buying the backpack leaf blower as this would enable the person to just carry the equipment while using it. This is best for people who have large yards, a great amount of work to be done, and for a long amount of time.

Leaf Blower 2

Be Aware Of the Rules and Regulations of the Area to Be Cleared.

The main issue with using a leaf blower is the noise pollution it creates. This is no simple matter as the noise produced by the leaf blower could go higher than the normal accepted decibel. There are, in fact, some places that have banned the usage of leaf blowers just for this reason. Then there are others which allow the use of leaf blowers but restrict it only at a given time or day. There are also some places that do not allow leaf blowers that produce noise above a certain predetermined decibel.

The Different Kinds of Leaf Blowers

Besides the aforementioned types leaf blowers, there are actually 5 main classification of one. This classification is based on size of and power generated by the leaf blower.

The weakest and smallest of the leaf blower kind is the sweepers. These are not really for yard work. These are used for cleaning the minor outdoor areas, such as the driveway, the deck or the patio.

For small yard owners, the suggested kind that they should buy is the light duty. These are the second smallest and are slightly more powerful than sweepers. These are also the most common leaf blower purchased for household.

After the light duty are the medium and heavy duty leaf blowers. These leaf blowers are often gas powered rather than electric based. These could be used for both residential and commercial purposes though it is suggested to buy the backpack type, as these are often heavy and tiresome to carry.

The most powerful of all are the professional leaf blowers. Not only are they the most powerful, they are also the noisiest of all, and as such, are not recommended in a residential area. These are usually found in commercial locations and would run solely on gas.

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