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Best Liquid Drain Cleaner

Liquid Drain Cleaner Reviews

There are moments in which a drain will become clogged and as frustrating as this is, the right liquid drain cleaner can get your sink operating like new in no time. Instead of running for the toilet plunger liquid drain can help you fix many drain issues without having to over exert yourself. The following liquid drains will solve most drain issues quickly without damaging your pipes.

Most Popular Liquid Drain Cleaner


5/5 Product Rating

The Rooto Corp. 1030 1 Lb. Drain Cleaner with Lye is produced within the United States. This liquid drain cleaner is made of 100 percent lye. The Rooto Corp. 1030 1 Lb. Drain Cleaner can be used to clean any drain within the home including both tubs and sinks. Liquid drain will help you to clear your drains from any clogs. The liquid drain bottle has a safety cap to prevent accidents from younger members of the household. The liquid drain can also be used to create soap. The lye dissolves in the water within seconds and will remove the dirt without damaging or discoloring your drains. It is safe to use, but can be dangerous if swallowed.

  • Made in the United States
  • Made of 100 percent lye
  • Can be used to make lye soap as well
  • Quickly and safely clears drains with no damage to pipes
  • Has a safety cap to prevent accidental opening

Best Overall Liquid Drain Cleaner


4.9/5 Product Rating

The InSinkErator BIO-CG Evolution Septic Assist Bio Charge Replacement Cartridge, 16-Ouncescan be used for septic disposers that are ISE style. This liquid drain comprises of microorganisms that will break and obliterate waste within the septic tank. The cartridges within the liquid drains are bio charged and can be replaced easily. The liquid drain smells fresh and will help control odors by keeping odors out of your drains and sinks. This liquid drain will last three to four months if used at an average rate. The InSinkErator BIO-CG Evolution Septic Assist Bio Chargeis very strong and is the equivalent of four bottles of the other liquid drain brands. The liquid drain will help residents control soap and grease that may buildup. It can also be used with your garbage disposal.

  • Can be used for septic disposers
  • Comprises of microorganisms that break down waste
  • Cartridges within the liquid drain are bio charged and will last 3 to 4 months
  • Helps to control odors
  • Breaks down soap and grease deposits

Best Budget Liquid Drain Cleaner

OClorox Company

4.6/5 Product Rating

The 17OZ Penetrex Gel is an effective liquid drain cleaner that comes in a 17 OZ bottle. The liquid drain can unclog the toughest buildups within seven minutes. The liquid drain is safe for all kinds of pipes; however, it is not intended to be used for toilets. The17OZ Penetrex Gel drain cleaner will breach still standing water and will in turn slowly running water into free flowing water quickly. Compared to other liquid drains, this liquid drain will last for months. If your bathtub drain is slow, the 17OZ Penetrex Gel will allow your drain to work more efficiently and effectively. Unlike other liquid drains, this liquid drain has a refreshing smell and will clean any size clog you may be burdened with. The drain cleaner will not damage pipes or drains.

  • Can unclog the toughest buildups within seven minutes
  • Will breach standing water
  • Clean drains will last for months
  • Refreshing smell
  • Will not damage pipes or drains

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