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Mailbox Reviews

Mailboxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, all to suit your preference. Some are elaborate with intricate detail and a real sense of wealth and style. You can even have them made and tailored to your design if you so wish. Making sure you choose an appropriate mailbox for your home is essential. It is not just the appearance of the mailbox that matters, you need to be able to ensure security for your mail and that it will be safe and free from any weather conditions that could tamper with it. A good, sturdy mailbox will stay strong in bad weather yet should still be easy to install into the ground or upon your wall, and of course the letter slot should be of a sufficient size to ensure all manners of letters can be posted with ease. This gives them the post master stamp of approval.

Most Popular Mailbox


5/5 Product Rating

The MailMaster Post Box is designed in the classic post box manner so you will be able to get the wrought iron effect but without the trouble of maintaining the iron or indeed paying the expense for it. It has the signature red flag made from durable steel and can have your house number printed in white along the side providing great definition and visibility. The post box features a front and rear access to the interior compartments. The double wall construction means there is lots of added space for more letters and magazines and can hold your newspapers and other mail delivery all at once. The contents will be kept both clean and dry from outside weather conditions or vandals. When assembling the post box it does not require hard and complicated instructions, it is simple to put together and will be ready for use in no time at all. The dimensions for this Mail Master Post Box are 51 inch by 23 inch by 12 inch.

  • An all in one post and mail box
  • It has front and rear access to the inside compartments
  • Address number, mounting hardware and post cover included
  • Will mount to a 4 by 4 post
  • Made from heavy duty polymer

Best Overall Mailbox


4.8/5 Product Rating

The Hampton Aluminium Mailbox and Post System is made ofrust-free aluminium that has a beautiful finish to help give your home that extra special final touch. The mailbox itself comes with pre-drilled holes in which you can mount your house number plate upon. There is a bracket and mounting plate that also come with the mailbox and they are all fully assembled for you so there is no need to put parts together or follow lots of instructions. The fact that the mounting plate is made from aluminium means that when compared to the usual wood it is far more superior and looks much more attractive too. Set into the post is the pineapple shape finish, which gives the post a crisp and clean look. You can have up to five numbers per side, all brass, and can be applied to the number plate. If you want any personalization carried out you can contact the website for more assistance.

  • A powder coated aluminium for a rust free finish
  • Installation into the ground is quick and easy
  • Beautifully decorated
  • Post master approved

Best Budget Mailbox

Solar Group

4.4/5 Product Rating

The SolarGroup TB1B0000 Mailbox is extremely heavy duty and is virtually unbreakable. It can withstand any vandal that tries to destroy it and will stand its ground against many bad weather conditions. As it is made from 20 pounds of heavy gauge steel it is no wonder that this mailbox has been made to last a lifetime. It has a powder coat finish in black that gives you the added confidence of a long life span and extra durability. The door for this mailbox is a piano hinged door made from stainless steel. Carrying a heavy red flag also made from steel that is also made to put up a fight against wind and rain. The fasteners are made from the same durable steel making it extra secure. The dimensions for the mailbox made by SolarGroup are 9 ¼ inches in height, 7-¼ inches width and 19 ¾ inches in diameter. You also receive a life time warranty.

  • The plate is made from 20 pounds of heavy steel
  • A piano hinged door made from stainless steel
  • Flag is heavy duty with steel fasteners
  • Black colour

Mailbox Buying Guide

Mailbox Review

Buying a mailbox is not something that you think of or have to do very often. This is because your mailbox is not something you need to replace regularly. There are many mailbox designs in the market today. Therefore, shopping for a mailbox can be challenging and styles have likely changed since you last bought a mailbox. This guide will help you choose the right mailbox for your needs.

What Are The Different Types Of Mailboxes?

1. Post-Mounted Mailbox (Roadside Boxes)

This is the most common mailbox style. This mailbox is positioned along the road, away from your house or apartment. It enables your postal carriers to drop your mail without getting out of the vehicle. Roadside mailboxes have poles that allow your box to stand at the required height. Some mailboxes come with one door while others come with two doors. 2-doored mailboxes have a second door at the back which enables you to retrieve your mail without worrying about the passing traffic. Go for a lockable mailbox if you want to protect your deliveries further.

2. Multi-Family Mailboxes

These mailboxes are mounted onto the walls of apartments to preserve space. They come with locks to secure your mail. Apartments house multiple families and often packages are left out in the open. The lock ensures that only the postal officer and the receiver can access the mail.

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3. Column-mounted Mailboxes

These types of mailboxes are an advanced version of post-mounted boxes. They are more formal and have a significant style. Often they are used in housing developments where everyone has the same mailbox. They last long since they are permanent. They are meant to survive any weather conditions.

4. Mail slots

Mail slots are less common and were mostly used in the past and in big cities. They simplify how you receive your mail. A mail slot is a small opening on your front door that allows postal workers to slide your letters into your house. They are ideal for people who live in urban areas where mail is delivered on foot.

5. Mail Vaults

Mail vaults are suitable for people who would like to receive packages when they are not at home. Mail vaults secure your packages once they are delivered. You won’t worry about your deliveries being stolen. They also come with a vacation stopper to ensure that you don’t receive packages when you are out of town.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Mailbox

Ensure that you acquire the best mailbox that suits your needs. Note that you will visit your mailbox almost daily for many years before you buy another one. The following are some of the features that you should keep in mind when shopping for a mailbox.

1. Size

The size of your mailbox depends on the type of parcels that you usually receive. Go for a small mailbox if you typically receive letter and bills. Buy bigger mailboxes if you usually buy products online or receive large packages. Note that bigger mailboxes are costly than small ones.

2. Color

Letterboxes come in different colors. Your personal preference and style will determine the color of the box. You may want to match the box with the color of your house or gutters. You can choose a black mailbox because it blends with different surroundings. Also, ensure that the color doesn’t age or weather poorly.

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3. Materials

Mailboxes are made of different materials. They can be made of steel, plastic, brass or aluminum. Steel boxes are long-lasting and resistant to corrosion. However, they are vulnerable to wet weather. Aluminum boxes are lightweight and resistant to corrosion, but not resistant to water. Plastic boxes are durable and easy to maintain, but vulnerable to heat. Brass is formal but requires polish.

4. Security

Security is critical when choosing a mailbox. You want a box that can safeguard your parcels while you are away from home. Select a mailbox that has a sturdy lock to secure your packages. Your privacy should be a priority when shopping for a mailbox.

5. Features

You can consider other features such as rear access to allow you to retrieve your mail without being vulnerable to traffic. Also, go for a mailbox that has a newspaper holder to prevent your mailbox from overflowing. Ensure that you can personalize your mailbox.


This guide will help you to know what to consider when purchasing a mailbox. The size, color and security are some of the things you should bear in mind when shopping for a mailbox.

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