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Best Men’s Climbing Shoe

Men Climbing Shoe Review

Men Climbing Shoes Reviews

If you are a man and you enjoy outdoor activities such as mountain and rock climbing you will probably be aware of the fact that these activities require the correct kind of equipment. The correct equipment is an important part of ensuring your safety while climbing. The most basic part of equipment is the climbing shoe. Men’s climbing shoes are shoes that are basically designed for climbing. These climbing shoes are designed for all kinds of climbing. Good climbing shoes should not only be comfortable but must also have a good grip which is essential if you are to enjoy your outdoor climbing activities as a man. It is also good to consider the shoe’s upper portion as well as sole to ensure that they are built to handle the rugged terrain. This is because it is where their performance will ultimately be tested. You simply cannot afford not to have good climbing shoes because they will help you enjoy experiences that will provide memories to last a lifetime.

Most Popular Men Climbing Shoes


5/5 Product Rating

This Evolv Men’s climbing shoe is a shoe that you simply have to add to your climbing shoe collection if you are a man that loves climbing. The upper is made of perforated synthetic material while the sole is made of rubber. It also features a 1mm half-length midsole. The upper synthetic material doesn’t stretch to deliver performance consistency. The perforated upper is also great for comfort as well as breath ability. The shoe is perfect for beginner climbers and is also very comfortable. It is also good for advanced climbers as well. The shoe weighs around 2lbs when shipped. It has great fitting for all sizes since it does come in a variety of sizes. Overall, the shoe is a good value which you will definitely enjoy for a long time into the future.

  • The shoe has a great fit
  • It is a perfect shoe for beginners especially
  • It is a very comfortable pair of climbing shoes
  • Reasonably priced
  • The shoes have amazing grip

Best Overall Men Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva

4.9/5 Product Rating

This La Sportiva Man’s climbing shoes are truly a wonderful pair for climbing. They are made of leather which is a huge plus. The shoe also has a Lorica lining and they have a heel cup that is 3D molded. They feature a lock harness that is patent pending for hooking the heel securely. They feature a quick lacing system. Each pair has unique marbling which will ensure that your pair is unique and that no other person has exactly the same design of marbling. The weight when shipping is 2.0lbs although the shoes weight is just 1.6lbs. The shoes also feature a Fast closing system or FCS in short. They come in a variety of sizes.

  • You can heel hook without having the fear of you popping out
  • They are really an aggressive pair of climbing shoes
  • They have amazing heels
  • The rubber is quite hard and quite sticky
  • They offer excellent toeing ability

Best Budget Men Climbing Shoes

Five Ten

4.5/5 Product Rating

This Five Ten’s Men’s climbing shoe is a solid climbing shoe. It is a product made in the United States and is also a completely manmade pair of climbing shoes. The shoes are designed for a very comfortable fit with split grain leather upper. This will conform well to your foot as the shoes have a Stonelands heel cup as well as a stiffener for the midsole. This shoe coming from a family owned company will take care of all your climbing needs. The company provides a high level of service as well as quality that is simply unmatched. The shoes come in a variety of sizes for your comfort. When shipped the package weighs in at 2lbs.

  • Very comfortable pair of climbing shoes
  • Are much less smelly shoes
  • They offer performance without compromising comfort
  • High quality upper and sole designed for maximum durability
  • They are a wonderful pair especially if you have large sized feet

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