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Best Motion Sensor Light

Motion Light Sensor

Motion Sensor Light Reviews

Motion Lights use a clever motion sensor and a timer so that area of darkness can be illuminated when movement is detected within the range of the sensor. This makes motion sensor lights ideal for a security lamp outside of the house. A bright light will deter thieves and burglars that attempt to steal. The sensitivity of the motion sensor can be adjusted to trigger at the smallest of movements such as small animals or wind blowing objects around. The sensitivity can also be high such that the sensor will not triggering with small movements. Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) are also useful for external doors and internal hallways that will operate whenever movement is detected in the room. They avoid the need to switch lights on and off when entering dark spaces such as a garage. The motion sensor will also have a time which can be programmed for the length of time that the light will stay on for.

Most Popular Motion Sensor Light

Mr. Beams

5/5 Product Rating

Mr Beams Spot light has a tight and weather resistant casing so it can work in all weather conditions with no fuss. You can attach this spotlight to anywhere you wish, your house, garage or even a tree if you wish too. The automatic shut off system will go off after 30 seconds if no motion is detected which saves the battery life. It will turn on instantly when motion is felt and can even detect movement from 30 feet away, using 180 degrees of vision. The bright LED light makes it perfect for mounting on the walls at the 140 lumens of light provides you with such a bright illumination. Even with all this power the LEDs are energy efficient so you can get 1800 activations on just one set of batteries. There is a photo cell inside that activates the LED and is often called a dusk to dawn sensor which means when it is used outdoors it knows to start working in the early hours of both morning and night.

  • Extra bright LED lights with minimum power needed
  • Spotlight turns on and off automatically
  • A weather proof design giving great durability
  • Wireless installation
  • 350 square feet coverage

Best Overall Motion Sensor Light

Lithonia Lighting

4.8/5 Product Rating

This Lithonia Outdoor Flood Light Motion Sensor will adjust its settings to achieve up to 180 degrees with a wide range of up to 70 feet sensitivity. The on time adjustable knobs will give precision to the control of the sensors. The design itself is made from rugged cast aluminium, which will not corrode or rust, as the outer casing is bronze and rust resistant. Each head of the motion sensor lights have 3 individual high performance LEDS which are 4780K and can maintain 1222 lumen output with 50000 hour life span. With all this spec, these motion sensor lights will provide you with the upmost quality and performance money can buy. The installation is quick and easy and with the maximum wattage being 20 watts it does not drain your electricity supply but still does a great job. The product only weighs 3.2 pounds and being made from a bronze coloured metal you can expect a surprisingly lightweight feel.

  • Senses up to 180 degrees
  • Has a wide range up to 70 feet
  • 1222 lumen output with 50000 hour life
  • 3 high performance LEDs included

Best Budget Motion Sensor Light


4.6/5 Product Rating

This motion sensor floodlight is designed to be safe and convenient as a security measure for outside of your home. The decorative design makes it a beautiful piece for the front of your home. It gives reliability and peace of mind yet at a price that is both sensible and affordable. The light effect can be changed to that of a carriage light, lantern or even a coach light. As it features a 120 degree motion detector it can sense of up to 10 feet using 0.49 watt medium base incandescent bulb. The light is activated when the motion is detected so there is never any wasted energy or lights being left on all night long. You can change the settings between 1, 5 or even 10 minutes of light after the trigger is activated. If constant light is needed there is an override setting that will allow you to use the light as a switch controlled light, dusk to dawn lighting or constant on.

  • Activates from 10 feet away at night
  • Made from seeded glass with an oil rubbed bronze effect
  • Weather resistant
  • Only needs 0.49 watt incandescent bulb

Motion Sensor Light Buying Guide

Motion Sensor Light buying guide

Personal security is paramount for everyone. You should stay safe and comfortable at your home. Motion sensor light should be on top of your must-haves list. With this sensor, you can detect any movement at your doorstep or your backyard. At least you will not be found off guard in case of an intruder. Once the sensor captures the movement and alerts you, you can prepare yourself or call 911 in case of any danger. In the market, there are many types of motion sensor lights, and you need to be careful to purchase the most reliable one.

4 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Motion Sensor Light

Did you know that motion sensor lights not only enhance your security but also save you money in energy costs? These lights stay dim and only brighten up if they detect movement. This shows that you can still use them for ordinary lighting in places like the basement, parking area, guest room, backyard, and along the driveway. You can also use them in your bathroom and bedroom. Before you order a motion sensor light, consider the following factors.

1. Size and Shape

Most motion sensor lights use LEDs and batteries. The number of bulbs used will determine the size of the light. A bigger size covers a broader space when it comes to illuminating. The shape also defines the area of coverage. The strength of the bulbs determines how bright the light will be. Think about how big the surface you intend to light is.

2. Mode of Powering

Motion sensor lights can use solar energy, electric energy, and other forms. Those with batteries can be recharged once they run low. Some are wired though. Where you want to install should guide you on which one to buy. For instance, you cannot install solar powered motion sensor lights in a place where sun rays cannot reach. The best option is to buy both solar and electric energy powered lights. Install solar powered ones outdoors and the rest indoors.

Motion Sensor Light 1

3. Durability

A motion sensor light installed outside faces weather conditions like rainfall, snow, sunlight, and wind. How strong your sensor can be to withstand all these determine how durable it can be. A perfect sensor light should be waterproof, heat resistant, frost resistant, and capable to resist all extreme weather conditions.

4. Motion Detection Range

You do not want a type of sensor that waits until the trespasser or thief is very close before it detects. An awesome sensor will capture movement from a reasonably long distance. Also, its sensitivity should be high in such a way that even the slightest motion can be detected. Also, ensure that your sensor does not raise false alarm like the movement of tree leaves.

What Types of Motion Sensor Lights Can You Find On the Market?

• Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

These sensor lights are crucial since they can save energy costs. The good thing here is that you can still have your lights on without pressing a switch. This is very convenient, especially if you are carrying items in both of your hands. To keep the lights on when you are sitting still, be sure to adjust the timer to the length of time that suits you. Indoor motion sensor lights can also save your guests the headache of looking for a switch in a new house.

• Motion Sensor Lights with an Inbuilt Camera

These are designed to enable you to monitor your home and be able to see who or what has set off the detector. Sometimes, it could be your neighbor visiting you. Instead of getting worried and anxious about a possible thief, you can check through your laptop or mobile phone to see who it is.

• Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Most of these lights are solar powered. They can detect a thief or an intruder. Once the lights suddenly come on, thieves get scared and run away. They are perfect for securing your home and your business place. Your pets will also be safe even if they go out at night.

Considering all these factors and features, you will be able to choose the best model for your home. Remember, price and quality do not always go hand in hand. Sticking to your budget is the best thing to do.

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