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Best Mountaineering Boot

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Mountaineering Boot Reviews

If you are a person that loves to go mountain climbing you probably know that it is important to have the right equipment. In mountaineering having the correct equipment can make the difference between life and death. One of the most important tools that you will need to be successful in your mountaineering is mountaineering boots. Mountaineering boots are specialized boots that are specifically designed for mountain climbing. The boots will not only protect you from the elements, they will also help you to keep your grip on the terrain. There are numerous types of mountaineering boots available on the market. The choice is usually determined by the style of the boot and the fit. In the case of the style, there are 3 types available; single boots, double boots and super gaiter boots. The various types of boots vary in design as well as construction. As for the fit, this is debatable because people have varied preferences.

Most Popular Mountaineering Boot

Scarpa Ribelle

5/5 Product Rating

This is a great boot that stands out with orange and black colors. The boot features a Vibram sole and features a quick lace system that is easy to use. The mid sole system is advanced technology and enables you to enjoy shock absorption as well as enhanced sensitivity. The randing at the rear will lock your heel securely to enhance your climbing performance. The boots feature the Ergo -fit system, this system will offer you flex which is progressive omni-0directionally and with support that is excellent. The boots have a T-Zip that is waterproof and have a gaitor that is integrated to ensure your comfort in all conditions.The boots are light at 2 pounds which is also the weight of the package when shipped.

  • Waterproof to keep your feet dry in varying conditions
  • Light enough to enable you to wear them for long hours without fatigue
  • The boots hold heat keeping feet warm in cold mountain conditions
  • The construction of the boot is durable and made for rugged use

Best Overall Mountaineering Boot

La Sportiva

4.8/5 Product Rating

This is a wonderful men’s mountaineering boot from La Sportiva and is a double boot. The inner boot is made of micro-perforated PE which is thermo-formable and the outer boot is made of PU Tech transparent as well as PU embossed Benecke Coracom. The insulation of the boot is synthetic and it features a liner that is removable. The boot has a speed lacing system that is easy to do even when wearing gloves. The sole is Vibram and the weight of the boots is just over 5pounds. The recommended use of the boot is mountaineering in cold weather and high altitude. The cramp-on is step-in compatible and the boot is quite warm, which will serve you well in the cold and high altitudes of over 6000 meters.

  • Comfortable even when worn for long hours
  • The boots are also quite warm which is great for those cold high altitude climbs
  • The fit of the boots is true to size
  • The boots are acceptable weight and are not very heavy
  • The overall quality of the boots is quite good

Best Budget Mountaineering Boot

Scarpa Fuego

4.7/5 Product Rating

This is another great mountaineering boot from Scarpa. The outer of the boot is mostly made of leather and the boot features a Vibram sole. The Scarpa Fuego is a mountaineering boot of classic design and features a tongue that is doubled for an even more precise fit. The tongue is also gusseted to provide you with complete protection. The upper of the shoe is quite durable and the construction of the boot is ideal with a tall cuff. This feature is great for wild landfirefighters and foresters.The boot is light at 2 pounds and the Scarpa Fuego will take you to every location that you may want it to go. It is a very warm boot which means that you won’t have to worry about getting your feet cold.

  • Lightweight which helps endurance and agility
  • Waterproof for wet conditions
  • Excellent for wild land firefighters
  • Appealing design and colors
  • Excellent comfort for extended hikes and use

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