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Best Music Editing and Composing Software

 Music Editing and Composing Software

Music Editing and Composing Software Reviews

If you are a musician or aspire to be one, one of the most important decisions you will make early on in your career is the software you start out with. Not only will this be one of your biggest introductions into music production, but it will also determine what you learn, how you learn it, and almost just as important, the quality of music you can produce.There are some industry standards, and there are also some music editing software that is designed for the home studio, and for aspiring musicians or musicians who have just started their career. Some super important points to remember when choosing your music editing software stem mostly from what you will want to get out of your digital audio workstation. The basics you will need are a multi track recorder, sequencer, mixing console and plug in compatibility. Many DAWs (digital audio workstations) provide these basic tools, while others provide them and so much more.

Most Popular Music Editing and Composing Software

Mixcraft Pro 8

5/5 Product Rating

Acoustica’s Mixcraft Pro Studio 8 is a digital audio workstation that provides you everything you need. It offers powerful mixing and mastering tools in an user friendly user interface. It comes preloaded with instruments, loops and effects and all the tools that you need to record and edit audio and MIDI tracks. You get over 50 effects and instruments out of the box, as well as 18 high quality effects that will give you a solid basic work table to create your music the way you envision it to sound.

  • Easy to see and use user interface makes audio editing straight forward
  • Supports customs loops so that you can create a sound of your own
  • Create a wide variety of styles of music, limited only by your imagination
  • Multitrack recorder gives full control over to you

Best Overall Music Editing and Composing Software

Sound Forge Pro

4.8/5 Product Rating

Completely redesigned for Mac OS X, Apple’s newest desktop operating system, Sony’s Sound Forge Pro for Mac released its second version of their music editing software with some useful upgrades. It still provides a powerful multitrack recorder, and adds iZotope Nectar Elements and SpectralLayers Pro with the Audio Master Suite for Mac.It features super powerful, high quality tools that give you the control you need to master and repair audio files. In addition to this, it adds new built in samples and effects. You will be able to record vocal and or instrument tracks, create new loops with a synthesiser, and use premade loops to produce your sounds.

  • Normalize your audio easily to achieve a balanced sound
  • Change how many channels are in your audio to adjust the flow of sound
  • Reverse your audio files direction to get backwards speech, even use it to provide variation to your instrument tracks
  • Add fade in and fade out effects to your track to give a professional touch, and allow for a gradual, gentle intro and outro
  • Sample as accurately as possible with the built in, powerful audio editor to achieve the perfect mix

Best Budget Music Editing and Composing Software

Acid Pro 8

4.5/5 Product Rating

Acid Pro 8 from Sony is a pretty powerful and easy to use digital audio workstation. It provides multitrack recording and mixing, audio and MIDI sequencers, and a super easy drag and drop loop functionality.This is really a very easy to use music editing software, and definitely great for beginners. Everything is easy to find and easy to use, and it comes with some pretty powerful built in effects. In fact, none of the other music editors are as easy to use as Acid Pro 8. The others may be much more powerful, and enjoy an industry standard level of recognition, but Sony’s Acid Pro 8 is the perfect tool for home studios on a budget.

  • New mixing console for audio and MIDI
  • More flexible and efficient than previous versions
  • Includes Effects Rack from iZotope and more

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