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Best Neti Pot

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Neti Pot Reviews

The neti pot is extremely common in south East Asia, known to speed up the healing process for the common cold. The name itself originates from a yoga technique and its definition is simply ‘water cleansing’. From using the neti pot results have included a heightened sense of smell and taste along with clearer vision and an overall cleansed feeling from within the sinuses. The pot itself can come in many different forms but the technique is much the same. Neti pots are used for nasal irritation and blocked sinuses. They include many benefits that will help your symptoms to subside and begin to clear completely. If used correctly neti pots can give almost instant relief. Nasal problems can stem from allergies or an infection such as a cold or sinusitis, the neti pot can help eliminate postnasal drip, significantly reduce sinus infections and give am overall improvement for general sinus health.

Most Popular Neti Pot

Himalayan Chandra

5/5 Product Rating

The Himalayan In statute Original Neti Pot is a naturally cleansing and refreshing neti pot that helps to protect the nasal passages. It is recommended by doctors worldwide and has been proven to show immediate improvements from regular use. Sufferers of sinusitis or nasal irritation find the Himalayan neti pot easy and comfortable to use with its ceramic material made with lead free ceramic with a slight glaze along with a distinctive shape and appearance, this allows for the perfect flow of water to perfectly cleanse the passages of the sinuses. The pot itself was introduced by the Himalayan Institute in 1972 and is still going strong with a creditable customer review. The instructions included provide illustrations to ensure correct usage as well as an online link to watch a free demonstration video to see the pot being used first hand. The profits collected through the Himalayan neti pot benefit both educational and worldwide environmental projects.

  • Recommended by doctors.
  • A lead free ceramic pot with glaze
  • Illustrated instructions and online demo
  • Removes pollen, mucus and dust along with other common irritations that affect the sinus passages.
  • Provides the nasal passages with a smooth and dry sensation.

Best Overall Neti Pot


4.8/5 Product Rating

With its elegant design resembling an elephant this neti pot is a lead free ceramic pot with is easy to hold and provides a comfortable yet effective rinse for your sinuses. Whether it is to relieve pollen or allergy symptoms or to help clear a sinus infection the neti pot will give results. Netti the elephant has a long trunk; this is the key to the 50% increase in the flow compared to other neti pots giving a better result every time. The fun and eye catching design means this neti pot is also appealing to children as well as adults making the cleansing process a more enjoyable task and less frightening to children. Encouraging children to use a neti pot will relieve the symptoms they are suffering from and ease them into the process if it is something that may need to be carried out on a regular basis. Having such a distinctive design also means it is easy on the eye and looks attractive when not in use.

  • Moistens dry nasal passages.
  • Removes mucus from within the sinuses.
  • Provides 50% better and faster flow giving a much more effective rinse.
  • Removes pollen and sinus irritation.
  • Great design, fun for both children and adults.

Best Budget Neti Pot


4.7/5 Product Rating

There are millions of sufferers with sinus irritation or reoccurring sinus infections. Sinucleanse neti pot is an all-natural nasal washing device that was developed by Dr Diane Heatley who is a leading ear, nose and throat physician. It was discovered in a help to relieve patients of their symptoms in replace of any pills or sprays that can have side effects when used. Sinucleanse assists in sinus, nasal and allergy irritation such as post nasal drip and even dry air problems that can occur within the nasal area. This neti pot provides a deep cleansing action within the passages that is both easy and safe to do. With regular use of the Sinucleanse alongside any prescription medicine can provide long-term improvements in sinus health. Using all natural ingredients this allows for use by everyone, including the signs and symptoms of rhinitis during pregnancy.

  • 100% all natural ingredients.
  • Developed by a leading ear nose and throat specialist.
  • Clinically proven to be safe and effective.
  • Latex and BPA free, using a recyclable material.

Neti Pot Buying Guide

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A neti pot is a small pot, usually made of plastic, metal or ceramic, used to get rid of any obstruction in the nasal passages. This method originated in India and has become popular worldwide. Before it is used to free the nasal passages before yogic breathing, use of this vessel has been included in the  regular self-care routine for lots of people who are suffering from allergy issues and sinus.

Advantages of Nasal Irrigation

Nasal lavage or nasal irrigation is a popularly recommended method for those who have sinus congestion, dry nasal passages and allergy symptoms. To thin the mucus, rinsing the nasal passages using salt water is performed. It also removes the nostrils of allergens, infectious agents and irritants. Irrigation also eases irritated, dry nasal passages, a common symptom in cold weather.

The Saline Rinsing Solutions

A normal neti pot can contain about eight ounce or one cup. The pot is filled with a non-iodized salt and water solution. The ratio is ¼ teaspoon to eight ounce water. The rinsing process is done twice, once for each nostril, so you can prepare the full amount of mixture at ounce – one half teaspoon of salt to sixteen ounce water. Use only finely ground salt, like the regular table salt. The water should be not too cold or too hot, only lukewarm. Some use baking soda in their pot water, and others add essential oils. If you want to add essential oils, you can add one drop in every cup of water. Some companies market the pot solutions, but these mixes do not provide any additional benefit. Water and salt are all that is needed.

How to Use the Neti Pot

You can do the irrigation by standing over the sink or in the shower. Tilt your head to the side, putting your ear close to your shoulder and then tilt your head forward. Put the pot in the upper nostril, and let the water flow into and in the nose. Make sure that it exits into the bottom nostril. In case the water enters the back of your throat, tilt your head forward a little more until the drip stops. Once you are done with the rinsing, lean toward the front and let any excess water to flow out. Blow your nose gently and thoroughly. Do the same procedure on the other side. You can use the neti pot every day.

For Blocked Sinuses

If you have clogged sinuses, the solution may not be able to pass through the nose at first. In case this happens, wait for sometime, and then remove the pot. Bring your head to its normal position, and lean forward to allow water left in the nostrils flows out. Sometimes, it requires several tries for water to flow freely in the passages, but even the local irrigation provided by the water entering one nostril can help a lot.

What to do When There is Pain While Using the Rinsing Pot

Normally, neti pot should not hurt. If you experience a burning sensation or other pain in the nostrils while using it, check the temperature of the water. Water that is too cold or too hot can cause discomfort. Check the salt mixture if there is too little or too much salt, you will experience a burning sensation. If you feel pain in the sinuses or a headache after using the pot, make sure that you remove anything that clogs your nostrils thoroughly after using it, by blowing your nose and leaning forward. If the sensation continues, visit your health practitioner right away.

Neti Pot


Before using the pot make sure that you have cleaned it thoroughly. Use clean water in your solution at the right temperature. Just like your toothbrush, neti pot should not be shared. If you are experiencing a severe headache, a productive cough, fever or bright green nasal discharge, visit your doctor or qualified health practitioner before using the pot. These can be symptoms of serious infection. Those with sinus problems should consult a doctor before using the rinsing pot.

Does the Neti Pot Really Work

Nose, throat and ear surgeons suggest nasal irrigation using the pot or other method for their patients who have undergone sinus surgery to get rid of crusting in the rhinal passages. Most people with symptoms of sinus due to allergies and irritants in the air also have started using the pot or other nasal irrigation device regularly. These devices can reduce congestion, and facial pressure and pain. These claims are backed up by research, proving that nasal irrigation is very effective in relieving sinus symptoms when used together with standard sinus treatments. For others, using the nasal irrigation may provide relief of sinus symptoms without the use of medicines.

The irrigation pot thins mucus and helps flush it out of the rhinal passages. A more accurate explanation for how it works has to do with small, hair-like structures known as cilia that line the inside of the sinus and nasal cavities. The main function of cilia is to push the mucus, either to the back of the throat where you can swallow it, or to the nose to be blown out. To increase the process of removing the mucus that may clog the nasal passages the saline solution irrigation is used and improves coordination of the cilia so that they could effectively remove the allergens and other irritants that resulted to sinus problems.

How Often One Should Use a Neti Pot

There are lots of people who do the routine of flushing their sinuses in the morning and at night. Actually, you can do it anytime of the day. Others think that doing it before strenuous exercise, or after activities, such as mowing the lawn can introduce more allergens in the body.

Experts recommend that you do this one hour before going to bed. You might have some excess solution, it is better to let the fluid drips in your nose than to have it drip in your throat after lying down.

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