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Best Ovulation Test Kit

Ovulation Test Kit 4

Ovulation Test Kit Reviews

When it comes to having a baby, it’s all in the timing. It is, of course, a life-affirming and life-altering experience in the end, but deep down there’s a lot of math involved. Ovulation kits are modern marvels that allow women to know exactly where they are in their cycle so as to best predict when they are ovulating and are therefore in a prime state for conception. Most of these tests are quite simple to use and most of them are digital so they can store past information about your cycle. What is most important of all is finding a kit that is incredibly intuitive and clear. There is no room for confusion here, so anything that provides detailed instructions as well as coaching about the basics of the fertility cycle allows you to better understand your own body and use the test properly. It’s also best when tests are non-invasive and completely natural. When you know that you’re at peak fertility, you have the power to decide if you want to go after your dreams of having a child, or let it wait just a bit longer.

Most Popular Ovulation Test Kit


5/5 Product Rating

If there’s any one thing that gets in the way of a woman knowing if she’s fertile or not, it’s error in reading and using a testing kit. Ovuquick One-Step predictor puts an end to patient error with their simple dropper and test cassette method. There’s only one single step in this procedure, and that means much less of a chance of getting lost along the way. There’s a wonderful 99% accuracy rating on the Ovuquick, and one kit allows for 9 days of testing. This kit is also wonderfully portable, for when you and your husband take that much-needed vacation to Hawaii. The clearly marked reference line is what helps to eliminate interpretation error. How this monitor works is that it is able to detect LH levels with incredible accuracy, so you know just when it’s the right time to give conception a try. Of course, fertility is no guarantee of conception, but when you know your peak days you’re armed with the knowledge that can really make a huge difference.

  • 9 tests in a box
  • Eliminates errors in interpretation
  • A one-step procedure that makes it simple and easy
  • Portable dropper and cassette
  • 99% accurate

Best Overall Ovulation Test Kit

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

4.9/5 Product Rating

A Clearblue Fertility Monitor takes the possibilities of conception to a whole new level, because their kit can identify 3x more fertile days than any other kit on the market. This is the #1 recommended brand by OB/GYNs, and because it’s a simple, electronic, handheld device, it’s easy to stow away or carry on the go. This innovative tool is far and away more successful at tracking fertility than any of the traditional ovulation tests. The genius behind it is that it uses innovative technology to detect two important hormones: luteinizing hormone and estrogen. By tracking these hormones, not only can the monitor detect your 2 peak fertility days in your cycle, it can also find an additional 1-5 days of high fertility just before ovulation. That means that you can discover up to six fertile days every single month. This technology can really increase your chances of getting pregnant because you become armed with knowledge; knowledge that could one day bring that bundle of joy into your arms.

  • The most advanced way of tracking fertility
  • Stores your personal information in memory
  • States Low, High, and Peak days
  • #1 brand recommended by OB/GYNs

Best Budget Ovulation Test Kit


4.6/5 Product Rating

Clearblue is one of the leading ovulation test brands on the market because they don’t rely on one hormone alone to indicate your most fertile days. Clearblue detects both estrogen and LH, for the most accurate reading you can get. The test is also 100% natural and easy to use, so you can rest assured that it’s getting the job done with no harmful effects to the body. What you get in the box are 30 sticks that can last you a good amount of time. The sticks are incredibly easy to use and the enclosed instructions give you everything you need to start testing and getting a grasp of your fertility. Each stick is individually wrapped, so they’re easy to carry around. Note that these sticks must be used with the Clearblue monitor, which is sold separately. But once you’re using them together, you’re going to be amazed by the results. It’s so easy to use the whole system, and arms you with the knowledge that you need to conceive.

  • Identifies up to 6 fertile days
  • Only test that finds both LH and estrogen hormones
  • 100% natural
  • 99% accurate

Ovulation Test Kit Buying Guide

Ovulation Test Kit 1

At a younger age, most people prefer to be free and unchained from responsibilities – specifically, the responsibility of having a baby and all the things that comes with it. It is enough to scare not only the women, but also men. However, as time passes by and the years start to stack up, having a baby suddenly sounds like a good idea. Couples take their time and hope that they can successfully have one. For most couples, this should not be a problem but for some, having a baby of their own might turn out to be a little bit more tedious. Good thing though, there are ovulation predictor kits that help them know when is a woman most fertile and able to reproduce.

What is an Ovulation Predictor Kit?

Before you start going to the market to buy some kits, it is quite important to know what it is, what it does and other important details to consider before buying one.

Basically, all an ovulation predictor kit does is it helps couples identify when a woman is most fertile. It can’t help in the actual fertilization but rather tells a couple when they would have the highest chance to conceive. Ovulation predictor kits are most helpful to couples where the woman experiences an irregular menstrual cycle. Having an irregular menstrual cycle makes it harder to predict the fertility period of the woman. This is when an ovulation predictor kit comes in handy. Having a device that lets a woman know when is she most fertile helps the couple get the job done and with less hassle.

There Are Two Types of Predictor Kits That Are Sold In the Market.

The first type of ovulation predictor kit is the urine-based ovulation predictor kit (OPK). A urine-based ovulation predictor kit works by testing the urine of the woman for an influx of luteinizing hormone (LH). A luteinizing hormone (LH) is a hormone that is known to rise by a significant number during one to two days before ovulation begins.

The second type of ovulation predictor kit is the salivary ferning kit. Unlike the urine-based ovulation predictor kit, the salivary ferning kit allows the couple to know when the woman is most fertile by testing her saliva for a rise in estrogen level and salt-content.

Another important thing to consider before buying an ovulation predictor kit is to know its pro’s and con’s.

Ovulation Test Kit 3

The Con’s Of an Ovulation Predictor Kit

The first con of an ovulation prediction kit is that it costs a significant amount of money. These devices, though small and handy, are pretty expensive. With respect to their quality, brand and the number of sticks that each kit contains, each ovulation predictor kit can cost you as much as $50 on average – not to mention that every test is only usable for one menstrual cycle.

These ovulation predictor kits are not guaranteed to work as effectively as they should to women who are older than 40 years of age. Since an ovulation predictor kit works by measuring a woman’s luteinizing hormone (LH) and women over 40 years of age already have an increased level of this hormone almost all the time, getting an accurate result might be a bit tricky.

An ovulation predictor kit can’t analyze and tell whether or not the cervical mucus released signifies that the woman is ready for fertilization or not (if the discharge is consistently clear and viscous, then it should be a good indicator of readiness).

The Pro’s Of Ovulation Predictor Kit

One reason why the ovulation predictor kit is popular among couples who wants to have a baby is that it can easily be availed. These predictor kits can be bought in almost any drugstores, pharmacies or even convenience stores and malls.

Aside from being scattered all over the country, an ovulation predictor kit is very convenient and easy to use. An ovulation predictor kit is used only during the middle part of a menstrual cycle unlike keeping charts on a woman’s basal body temperature (BBT) which would require daily monitoring. Ovulation predictor kits, as mentioned earlier, are fairly easy to use. They are used in the same way a pregnancy test is used. The woman simply has to urinate on the ovulation predictor stick and wait for the chemical in it to react and figure out the ovulation period.

The main reason why an ovulation predictor kit is a household item for couples who want to make a baby is because they are much more accurate compared to other methods. These ovulation predictor kits are about 97% more precise, depending on the brand and quality of the product.

Now that all the facts have been laid and light has been shed about the ovulation predictor kit, you are now one step closer to being an informed buyer.

Things to Consider When Buying These Kits Are the Following

Check The Brand

One of the best indicators of quality (and likelihood of favorable result) is the brand of the product.Usually, a better brand name translates to better quality. Another reason why it would be best to check the brand name is because, more often than not, a better brand would mean a higher price.

Look for Doctor’s Recommendations

Since ovulation predictor kits are under the medical umbrella, it is always better and wise to ask for a doctor’s expert advice. They would know which ovulation predictor kit would work best for you since they could check out your medical history and give you some advice that supermarket or pharmacy sellers can’t offer you.

Determine the Number of Tests You Need

Lastly, check how many tests you think you might need. This depends on the kind of lifestyle that you and your partner have. You might not need lots of ovulation predictor kit sticks because you do not have any biological problem in getting pregnant. However, for some couples, getting pregnant might take a little bit longer and therefore more ovulation predictor sticks might be needed in order to pinpoint their most fertile times.

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