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Paint Sprayer

Paint Sprayer Reviews

Paint sprayers are the perfect solution to whole-house interiors. With the use of high-pressure air, a spray gun will atomize the paint and adds a fine finish. The innovative airless sprayers use an electric or gas powered system to mechanically get paint through the spray gun. Determining which paint spray gun is best for your will require you to ask some questions. For instance, do you want to be able to paint as fast as possible? This means that you’re going to want a sprayer that has a larger horsepower. The type of coating you intend to do on your surface will also determine what kind of gun you need. For instance, thicker coatings will need a bigger tip on your sprayer. Also consider what is the size of your project. In the end, finding the right sprayer is going to allow you to paint large surfaces with ease and unity.

Most Popular Paint Sprayer

Wagner Spraytech

5/5 Product Rating

With variable air pressure control, innovative metal spray gun design, and durable two-stage turbine, the Wagner Control Spray Max is the perfect solution for all your big painting jobs. Great for all walls and surfaces that need latex paint and thinner substances like lacquers and stains. You get to choose between 3 spray patterns that provide the ultimate in versatility, and the 20-foot air hose allows you to extend your reach to all new lengths. Material changes are a snap thanks to the Lock-n-Go front end. The sprayer is so easy to use that it makes it ideal for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers that are perhaps trying a sprayer out for the first time. The two air filters provide the finish with protection from dust. This is one of the most versatile and cost-effective paint sprayers on the market, from a name that painters always trust: Wagner.

  • Finish is protected from dust with two air filters
  • Perfect for spraying latex, stains, and lacquers
  • Three spray patterns to choose from
  • Change airflow to shift from large jobs to more detailed work

Best Overall Paint Sprayer


4.8/5 Product Rating

This is the ideal light-duty sprayer for those who only periodically use it for touch-ups around the house. It’s not meant to paint large surfaces on a consistent basis, but it is wonderful for those little odd jobs that are always springing up. Great for interiors, decks, fences, porches, and more. Everything that you need to get started is included in the box, including the SG10 metal spray gun, handle filter, 25 foot Graco hose, airless spray tip, and 8 ounces of Pump Armor storage fluid. There’s also a handy DVD that shows you how to best use the Graco Magnum X5. It makes it so easy to pump directly from any 1 or 5 gallon paint can. Never have you seen such fast and smooth results as when using a paint sprayer. You’ll never go back to that old, tired brush again. This airless painter is just the solution you’ve been looking for to keep the paint around your home perfect at all times.

  • Works directly with any 1 or 5 gallon paint container
  • Metal gun with comfort grip handle
  • In-handle filter
  • Comes with operational DVD and Quick-Start Guide

Best Budget Paint Sprayer


4.7/5 Product Rating

VonHaus is clearly a name we can all trust when it comes to tools and appliances, and this Gun Power Paint Sprayer is absolutely no exception. This is a floor-based sprayer that operates on high-volume and low-pressure. Perfect for free-flowing and thin paints and stains, this sprayer happens to be 4 times faster than any traditional roller or brush. This is a great choice if you need to paint window shutters, patio furniture, as well as storage sheds, decks, and fences. The Gun Power Paint spray tip maximizes coverage no matter what direction you’re painting. You get a consistently smooth finish whether spraying horizontally, vertically, or in a round pattern. It’s also backed by a 1 year limited warranty. This is a fantastic sprayer for those who want to keep the paint jobs around their home pristine at all times. A great investment for the overall appearance of your property.

  • Continuous, and correct flow for quick, powerful paint application.
  • Paints faster, and with one coat.
  • Adjustable spray pattern and volume.
  • Comfortable, and assured decorating through versatile hose and strap

Paint Sprayer Buying Guide

Paint Sprayer 5

Painting is a task that requires a lot of time and effort. However, if you need a way to speed up the task, you need to purchase a paint sprayer. A paint sprayer is estimated to be four to ten times faster than a roller or a brush. It has a lot of benefits which include; time-saving, uniformity in finishes, and easy painting in tight areas. Most buyers don’t know what to consider when purchasing a paint sprayer due to the many types and models in the market. Below are some top factors to consider when choosing a paint sprayer:

Factors to Consider

1. Operation Style

There’re two kinds of operation methods in paint sprayers. You’ll come across compressed air sprayers and airless sprayers. Each type has its own pros and cons for different situations. A compressed air paint sprayer requires an external air compressor to power the process. The paint sprayer is a simple gun that is connected to the air compressor by an air hose. A compressed air paint sprayer is mostly used for woodworking, automotive painting, and other heavy duty projects. On the other hand, an airless paint sprayer has an internal turbine that draws paint out of its reserve. An airless paint sprayer is a great choice for exterior and interior painting.

2. Ease of Use

The ease of use of a paint sprayer can have a direct impact on the time taken to complete a project as well as your safety. Before purchasing a paint sprayer, ensure you check its weight and if your hands fit around it comfortably. Some types of sprayers have an attached container that holds the paint, which can sometimes be heavy and affect your use. If weight is your concern, look for models with a separate paint store from the gun.

Paint Sprayer 3

3. Type of Product You’ll Be Spraying

It’s essential to consider the type of product you’ll be spraying before purchasing a paint sprayer since not every sprayer can function well with every compound. For instance, if you’re planning to use a standard residential paint, you can go for an airless sprayer. However, it’s important to check its operation guidelines to ensure the model works well with it. In some cases, you may be required to lower the viscosity of your product. On the other hand, some wood stains, shellacs, and other compounds need a compressed air sprayer because it’s made of strong materials that can withstand high pressure when spraying those compounds.

4. Easy Cleaning

An easy to clean paint sprayer will last longer and allows you to perform the task without any hassle. For instance, if you’ve been using blue colored paint and you need to use a red one for a certain part of your house exterior, you’ll have to clean your sprayer. In this case, you need a sprayer that’s easy to clean. Also, cleaning your paint sprayer after use is important to avoid buildup of paint.

5. Level of Control

This is an essential factor to consider. Most paint sprayers have either fine precision detailing or broad coverage. You must think about the type of project you’ll be undertaking so that you choose a sprayer that’ll complete the task efficiently and effectively. Most airless sprayer models have settings whereby you can easily control the spray fan size to get a narrow with or a larger width depending on your needs. It’s essential to check both the maximum and minimum widths of a model before purchasing it to ensure it meets your needs.

Paint Sprayer 6

6. Additional Features

Most tools come with additional features and more functions beyond their intended use. A paint sprayer isn’t an exception. Most airless sprayer models allow the user to adjust the spray (paint) direction either vertically, horizontally or in a circular shape. A compressed air sprayer has fewer controls, although you can adjust the spray (paint) size in most models.


In conclusion, these are some of the top factors to consider when choosing a paint sprayer. You should also consider the location of your project. This is because some paint sprayers aren’t suitable for indoor use and can cause health issues as a result of releasing paint particles into the air.

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