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Best Paper Shredder

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Paper Shredder Reviews

On average over 9 million people in America have their identity stolen annually. Investing in a paper shredder can significantly reduce the odds of having your identity stolen. Paper Shredders destroy documents in a way where the information is not available for thieves to steal. The following shredders will shred your important papers you no longer need without the fear of someone being able to take that information and use it against you. For this extremely important task we have selected the best paper shredders on the market to provide you with the safety and security you want when it comes to handling important information.

Most Popular Paper Shredder


5/5 Product Rating

The Fellowes Powershred W-11C 11 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder (3103201) shreds paper, staples, and credit cards. Instead of having to remove your stapled documents, you can shred these stapled documents without worry. The 11 sheet cross cut shredder will reduce your documents to 5/32 cm x 1 3/8 cm in size and can shred up to 11 pages at a time. By reducing your important documents you no longer need into small confetti-like pieces you gain the additional security needed to protect your sensitive information. The Fellowes Powershred W-11C 11 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder (3103201) can easily be used in your home or in small offices. The medium duty shredder can shred up to 880 sheets. The shredder has a 9cm wide paper entry allowing you to shred paper faster and conquers larger documents. There is also a patented safety interlock switch that instantly stops the shredder when the wastebasket is full. The Fellowes Powershred W-11C 11 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder (3103201) is durable and will allow you to shred and dispose of important documents quickly and efficiently. The construction is solid and you will be able to continue using the shredder year after year.

  • Shreds paper, staples, and credit cards
  • Reduces documents to 5/32 cm x 1 3/8cm
  • Used for home or small offices
  • Shred up to 880 sheets 11 sheets simultaneously
  • 9 cm paper entry

Best Overall Paper Shredder


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Bonsaii 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder shreds paper, cd and credit cards and can shred up to 18 sheets simultaneously. Instead of having to invest in more than one shredder, this convenient product can shred almost any product you need to dispose of securely. This medium duty shredder can shred up to 800 sheets per day allowing you dispose of all important documents without the worry of people getting ahold of your information. The Bonsaii 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder has a 6 gallon bin attached to it, allowing your important shredded documents to be held easily. The shredder also has a ShredSafe safety feature. This feature powers off the device automatically upon forced entry. Investing in the Bonsaii 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder will allow you to discard of your important unnecessary documents, cd’s, and credit cards without worrying about the documents getting into the wrong hands.

  • Shreds paper, Cd’s, and credit cards
  • 800 sheets per day
  • 6 gallon bin
  • Automatically powers off upon forced entry
  • Shreds up to 18 sheets of paper at once

Best Budget Paper Shredder

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet

4.5/5 Product Rating

The AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder can shred paper, CD’s, and credit cards. Being able to shred more than just paper further protects personal information that may be found on CD’s and even credit cards. For your convenience, there is a three position switch. The switch allows you to turn the shredder to auto, on, or reverse. The reverse button is there to solve any paper jam issues. The AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder can help you with necessary daily shredding in your home or in a small office and can shred up to 8 pages simultaneously. The compact design allows the shredder to easily fit under a desk or in a small area for easy use. The shredder will diminish your documents into fine confetti. The strip-cut factor allows you to get the job done quickly and efficiently without having to worry about the performance of your product.

  • Shreds paper, CD’s, and credit cards
  • 3 position switch of automatic, forward and reverse
  • Compact design allowing it to fit in small places
  • Shreds documents into fine confetti
  • Can shred up to 8 pages simultaneously

Paper Shredder Buying Guide

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What to look for in a Paper Shredder?

Tons and tons of papers are being produced nowadays as a result of different commercial activities. With the rapid proliferation of the use of papers for preparing documents and necessary files for various purposes, stacks after stacks of papers are being stored in every office’s corner creating a big mound. This, in turn, occupies a wide space. Moreover, most of the time, different offices store piles of confidential documents that cannot just be disposed without entirely ruining the papers. That is why shredders are of high demand among offices.

Shredders are used to cut papers, especially the confidential and private ones, into pieces so that it cannot be used for fraud and other illegal purposes. Serving such a great purpose, shredders become one of the primary demands of different organizations along with photocopying machines and telephones. These factors have contributed to the rise of different types of paper shredders through time.

Types of Paper Shredders

There are many kinds of paper shredders. Each type varies according to size, price, mode of cutting and the shapes of the shreds they produce.

  • The type of shredder that we normally see is the strip-cut shredder which cut the papers into several tiny strips. It uses its knives spinning inside the machine to split the papers into pieces.
  • Cross-cut shredders on the other hand, produce confetti-shaped shreds once the papers are cut. This type makes use of two cylinders that rotate against each other in cross-cutting.
  • There are also shredders that cut the papers into small circles. This is called particle-cut shredder. For papers with uneven materials, a cardboard shredder is used to cut them into strips. When a finer cut is preferred, a disintegrator is used because it granulates the paper into smaller pieces by means of repetitive cutting. In addition to that, papers can be shred also by pounding it hard against the screen in order to crush them into bits. A hammer mills type of shredder is used for this mode of shredding.
  • Another type is the pierce-and-tear shredder where the paper is first stabbed by sharp blades and is then torn apart. No specific shape is created because of random piercing.
  • A grinder type of shredder is also used to shred papers. Using numerous cutting blades attached into a trough, the papers are grated into tiny pieces until it can pass through a screen.

Among the types of shredders mentioned, strip shredder is the least secured to use because it creates the least damage to the papers being cut. Therefore, this creates the possibility of retrieving the confidential document by some persistent opponent.

Paper Shredder 3

Types According To Capacity

Shredders are also classified depending on its size ranging from those small units typically for personal use to the large ones that are used for commercial services. The size of each unit determines the volume of papers that can be shred.

The small units can only accommodate a small number of pages per hour. However, the large ones can handle millions and millions of paper sheets per hour of shredding. An example of this is a mobile shredding truck. This truck has two sections composed of the shredding equipment section and the storage area where the shredded papers are accumulated and stored. These shredded pieces of paper are being discharged from time to time. Mobile shredding trucks can shred an average of 8,000 lb of paper in an hour.

There is also another type of shredding machine called shredding kiosk. This stall facilitates the access of the public to a large-scale shredding machine. So, instead of buying their own shredding machine for personal use, they can just bring their papers to be scrapped in that kiosk. This makes their job easier as it saves the time supposedly devoted for shredding. It also saves the money supposedly used to buy a single-owned shredding unit. In this kiosk, what they have to do is to pay only when they avail the service.  The mode of payment, however, varies. It can be by depending on the time of use or weight of the material before shredding. On the other hand, the payment collection can be automated or manual.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Paper Shredder

If you or your office wishes to purchase your own paper shredding unit, there are some factors that you must consider in order to optimize the use of the machine.


This refers to the volume of papers that you are about to shred per time period. It is important to consider this so as to prevent overcapacity or under capacity of the machine. Before buying the machine, you should have a rough estimate of how many stacks of papers you will be shredding. This will also dictate the size of unit that you need to buy.


This refers to how confidential the documents are that you about to shred. If the documents are highly confidential, it is preferable that you buy the ones which cut papers into finer pieces that cannot be fixed back. This assures complete destruction of the sensitive material.

Nature of Material to be Shred

This denotes to what kind of materials you are going to shred. Shredders, nowadays, are no longer limited to papers. There are also shredders of CDs, DVDs, ATMs and other materials that are not paper in nature. It will also help you identify what mode of cutting is necessary to properly destroy the materials.


Different shredders vary in prices. The size, the capacity, the features will define how expensive or cheap a paper shredder is. Your capacity to pay for the desired unit should be considered as well.

Complexity of the Machine

In buying a paper shredder, especially if it is for personal use, you should look for machine that are less complex to operate. This will facilitate the ease of shredding. Some machines have various parts that are difficult to manoeuvre. This will just lengthen the time before the machine can be used. After all, there are a lot of things to do more than just shredding the papers.

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