Pillows to Help Pregnant Women Sleep Better

Pillows to Help Pregnant Women Sleep Better

The middle to late stages of pregnancy can become uncomfortable, if not grueling, to say the least. Your body is changing to accommodate the growing baby inside of you. The extra weight of the baby can result in aches, pains and difficulty in getting comfortable when you lie down to sleep. Quite a few women experience aches and cramps in leg, back and abdominal muscles. It can also be tough to find a position that is comfortable. The good news is that there are some wonderful aids to help alleviate your suffering. There are some ingeniously designed pillows to help pregnant women sleep better.

Why use a pregnancy pillow versus a standard bed pillow?

Pregnant pillow


The pillows that have been made specifically for use by pregnant women are made of materials that provide soft comfort and support where it is needed. Most are long enough to wrap your arms and legs around so you can find that perfect position (however strange it may look to others), to relieve the pressure on various parts of your body. All women are individuals and their pregnancies will affect their bodies in different ways. For example, some women may have increased back discomfort while others will feel pressure in the abdomen, hips or legs. Some experience issues in all of these areas.

Pregnancy pillows are usually large enough to be manipulated for support in multiple areas of the body at the same time. Standard bed pillows are just not large enough and the majority are not thick enough to give the heavy-duty support that may be required to take the pressure off of strained muscles and nerve tissue. You would have to use several standard pillows to get the same results that are possible with just one pregnancy pillow.

Ways to use a pregnancy pillow

These pillows can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on the issue. If your back is hurting, they can provide support for the spine. You can lean against them to relieve pressure on the backbone. For hip pain, you can lean your hips against them or position the legs around the pillow to help lift the weight and pressure off of the hips. They can also be manipulated to allow you to comfortably sleep on either of your sides, or even your stomach as they can provide a cushion for additional comfort in practically any area of the body. Women who are in the last stages of pregnancy may need to get creative in finding the best possible sleeping positions and using this type of pillow is among the best solutions.

Final words on using pillows to help pregnant women to sleep better

These pillows are one of the best accessories for providing a better night’s rest if aches and pains of pregnancy are interfering with your ability to get comfortable. There is no reason to suffer with tossing and turning or sleeping in a chair. You can comfortably curl your changing body around a pregnancy pillow to get the support and relief that you need to finally get a good night’s sleep.

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