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Best Plasma TV

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Plasma TV Reviews

Plasma TVs are one of the best available televisions on the market. With much technological advancement the plasma TV experience is one of the highest qualities available. If you want a clearer, non-glare picture you should seriously consider a plasma television set. The following reviews will allow you to have a great experience any time you turn on the TV. These brands provide the best of the best, as far as features versus benefits, when it comes to plasma televisions.

Most Popular Plasma TV

LG Alexa Built-In 55″

5/5 Product Rating

The LG 55-Inch Class 4K 600Hz Plasma TV with Smart TV is 54.6 x 34.5 x 13.5 inches in size with the stand. This plasma television set has many connection options including built-in Wi-Fi, MHL Mobile High Definition Link, Wi-Fi Direct, Windows 7 Certified, DLNA Certified, and Intel Wireless Display (Wi-Di). With these many features you are sure to enjoy your television experience even more. This plasma TV set will allow you to connect to your compatible devices or retrieve saved information in your LG Cloud storage. With the LG feature you will be able to share your pictures, movies, and music with your friends and families much easier. The LG 55-Inch Class 4K 600Hz Plasma TV will make your action packed movies and television shows clear and will be viewed in full HD. The quality of your picture will be enhanced making your picture clear and crisp. The LG 600Hz will nearly eliminate motion blur.

  • 54.6 x 34.5 x 13.5 inches in size with stand
  • Many connections included including built in Wi-Fi
  • Allows you to create a network for your compatible devices
  • LG feature to share your pictures and connect to the cloud
  • Clear pictures with no blur even in high action scenes

Best Overall Plasma TV

Samsung 65-Inch

4.8/5 Product Rating

The Samsung 65-Inch 4K 600Hz 3D Ultra Slim Plasma HDTV is a very durable plasma TV that will enhance your relaxation and enjoyment. Without the stand, this plasma television is 57.4″ W x 2.3″ D x 33″ H in size. The plasma TV offers you built-in Wi-Fi making it possible to enjoy surfing the internet while you are also enjoying your favorite television shows or movies. It provides the ultimate in multitasking. You are able to surf the internet, type papers or reports, or check your email. With the full HD 2D and 3D feature you will be able to watch any movie you like and enjoy the new 3D movies that are becoming popular. The Samsung 65-Inch 4K 600Hz 3D Ultra Slim Plasma HDTV has a smart interaction feature with three HDMI ports. This plasma TV has a sleep mode that will conserve power. Along with being energy efficient the plasma TV has a built-in subwoofer that will produce the best sound quality available.

  • 57.4″ W x 2.3″ D x 33″ H in size without stand
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Full HD 2D and 3D features
  • Three HDMI ports for your convenience
  • Sleep mode to conserve power

Best Budget Plasma TV

TCL 4K Smart LED TV, 65″

4.6/5 Product Rating

The TCL 4K Smart LED TV 65″ 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma HDTV will offer you a wonderful television experience with the many feature this TV has to offer. With the 600Hz refresh rate this plasma television set is great for general viewing, playing video games, watching action-packed movies, or cheering on your favorite sports team. The 4K pixel plasma HDTV provides you with the best picture quality. The TCL 4K Smart LED TV 65″ 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma HDTV is a Smart TV with voice controls making your television experience even easier. With the voice controls you can network with streaming content and the internet. This plasma TV is 57.3 X 33.3 X 3.1 inches in size without stand and with three HDMI ports. This 65-Inch plasma television set will enhance your television experience 100% allowing you to feel like you are a part of what you are viewing. When you purchase this plasma television set you will also receive two pairs of 3D glasses.

  • 600Hz refresh rate
  • 4K pixel plasma HDTV
  • Voice controlled for your convenience
  • 57.3 X 33.3 X 3.1 inches in size without stand
  • Three HDMI ports

Web design software Buying Guide

Plasma TV 2

There are varieties of flat screen televisions available today. These models can be used for a variety of applications. Because of the varieties of flat Plasma television on the market, it is difficult for users to make a choice. This guide will help you in making an informed decision on the best type you can buy.

Here are some important points you have to consider before you make a choice: The best plasma TV screen size you need for your house and which of them have the best flat TV panel technology and several other features.

What Factors Determine the Brand of Plasma TV to Buy?

Screen Size

The first important factor you have to consider is the screen size of the television and the available space to mount the television. This will determine the quality of the view you will enjoy from your television. There must be a certain distance between the television and its viewing area to have the best viewing experience. You should know that the bigger is not always the best. Sitting too far and too close to your television will not allow you to have the best view.

The space you have in your house plays a significant role in deciding the best plasma television to install in your home. Some plasma televisions are not fitted with built in speakers; this means you should have enough space to install its speakers.

The materials you want to watch: Another important factor you must decide before you make a choice of the most suitable plasma television is the type of program you want to watch. There are two prominent types of plasma television, which includes the HDTV and the LEDTV. These display different types of materials. The LEDTV represents the perfect entry into the digital television world with a widescreen and a better image resolution, which is much better than what, is available in the analogue world. HDTV on the other hand has a superior screen resolution and offers a better and a superior sound and visual experience.


The most important factor you have to look into before you buy any plasma television is the specifications. Very significant among the specifications is the resolution. There are HDTV and LEDTV resolution. The least resolution you have to look for is 1024 by 720pixels. This would offer you the best sound and viewing experience. The type of content you want to watch with your plasma television would guide you in determining the most suitable plasma television you want for your house. If you want to view channels on cables, they are better viewed on HDs while DVD titles and Blu ray DVD formats are best viewed on LEDTV channels.


To get a better viewing and sound experience, you have to consider the input factor. You should check the input features like the AV, S Video as well as the component video outputs. Moreover, television must have HDMI and DVI for easy connection to high definition sources. Modern plasma television sets have VGA for connections to your PCs. The following minimum input must be available in the Plasma television for easy connection to other sources, they include S Video, RCA, DVI-D, DVI-I components. While considering the input features, you also have to consider the components you have in your home such as DVD player, cable box, satellite system as well as your external stereo and so on. See whether the input method is compatible with these gadgets.

Plasma TV 1

Tuner Function

The tuner system is another important feature you have to consider before you purchase any plasma television. Presently, there are two tuner features, which include the HD integrated and the HD ready plasma televisions. HD ready requires an external turner before the plasma television can function. HD integrated tuner on the other hand has a turner already built into the system and it is always ready for use. You may not require a turner if you receive your HDTV channels through satellite or cable.

Power consumption

If you want to reduce your energy consumption, you have to consider power consumption of the plasma television. The usual energy consumption ranges from 240 to 500 watts. You have to check the specifications to determine the power consumption level. Sets with higher screens tend to have more power consumptions that set with lower screens. Always compare similar sized units from different makers to determine their power efficiency levels. You should know that any plasma television with a higher voltage is composed of inferior components. Modern television requires a minimum energy consumption level.

Pricing and Delivery Costs

The cost of plasma television is expensive depending on the size you want to buy. The price ranges from one thousand dollars to four thousand dollars. Apart from the cost price of the television set, you have to consider the cost of accessories like a surge protector, cables, audio equipment, room treatment, as well as furniture for the set. The cost of these things varies depending on the outlets you decide to procure them. Compare the charges you will incur from different outlets. If you prefer to buy from brick and mortar dealers, you have to pay the standard charges like the sales tax and so on. If you want to purchase it online, you have to compare the shipping charges. Importantly, you have to compare the manufacturers’ warranties to make the best opinion. If you have a device with extended warranties, it is a good deal.

Mounting and installation options are significant factors you must consider before you opt for any plasma television set for family use. There are two different methods of installing a set of plasma televisions. It is either you hang it on the wall, or you have it on your table stand. One major benefit people derive from this type of television is the flexible mounting and installation options. This type of television is known to be big, as such, there is a challenge for mounting or hanging it, and this should be taken into account.

Comparing the Different Installation and Mounting Options

If you want to mount your plasma television on the ceiling or the wall, you require two people to install it. One of the persons must be experienced enough to know the wall strength as mounting it on a weak wall could damage the wall and plasma television. Apart from that, you should procure the proper hardware such as screws and anchors for the mounting. To enjoy it, you must mount it professionally. However, all these hassles are eliminated if you want to place your plasma television on your table stand. Many people prefer table stand because it does not require any expertise to have it mounted, as its instruction manuals would guide you through the process. You only need to purchase a matching table stand. It allows for maximum flexibility, as there is nothing fixed on the wall, which means that you can easily adjust the position if you want. The shortcoming; however is that it does not maximize space like wall mounting.


The best way you can have a better television experience is by buying a plasma television set. With the information above, you will no longer find it difficult to buy your favorite plasma TV.

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