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Best Powerline Network Adapter

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Powerline Network Adapter Reviews

An often overlooked way to extend your network though your home with little effort is Powerline network adapters. These adapters use your existing house wiring to create a network. There are advantages that Powerline network adapters have over other types of networks. You don’t have to run any extra wiring for your network since Powerline adapters use your existing house wiring to form an internet connection. Another great advantage is the power savings since you don’t have to run any additional routers or equipment to create your network. What most people don’t know about Powerline network adapters is how much more reliable and faster this type of connection is than a wireless connection. Since the connection is a constant signal though wiring it has similar speeds as a wired ethernet connection and the same goes with the reliability. This is the best way to run a network though your home if you don’t want to do any damage by running wiring, or if you rent you home or apartment it won’t cause damage.

Most Popular Powerline Network Adapter


5/5 Product Rating

Linksys/Cisco make highly dependable network devices that people have grown to trust over the years. This Linksys Powerline network extender gives you the flexibility of having a wired connection, but it also broadcasts a WiFi signal which is great for your mobile devices. A single press of a WPS button allows you to add your wireless devices to your network. It includes one ethernet port to connect a router for network expansion, or a desktop computer for smaller networks.

These two Powerline network extenders easily connect to your home wiring to form a network throughout your home. The tiny size is small enough to hide away anywhere at only 3.3×9.5×6.6 inches. Easily capable of reliable speeds faster than a wireless network.

  • Flexibility of both a wired and WiFi connection
  • Eliminates the need to install new wiring
  • Simple to install in minutes
  • Small energy efficient design saves money on energy costs
  • Reliable speeds faster than WiFi

Best Overall Powerline Network Adapter


4.8/5 Product Rating

Netgear is one of the most reliable manufacturers of routers and home networking products. This Netgear Powerline network adapter has 4 ports to connect ethernet cables to desktop computers, HDTV’s, game consoles, blue ray players. It works with full 1080p and 3-D video configurations via wired ethernet cable. Gigabit wired connection assures high performance of gaming and streaming internet avoiding lags and glitches in the connection.

Plug and play feature means that there is no additional software or installation needed for setup. This Powerline adapter works with all Powerline products for a universal fit and easy creation of your network. With the press of a button you can secure all of your data transmission and encrypt it to avoid security threat risks. LED helps you pick the best outlet in the room for the highest performance. Small 8.4 inch x 6.8 inch x 3.3 inch footprint allows you to easily place it out of the way.

  • High performance speeds up to 500Mbps
  • 4 ports allows you to expand your network with multiple devices
  • Easy setup requires only an outlet for plug-in
  • Encryption keeps your data transfer safe from intruders
  • Small design is energy-efficient and compact

Best Budget Powerline Network Adapter


4.5/5 Product Rating

TP-Link is widely known for their reliable cost-effective network solutions. This Powerline adapter kit fits in that category as a very cost friendly way to expand your network without running wires. Get over 300 meters of signal over your homes existing electrical wiring with these TP-Link Powerline adapters. Blazing fast speeds up to 500Mbps allows streaming video to run smooth without hesitation or lag. 128 bit encrypted signal keeps your network safe from intruders.

Patented energy saving design automatically reduces power consumption over 80% while in power save mode. Super small design is smallest in its class for easy concealment. Simply just plug them in, and your network is ready avoiding any need for configuration or setup.

  • Creates a network without new wiring
  • Installation is a breeze, no setup required
  • Extremely affordable option made them the #1 Powerline seller on Amazon’s list with great reviews
  • Blazing fast speeds up to 500Mbps
  • Up to 300 meters of coverage of your household electrical system

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