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Projector Mount Reviews

Projectors have been used in a commercial setting for many years. With the increase in quality and the reduction in price, projectors have come to be used more frequently in both a business and consumer setting. Projector mounts enable you to mount and store the projector without the use of a large awkward table, having to work around objects, people, or other obstructions in a room, when viewing slides,films, or presentations. Mounts keep the projector stable and provide a steady presentation with no obstructions or set up requirements between events. The following projector mounts will allow you to have a great presentation that will maintain quality and provide convenience. We have reviewed the best projector mounts on the market allowing you to purchase the best projector mount for your needs.

Most Popular Projector Mount


5/5 Product Rating

The Epson Universal Projector Mount is a great device that fits almost all projectors up to 50 pounds. With this weight limit you will be able to hold many larger projectors with this projector mount. This projector mount is designed to be installed as a flush mount or with extension columns. The projector mount has a 360 degree swivel that will allow you to use the projector against any wall in the room. If you need to present multiple presentations or the audience or seating varies from one presentation to the next, this will provide the perfect solution. There is also a tile feature that is +15/-15. This will enable you to move the projector based on your presentation needs. This projector mount is for ceiling use allowing you to present without any distractions or items blocking the view of the presentation. When installing the Epson Universal Projector Mount there is single adjustment access and a quick release mechanism that makes installation very simple.

  • Can hold a projector that weighs up to 50 pounds
  • Flushing mounts or extension columns
  • Swivels up to 360 degree
  • +15/-15 tilt
  • Single adjustment access

Best Overall Projector Mount


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount will allow you to connect your projector from the ceiling so you will not have any objects in your way while presenting. This projector mount is very handy and will secure any projector easily with the 2 x 2 reinforced steel plateconstruction. This projection mount can replace any standard ceiling tile for convenient and easy installation. The Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount can hold a projector that weighs up to 30 pounds allowing you to use this projector mount for almost any size projector. The projector mount is lightweight and has several mounting points for placement. This allows you to place the projector mount anywhere providing flexibility in the location, centering and usage. The projector mount has a heat dissipating surface which makes it safe to use for long periods of time. This feature will prevent the projector from getting hot even after hours of use.

  • Connects to the ceiling
  • Made of Reinforced steel plate
  • Can easily replace any ceiling tile
  • Can hold a projector up to 30 pounds
  • Several mounting points

Best Budget Projector Mount


4.3/5 Product Rating

The Peerless PRGUNV Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount is available in three different colors allowing you to choose a projector mount that will match the interior design of the room or space the projector will be used. This allows your presentation device to fit the décor of the room and not be a distraction. This projector mount can adapt to any projector because of its spider adapter. It can hold a projector that weighs up to 50 pounds. The projector mount has precision gear that will make installation time shorter and allows the projector mount to align easily by simply turning the adjustment knobs. With the patented pending precision feature you can be confident that your projector will be aligned correctly and accurately for every presentation. The Peerless PRGUNV Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount has horizontal wrench access slots that will make flush mounting installations quick and stress-free. With the two adjustment knobs you will be able to control the projector at your convenience to produce aligned images for your viewer.

  • Up to three color options
  • Spider adapter
  • Can hold a projector up to 50 pounds
  • Precision gear
  • Horizontal wrench access slots

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