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Rat traps are designed to capture rats. As rats are suspicious of new objects and they know if they have seen a rat trapped inside a trap with one entrance, for example, they will be wary and may avoid them. Spring traps are powerful enough to break an animal’s neck or spine and can even break a human finger. Rat traps are much firmer than a regular mousetrap and may actually not be as sensitive to a mouse as it would to the larger rat. There are a few different types of rat traps that can be used. Glue traps are non-poisonous sticky glue that is usually spread over card board, which sticks the rat into place. A non-lethal trap is a funnel shaped wire cage, the rats can move themselves into the tube through the narrow opening but cannot escape due to the wires poking at them.

Most Popular Rat Trap


5/5 Product Rating

The Snap E Rat Trap comes in packs of 6 allowing you to distribute the traps around the house to catch the problem rodents quickly. The quick response time that these traps use means there is no escape for the rodent once it’s been caught. There is a vertical bar that like the traditional wooden traps have except these traps have half the distance to travel so the response is quicker therefore leaving the mouse with next to no time to retrieve the bait. There is also an extra-large paddle and strike bar that catches the rodents from the front the sides and the back, leaving the rodent no way to escape. The Big Snap E does not allow any stains or odors like the old fashioned wooden traps; they can be reused for years so you get maximum usage for your money. The simple and sanitary traps are safe for both the user and the animal trapped inside.

  • Made from durable polystyrene and steel construction
  • Your fingers never touch the rodent
  • Simple to set up and easy to release
  • Easy baiting with the preformed bait cup

Most Overall Rat Trap


4.7/5 Product Rating

This 4 Trapper T-Rex Rat Snap Traps Rodent Control Trap Trex Bell-1043 is a state of the art mechanical trap that gives a superior capture of your rat problems. A patented interlocking teeth system makes the rat trying to escape absolutely impossible. So you do not need to worry about losing the rodent once it has been trapped it stays trapped. The T-Rex gives you the perfect combination of a trigger sensitive and trap velocity, so the speed of the trap and the responsiveness ensure the capture is successful every time without fail. The trap is easy to set up and safe to use, much more efficient than traditional snap traps. The T-Rex can also be placed directly in a Protecta Rat Bait Station or even tied to any pipes or beams you have around the house, these are typical pathways that rats and mice will use to get around, and will not suspect a trap to be attached to. The bait cup in the centre of the trigger pedal holds onto the bait easily enticing your pest to the bait.

  • Best use for rats
  • Can be placed along walls or in sensitive areas
  • Protect a rat bait station
  • Trap measurements are 5.5 inches x 3 inches

Best Budget Rat Trap


4.5/5 Product Rating

Snap E Mouse Trap is a brilliant product to eliminate your mouse or rodent problem. It has a quick response time meaning that once the rodent has been trapped and caught it cannot escape. The preformed bait cup lets easy baiting be used and because it is made from durable polystyrene and steel, it is reliable and sturdy and will last for years f use. The fact that it is reusable means you get your money’s worth too. Coming in handy packs of 6 you can position these traps around your home and catch the pests wherever they may be. The vertical strike bar goes half the distance of the old fashioned wooden mouse traps so it has a much quicker snapping time in order to catch the mouse before it catches the bait. The Snap – E does not allow for stains or odors which is another downfall that the old fashioned wooden traps. The trap has been designed to be simple to use and safe and sanitary for the user and the captured animal so your fingers never touch the rodent, as it is easy to release.

  • Made from steel and polystyrene that’s durable and reliable
  • Resistant to stains and odors
  • Is reusable
  • Safe, simple to use and sanitary

Rat Trap Buying Guide

Rat Trap Review

Seeing rats or their droppings is plenty of evidence that they’ve invaded your premises. For many years, rats have been feared because they can transmit diseases. Rats can attack any household at any time although they’re very picky when it comes to a place of stay and even what they eat.

If you’re certain that your home or office has a rat infestation, you should first look for possible ways that they get inside and ensure you seal these entrances properly. After this, you need to look for a rat trap that will capture those already inside your home or office. However, all rat traps aren’t equal, and you need to consider a few things before choosing your product. Below are some top factors to consider when choosing a rat trap:

Top Factors to Consider

1. Material Used

This is probably the first thing to consider when choosing a rat trap. However, there’re a few things to keep in mind when deciding on which material is best. First, the material used to make the rat trap should be sturdy and durable. Such materials include stainless steel and heavy-duty plastic. Remember that you need a long-lasting trap since these rodents come from time to time. A reusable and durable rat trap can save a lot of money in the long run. Next, you need a rat trap made from a material that’s non-absorbent to ensure it stays clean and dry.

2. Ease of Use

Since you don’t want your hands to come into contact with a dead rat, it’s essential to choose a trap that’s easy to set and dispose of the rat and have yourself remain clean. You also need to purchase a rat trap that’s safe to use – especially around your children and pets. It’s advisable to choose a trap that doesn’t require chemicals, glue or poisonous bait. Simply look for a trap that’ll easily catch a rat and easily release it without a lot of hassles. You also need to look for the right sized trap to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Rat Trap 3

3. Effectiveness

The effective a rat trap depends on the size of infestation. Remember that the place of locating your trap is essential. For rat traps to be effective, they should be placed close to the walls in all affected areas. If you notice that there’s more than one rat, you’ll need to purchase multiple traps and set them appropriately. It’s also essential to look for the right bait to make the trap effective. Some of the favorite baits include chocolate, oatmeal, peanut butter, and bacon.

4. Design

When it comes to choosing the design of a rat trap you need, it’s more of a personal choice. There’re many types of rat traps with different designs and shapes. However, regardless of the style or design you choose to buy, it’s essential to ensure that it’s easy to set up and dispose of a caught rat without a lot of hassles. Remember that using your hands to dispose of a dead rat is unhygienic and also presents the health risk of contracting rodent diseases.

5. Safety

It’s awkward to prioritize getting rid of rats in your home without considering the safety of your kids and pets. Rat traps can be categorized into electric and manual traps. An electric trap can bring serious harm to your family members and pets if placed in areas that can easily be reached. When setting a rat trap, ensure you don’t leave the tunnels wide open to the extent of your kids or pets sticking their hands inside. More importantly, you need to avoid any rat trap that uses harmful chemicals or poison to eliminate the rodents. This isn’t safe at all can lead to serious health problems.

Rat Trap 4

6. Electric vs. Manual Powered

Rat traps are either manually or electrically powered. When you go for an electric model, ensure you check if it’s powered by AC plug-in adapter, batteries or both. The electric trap models work best when the batteries are full of charge. Their packaging specifies the number of rats that can be killed per charge. However, their performance decreases with a decrease in battery charge.

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