Should I Put My Pet in a Booster Seat?

Should I Put My Pet in a Booster Seat?

We all know the importance of using child safety seats for babies and small children when travelling in a vehicle, but what about your pets? You may be wondering, “should I put my pet in a car booster seat?” For people who care about the well being of their pets and want to increase their own driving safety, the answer is yes.

Danger of unsecured pets while driving

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Pets that are allowed to roam freely in a moving vehicle pose a hazard to themselves, the driver of the car, and to everyone else on the road. Pets, especially small dogs really love poking their noses outside of the car’s window for a healthy dose of fresh air. There is always the risk of the pet jumping out of the moving car and being severely injured or killed. Roaming pets can also interfere with your ability to control your car when you are driving.

They can distract your eyes from the road, jump on the gearshift, press on brake and gas pedals, or be propelled into the windshield if you have to hit your brakes. Pets that are unsecured in your vehicle can be a hazard to you, your pet and other drivers on the road that could be involved in accidents because of the actions of the pet.

Don’t blame Fido

Your pet is unaware of the consequences of their actions while travelling. If your pet is frightened, he or she may become frantic and try to get out of the vehicle. The natural response to perceived danger is to flee, so this automatic reaction is something that your pet cannot help. While some animals love car rides, others are not sure of what is going on and may even become carsick from the motion of driving. With this in mind, it makes sense that your pet should be secured for the good of all.

Benefits of keeping your pet in a booster seat

Pet booster seats come in a variety of sizes, styles and models so you can easily find one that your pet will fit into. The seat will help to keep the animal safe and comfortable for the trip. You are less likely to be distracted so you can concentrate on safe driving as opposed to constantly checking on what the pet is doing. A booster seat will prevent your pet from jumping out of the window, interfering with your driving and will ultimately keep them safe for the duration of the trip.

Common sense and love in action

Pet booster seats are a wise choice for owners who cherish their pets and value the use of safe driving practices. Pets are much like children and may not know how to behave safely when they are travelling down the road in a car. It is up to you to provide all of the best possible safeguards to make the trip safe and comfortable for them and for yourself. People who love and care about the well being of their pets should consider using a pet booster seat for the good of all concerned.

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