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Best Sinus Rinse

Sinus Rinse Reviews

Sinus Rinse Reviews

Nasal irrigation is used for personal hygiene to wash out the nasal passages removing any debris and mucus from the sinuses. The results prove to be beneficial for most with minimal side effects. Patients using a sinus rinse are often diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and have found relief in using a sinus rinse for facial pain, headaches, coughs, watery discharge and nasal congestion. This in turn improves the quality of life for these sufferers decreasing the symptoms and the need to use prescribed medication. Sinus rinses can be used in the form of a nasal spray or nebulizer using a variety of isotonic or hypotonic salt-water solutions. Tap water can be used but is not a safe method as the water alone can cause irritation to the nasal passages. The same reason as to why luke warm water is preferred over cold as cold water can irritate the gag reflex as well as cause the mucous membrane inside the sinuses.

Most Popular Sinus Rinse


5/5 Product Rating

The Neilmed sinus rinse comes as a 100 pre-packaged packets. These packets contain a mixed PH balance of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate, which meets the USP grade with only 100% natural ingredients. One packet of solution is dissolved in luke warm distilled cooled boiled water. The solution itself will be isotonic which allows for a nice and smooth rinse with absolutely no irritation or pain caused to the sinus passages. Using a preservative free mixture with no iodine means that when using Neilmeds solution it runs smoothly through the nasal passages with no friction giving a therapeutic experience every time. The packet contains a full colour educational brochure with instructions on how to perform the correct sinus rinse action and a step by step guide on how to prepare the solution the right way to get the most out of the Neilmeds sinus rinse solution. Neilmeds sinus rinse comes from the makers of the original sinus rinse.

  • A therapeutic saline solution for irrigation and moisturizing of the nasal passages.
  • A grade mixture of USP with all natural ingredients.
  • An isotonic solution that does not create a burning or stinging sensation due to a balanced pH level.
  • Provides a soothing and comfortable sinus relief rinse.

Best Overall Sinus Rinse

NeilMed Extra Strength

4.9/5 Product Rating

This hypotonic mixture by Neilmeds is an extra strength solution in comparison to some of their other products. This particular package comes with 70 pre mixed packets with full colour illustrated instructions, which guide you through how to use the mixture. This sinus rinse works best with luke warm water that has been boiled and allowed to cool. Ordinary tap water is not advised due to irritation of the nasal passages. The mixture contains Sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate created in a balanced manner that meets the USP grade, while using all natural ingredients for a comfortable and safe nasal irrigation process. The educational brochure provided will instruct you on how to mix the solution properly and inform you of what to do get the best results.

  • Saline nasal irrigation solution with using a therapeutic and moisturizing system.
  • No preservatives and iodine and latex free.
  • 100% natural ingredients to the USP grade mixture
  • Due to the balance of the pH level the isotonic solution gives a pain free and soothing effect.

Best Budget Sinus Rinse


4.7/5 Product Rating

Alkalols natural solution is the only saline solution that contains extracts and essential oils in a special blend that relieves symptoms of congestion and pressure caused by colds and allergies. It is a safe and quick product to use leaving a refreshingly clean feeling of revitalization. The common cold and flu often leave your nasal passages swollen and create difficulty in breathing, Alkalols solution dissolves the mucus through an invigorating blend of cinnamon, spearmint and winter green ingredients. Ear, nose and throat specialist have recommended the use of nasal saline irrigation to reduce allergies, runny noses, sinus pain, even rhinitis during pregnancy. Studies have shown a significant improvement after using nasal solutions and a fall in the use of medications. Using the cup provided there are detailed instructions including how to increase the dosage in relation to the severity of the congestion or symptoms.

  • A refreshing solution made with natural extracts and essential oils.
  • The hypotonic solution is saline and preservative free.
  • Quantity of 16 ounces in total.
  • Gives a natural relief towards nasal congestion including sinusitis and allergy symptoms.
  • Cleans out and moisturizes the nasal passages.

Sinus Rinse Buying Guide

Sinus Rinse Spraying

This is an easy to squeeze bottle that contains the solution needed to remove any obstructions in the nasal passages completely, while keeping your head in an upright position. You have full control of the volume and pressure of the solution, provides you a gentle, therapeutic and soothing experience. Rinsing your nasal passages every day is safe and it will keep the nasal passages clean, open and healthy. It is available in pediatric, hypertonic and isotonic concentrations.

Things You Need to Remember when Using Sinus Rinse

Rinse your nasal passages using the right solution. Make sure that it contains a mixture of USP grade sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride. These ingredients are the best quality available to create a dry powder mixture.

Rinsing the nasal passages using plain water will cause a severe burning sensation. Use only distilled, micro-filtered, boiled and cooled down or commercially bottled water mixed with the high grade powder. Do not use faucet or tap water for dissolving the powder unless the water has been previously boiled and cooled down.

If in case your nasal passages are blocked or if you have blocked ears or have an ear problem, do not rinse. If in case you have undergone recently sinus or ear surgery, talk to your EENT doctor before doing the irrigation. If in case you feel any burning in the nasal passages or pressure in the ears, stop the irrigation and ask your doctor for directions. The powder should be out of the reach of children.

Instructions on Using the Bottle

Use the product only as directed, if the symptoms continue even after using the sinus rinse see your doctor.

Step 1

Wash your hands first. Fill the clean bottle with the indicated volume of lukewarm previously boiled, distilled, or filtered water. You may warm the water in a microwave for five to ten seconds to prevent overheating the water, scalding your nasal passage or damaging the device.

Step 2

Open the powder packet at the corner and pour the contents into the bottle. Tighten the tube and cap on the bottle securely. Place one finger over the tip of the cap and then shake the bottle gently to dissolve the powder.

Step 3

Position yourself in front of the sink and bend forward to your comfort level and then tilt your head down. Keep your mouth open, without holding your breath, place the cap tightly against your nasal passage. Gently squeeze the bottle until the solution begins to drain from the opposite of the nasal passage.  The small amount of the solution may drain from your mouth. To rinse your nasal passages properly, continue squeezing the bottle gently until at least the amount is about ¼ to ½ of the bottle is consumed. Do not swallow the solution.

Step 4

Gently blow your nose, without pinching your nose completely to avoid any pressure on your eardrums. If you can, sniff in gently any remaining solution in the nasal passage once or twice, because this will completely clean out the posterior part of the nasopharyngeal, which is the part at the back of your nasal passage. There are cases, some solution will reach the back of your throat, so make sure you spit it out. To help drain any remaining solution, gently blow your nose while tilting your head forward and on the opposite side of the nasal passage you just rinsed.

Step 5

Repeat steps three and four for your other nasal passage.

Step 6

Clean the cap and bottle. Let the sinus rinse bottle, tube, and cap on a clean paper towel to store.

Sinus Rinse Sinusitis

Using Sinus Rinse in Babies and Young Children

This could be beneficial to young children and babies. But, youngsters need special considerations during rinses since they can be uncooperative. Experts recommend using a syringe (remove the needle) or an eye dropper to carry out a sinus rinse on a baby. Put ten to twenty drops of the saline solution into the baby’s nose and then suck the mucus and solution out using a bulb syringe.

With small children, it will be a little bit easier to carry out the rinsing. Let the children lean as far as they could over the sink as possible. The experts also recommend wrapping the child’s upper body with arms down on a towel or blanket and let another adult hold the child in his lap.

Use for the following:

  • Nasal Symptoms from cold and flu
  • Nasal Allergies, Hay Fever and Dryness
  • Post Nasal Drip and Nasal Congestion
  • Sinus Pressure and Nasal Stuffiness
  • Nasal Irritation from House and Occupational Dust, Animal Dander, Smoke, Fumes, Pollen, Grass, etc.

Pros of Using Sinus Rinse

No burning, stinging or soothing low pressure and large volume system for saline nasal irrigation, daily nasal hygiene and moisturization. The sinus kit is a single piece, custom designed rounded black cap that fits any nasal opening. It does not have any push and pull components for easy cleaning. The tool is free from gluten, drug, BPA, latex and preservative. Normally the kit contains the following:

  • 50 regular premixed packets of pH balanced sodium bicarbonate mixture and sodium chloride (USP grade, isotonic, iodine, natural ingredients and iodine free)
  • Instruction in Spanish, French or English
  • Educational brochure
  • 1 custom 8oz. (240ml) bottle


Poor quality of air and particulate matter present in the air is higher these days and sometimes your sinuses suffer. Likewise, there are lots of people who suffer from sinus concerns related to defects in their sinus tracts. That leads to the congestion that looks like cement has been packed into your sinuses and left to set. Blowing your nose could provide a slight relief and nasal sprays only provide a short relief, so it could be worthwhile to try cleaning the sinuses. Actually, these sinus rinses have been around since the ancient times, thus it’s a time-tested way of relieving sinus. For those who have the condition, using this saline solution rinse is recommended not just for adults but for young children and babies as well.

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