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Ski Boot Reviews

Shopping for a pair of ski boots can be quite daunting. For one, finding the perfect fit is critically important in ensuring a pleasant ski experience. A lot of people seem to share the notion that a particular ski boot design can be either worn by male or female. However, this type of footwear is designed to be gender-specific. This means you need to choose the boots that are specifically designed for your gender. This is because top brands have taken great care and attention to the difference in the anatomy of men and women and put all these considerations into their product design. For instance, men are known to have longer lower legs compared to their female counterpart. To accommodate short lower leg of females, the cuffs of ski boots are one or two inches shorter in order to prevent pinching of the calf. In addition, female ski boots are also constructed to have ankle pockets and tighter heels for optimum comfort.

Most Popular Ski Boot


5/5 Product Rating

The Rossignol features a 102mm fit, categorized as “medium-wide” along within a 2mm wider V shape on its forefoot. This is designed to preserve that contoured fit. These types of ski boots are generally best for intermediate and expert skiers who are looking for that aggressive and solid performance.

In addition to its impressive features, the Rossignol is constructed with new polyolefine with a medium stiff flex for a responsive support while allowing you greater control.

To offer maximum comfort and snug fit, it features rubberized heels for shock absorption along with exceptional grip traction. The paddings are all pre-shaped to hold the heels securely in place and soft instep pocket for the maximum comfort and circulation. This ski boot has a flex rating of 90.

  • Superior quality and standout design
  • Sporty and lightweight
  • Ideal for all-mountain skiing
  • Offers good traction for navigating around different surfaces
  • Comfort, snug fit keeps feet warm and well-insulated

Best Overall Ski Boot

Nordica 2020 Speedmachine 85 Women’s Ski Boots

4.8/5 Product Rating

The Nordica Cruise is designed as the superior quality boots for beginner and advanced skiers who place great value on comfort. Packed with superior technology, it is not surprising to know this one is one of the best-selling boots from the Nordica line. Designed with a flex index of 80, these boots offer medium resistance for forward leans, making it the ideal choice for many intermediate skiers.

It is equipped with a Natural Foot Stance technology that specifically aims to improve precision and enhance performance with very minimal effort. The liners are specially hand stitched for optimum cushioning comfort as well as provide warmth and encourage better circulation.

Since this part is designed for all-mountain use, it features a Thermo Custom Fit, which is an all comfort liner so you can expect all-day comfort. It also comes with highly durable metal buckles that are adjustable for ideal fit.

  • Great sporty and edgy design
  • Extremely comfortable even in severe cold conditions
  • Never feel any hot spots even when playing
  • Offers great value for money
  • Cushioned liner offers snug, comfortable fit

Best Budget Ski Boot

Rossignol Kelia 50 Ski Boots Womens

4.4/5 Product Rating

These are Alpine downhill ski boots that are specifically designed for women and girls. With innovative technology, the Kelia line is specifically designed for the female foot. Featuring a wider back as well as softer sides to accommodate the female feet, it is made possible by the use of special padding for optimum cushioning power. The Kelia line comes with 50/60 fit liner for supremely easier entry.

Designed to accommodate lower female calves, this pair offers better support and comfort than most ski boots in the market today. It also features a tool-free aluminium/plastic closure with strap for the unbelievably snug and comfort fit. It also comes with a new grid technology designed to retain rigidity for that improved transmission while enhancing shell and great superior fit.

  • Great design for female skiers
  • Sleek, stylish design ideal for the modern woman
  • Perfect for skiing, walking and navigating through rough terrain
  • Ideal for small and intermediate skiers
  • Ski boots can be worn with great ease and navigate comfortably all through the day

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