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Best Small Business Finance Software

Small Business Finance Software Review

Small Business Finance Software Reviews

Use of accounting software has become the norm in most businesses, both small and large. The reason for this is attributable to the benefits that accounting software brings to a business and their accounting processes. Using accounting software saves a lot of time and reduces the incidents of human error considerably. Additionally, the software feature intuitiveness that allows users to do accounting for their businesses with limited knowledge of accounting. Equally important is the accounting software offers broader and easier integration with sources of accounting information such as the Internet. Also, users can automate key accounting functions such as payroll creation and filing of tax returns.

Most Popular Small Business Finance Software

QuickBooks Desktop Premier

5/5 Product Rating

QuickBooks Desktop Premier is the popular accounting software. The software features an intuitive yet simple to use layout which ensures that even people with a weak background in accounting can use the software to carry out various accounting functions. The software is outfitted with detailed tutorials on creating invoices, recording transactions and many other accounting functions. A centralized accounts organization system ensures that you save substantial amounts of time for the user. You can even download online banking transactions into the software.

This version of QuickBooks features new additions such as email capabilities, an Income Tracker feature for showing who has paid and who has not, and improved bank feeds. With this software, you can keep track of bounced checks. QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced Payroll can help you create paychecks and print them instantly. Additionally, this software can automatically file tax reforms on your behalf in addition to calculating federal and state payroll taxes.

  • The software is quite user friendly
  • QuickBooks is very efficient for filing payroll tax forms
  • This version is a substantial improvement over earlier versions
  • The program is very intuitive, hence enjoyable to use
  • This version incorporates various additional features such as email capabilities, which enhance its usefulness

Best Overall Small Business Finance Software


4.8/5 Product Rating

Sage version retains the benefits of previous fashions and improves on their limitations through additional features. Targeted primarily at home based businesses, the program allows users to organize their finances in a centralized manner. The software creates categories for various expenses within a small business. Consequently, as a user, you can keep track of your cash flows. Additional features in this version of Sage include ability to display profit and loss at a glance. This gives you a snapshot of how things are going in your business over time. Additionally, you can create invoices and estimates that look professional in a very easy way.

The software can also act as a great budgeting tool because it allows you to see constant record of various budget categories. Other intuitive features allow you to keep track and manage your debt. Equally important is that the software allows easier customization to suit your specific viewing needs.

  • Sage is very easy to install and set up
  • The software features many powerful tools for accounting tasks
  • Upgrading to this version helps fix issues that bugs encountered when using earlier versions
  • This software features a simple layout that is substantially user-friendly in comparison to earlier versions
  • The program is a more appropriate choice for small business, as opposed to other softwares, which is both expensive and more appropriate for medium-sized and big businesses

Best Budget Small Business Finance Software

QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced

4.7/5 Product Rating

QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced is the latest version of QuickBooks designed for PC users. Principally, the software lets businesses organize their finances in a centralized fashion, allowing for easier access and better time efficiency. This software product is for 3 users, a single user version is also available for a fraction of the cost. QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced prides itself in having an easy set-up and a short learning curve, even for users unfamiliar with QuickBooks. In part, this is aided in the software having elaborate guides on how to record various accounting items. Using this program, you can create invoices, get reliable records for tax purposes, and allow management of expenses with relative ease.

Enhanced user experience is achieved through compatibility with files that commonly contain useful data for accounting and payroll management. For instance, you can load spreadsheets and contacts directly into the software. In many ways, this software offers the benefits of its Mac version with regard to features. However, it is especially designed to maximize usability on the PC platform by allowing users to add reminders and synchronize contacts with address book.

  • The software is easy to set-up and use
  • Upgradation is possible without a hassle
  • The software is highly effective as an accounting tool for small businesses
  • This version highly similar to the previous in layout, hence ensuring an easy transition from previous versions
  • The software features notable improvements over the previous version

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