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Best Snow Blower

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Snow Blower Reviews

If you live in a region of the country where you receive yearly snows, snow blowing is an essential task every winter. With the weather patterns bringing in more storms and stronger storms investing in a high quality snow blower can save you the time and money it takes to hire someone to clear your sidewalks and driveways after each storm. There are many different brands and styles of snow blowers. This can make selecting the right blower for your home needs a challenge. We have gathered the best snow blowers that complete the task quickly and efficiently at prices you can live with.

Most Popular Snow Blower

Snow Joe

5/5 Product Rating

The Snow Joe Powered Electric snow blower is big enough to get the job done, when the next snow storm comes through. The 720 lbs/minute Snow Joe engine is powerful enough to move snow and clear a driveway or sidewalk in no time. The Snow Joe Powered-Electric snow blower has a 18″ clearing width along with 10″ clearing depth. It can be used on various surfaces including concrete, dirt, gravel and ice. The 12″ serrated all steel augers pull snow into the blower. The blower chute has a directional control and throws snow further and faster than most blowers. Alter the height of the depth clearing to match weather conditions. There are 4 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds that will accommodate most any storm that Mother Nature sends your way. The Snow Joe Powered-Electric snow blower has a push button start. Often in cold weather recoil starters are difficult to start. The electric start allows you to start the snow blower with the push of a button, regardless of how cold it is outside. The Snow Joe Power Smart snow blower has a 2 year limited warranty.

  • 720 lbs/minute plowing capacity
  • 4 Forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds
  • Push button electric start
  • 18″ width clearing and 10″ depth clearing
  • 2 Year limited warranty

Best Overall Snow Blower


4.8/5 Product Rating

The Earthwise 16 inch Electric Blower is made by Earthwise, the number one brand in America. This electric snow blower has the power of a gas blower without the weight and maintenance. It only weighs 19 pounds making it light to move around from place to place. The 9 amp electric motor is made with patented Power Curve Technology which allows you to move more snow in less time than standard electric models. It also virtually eliminates clogging. The Earthwise Electric Blower cleans all the way down to the sidewalk in one pass. It is 16″ wide and goes down 8″ deep and has the ability to move 300 pounds of snow a minute. It also has a blower chute that can be moved 160 degrees. This allows you to direct the snow out of the way in nearly any direction. The full bail ergonomic handle makes leveraging the snow blower and holding a firm grip on the handle easy. The Earthwise-10-Inch-Electric-Blower comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • 9 Amp electric motor with Power Curve Technology
  • Lightweight blower is only 19 pounds
  • 16″ width clearing and 8″ depth clearing
  • Ergonomic handle for easy control
  • 2 Year warranty

Best Budget Snow Blower


4.3/5 Product Rating

The EJWOX corded Snow Thrower is a 9 amp electric snow blower. It can clear a width of 16″ in one pass and has a depth clearing of 6 inches. The EJWOX-Corded-Snow-Thrower has the ability to blow up to 700 pounds of snow per minute. The stainless steel blades offer high quality clearing and long lasting design. This environmentally friendly snow blower has a one touch start and weighs only 22.40 pounds. It is easy to move from place to place. The design includes 6 inch wheels for easy use and transporting. The blowing chute can be moved 180 degrees which allows you to determine the direction the snow is blown. It can blow the snow up to 20 feet away from the path you are clearing. The EJWOX-Corded-Snow-Thrower includes a cord lock that makes it simple to connect an extension cord. This is a built in convenience that will be noticed if you get far from an outlet.

  • 9 Amp electric blower
  • Blows 700 pounds of snow per minute
  • 16″ inch width clearing and 6″ inch depth clearing
  • 180 degree chute radius with a one touch start
  • Lightweight blower is only 22.40 pounds

Snow Blower Buying Guide

Snow Blower 4

Shovelling the driveway has always been one of the most dreaded but guaranteed chores the moment the snow starts falling. Fortunately, the genius inventors have thought of an alternative to shovelling snow that requires minimal physical strength. The invention, the snow blower, has proven itself highly efficient in removing snow. It really is a great investment and a person would do well to buy one that would last several winters. In buying the perfect snow blower, here are certain things that a person should be aware of.

Things to Consider

The Total Size of the Area

This is the most obvious thing that a person should be aware of. Most of the snow blowers have certain degree of power with the higher level resulting to a longer distance it can blow away the snow. What a person should do first is check the size of the area, know which parts are affected by snowfall, and measure the area in its entirety. This would make it easier for the person to know the range of power the snow blower should have.

The Kind of Snow Falling

In addition, the kind of snow that falls and lands on the area affects the efficiency and effectiveness of a snow blower. Some snow blowers are capable of only minimal power range, resulting to a failure to blow away the heavy, wet kind. It would also be impractical to buy a high-powered snow blower when the only kind of snow that falls is the fluffy type.

The Different Kinds of Snow Blowers

Just like all other equipment, there is more than one kind of snow blowers. In fact, there are three basic kinds of snow blowers available today. These snow blowers are categorized mainly on how strong they are able to blow the snow away. There are maximum distances that each equipment can achieve.

Single-Staged Electric Snow Blower

The first kind of snow blower is the single-staged electric snow blower. This model is able to blow snow a maximum distance of 25 feet. Because of the distance, this snow blower is appropriate only for small driveways or small tasks. It is also exceedingly lightweight, therefore also making it easy to move around and maneuver.  In addition, it is easy to put it away anywhere as it is quite compact. When used, it only makes minimal noise, not enough to bother the neighbor. Seeing as its power source is electricity, fuel is not necessary to use it and the owner is not bothered with engine maintenance trifles.

However, the problem with this is that it is not suited for gravel driveway snow clearing as the auger touches the ground. An auger is the part of the snow blower than leads the snow into a ejection chute. Moreover, its power can only manage snowfall of about 4 inches and only the light, fluffy kind.

Single-Staged Gas

The second kind of snow blower is the single-staged gas. This model can throw the snow 10 feet farther than the electric snow blower, giving a maximum distance of 35 feet. This model is great for small to medium sized driveways. Similar to the single-staged electric snow blower, it is also lightweight, only slightly heavier than the electric, making it easier to move about the place. It is also compact and can be put away anywhere. As it is stronger than the electric-based, it can clear snowfall of about eight inches, twice that of the electric

Additional work, however, is needed in using this. A person needs to have fuel at hand to use it and to ensure that engine is fine through repairs and maintenance. Despite its increased power, it still cannot handle the wet, heavy snow or even gravel driveways.

Snow Blower 3

Two-Staged Gas

The last kind of snow blower is the two-staged gas. Its power could blow snow away of a distance of 50 feet. As it is pushed by engine-driven wheels, it is harder to maneuver. Unlike the first two models, this one is apt for steep inclines and gravel driveways. It is quite powerful and can manage snowfall of more than eight inches. Another advantage of this model is that it can handle the heavy and wet snow. The problem with this is that regular maintenance of its engine is a requirement. It is also quite heavy and burdensome to store away as it is also large and bulky. Finally, in terms of prices, it is significantly more expensive to purchase the two-staged gas rather than the single-staged gas or electric.

The Add-Ons and Other Features Offered

There are a lot of features that a snow blower could have. Though it is tempting to get the snow blower with the most number if features, it would be better for the person to ask himself whether he would really be needing and actually using the extra improvement. It should also not come as a surprise that the price of the snow blower increases with every additional feature.

One of the most common features is the electric starter. This add-on permits the person to plug an fitting GFI three prong power receptacle for the engine to start. This is a better alternative to employing the manual recoil starter.

The tires of the snow blower could also affects the usage of the equipment in terms of steering. The large the tires, the easier it is to steer the snow blower. Larger tires also give better traction. In addition, Power steering is also helps the user maneuver better the snow blower, though this feature is exclusive to the heavier type of two-staged gas snow blowers.

There are also some models that have speed controls. This feature permits the user to control and choose the pace of the machine, whether going forward or reversing.

For additional comfort, some models have heated grips or handle bars. There are some days that gloves are not enough to keep the hands warm. This is where the heated grips are come in. They keep the hands warm, offering additional comfort to the user while he works on removing the snow.

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