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Best Soccer Goalie Glove

Soccer Goalie Glove

Soccer Goalie Glove Reviews

When you are a goalie, you need protection for your hands. The goalie is required to keep the other team from scoring and while protecting the goal their hands pay the price. If you have the best goalie glove you will be protecting your hands from the fierce speeds of the soccer ball. The following reviews provide the best protection for your hands by providing top quality gloves that get the job done during both practice and games.

Most Popular Soccer Goalie Glove

Select 99

5/5 Product Rating

The Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper Glove is a great goalie glove to protect your hands during soccer games. This goalie glove comes in size 7 to size 11 to gives you the ultimate fit. This Professional Match glove has a newly developed Anatomical Fit System that provides you an amazing fit especially in the area around the edge of the hand. The Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper Glove has Ventilation/Cooling airflow in the fingers. The soccer goalie glove is made of Soft Contact Latex, which gives you perfect grip in all weather conditions. There is also a thin layer of fabric on the inside of the glove that will give you great mobility in the fingers. This soccer goalie glove is guaranteed to protect your hands in many different situations. The Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper offers supreme protection to your fingers and palm.

  • Ranges from size 7 to 11
  • Anatomical Fit System
  • Ventilation/Cooling airflow in fingers
  • Made of Soft Contact foam
  • Thin layer of fabric inside the glove

Best Overall Soccer Goalie Glove

Reusch Prisma

4.8/5 Product Rating

The ReuschXosa Pro X1 Ortho Tec Glove is a great glove to have during any soccer game or practice. This soccer goalie glove comes in three different sizes ranging from size 8 to size 11. The palm of the glove is made with X1 Wet ‘n Dry foam and is the latest perfect all-weather palm. So whether you are wearing it in dry or wet weather your hands will stay dry. The X1 foam offers the ultimate grip combined with outstanding qualities under numerous field conditions. The backhand of the glove is made of Super Softi foam. The embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. The new wider latex wrist bandage gives the goalie a better fit and more control. The ReuschXosa Pro X1 Ortho Tec Glove provides the goalie with the optimal fit. The catching zone provided by our revolutionary Expanse Cut ESS uses a pattern that helps the fingers to be pre-splayed. The patented two-piece dual density Ortho-Tec stays are removable in all fingers and the thumb.

  • Three different sizes available
  • X1 Wet ‘n Dry foam
  • Backhand of the glove made of Super Softi foam
  • Wider latex wrist bandage
  • Expanse Cut ESS

Best Budget Soccer Goalie Glove

Reusch Supreme G3

4.6/5 Product Rating

The Reusch Supreme G3 Ortho-Tec Gloves are a purchase worth making. This soccer goalie glove is offered in sizes ranging from size 8 to size 11 allowing the glove to fit perfectly. The G3 Quad Grip is one of the newest foams on the market and is especially built for dry conditions indoor and outside. The backhand of the goalie glove is made of Soft PVC. The embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. The new wider latex wrist bandage gives the goalie a better fit with more control. The Reusch Supreme G3 Ortho-Tec Gloves offer the goalie the ultimate fit with a catching zone that uses the Expanse Cut ESS pattern to help the fingers be pre-splayed Rolled thumb construction. The combination of good grip and high abrasion resistance makes this palm material the right choice for playing on artificial turf and hard ground fields. The Air vent System uses highly breathable air mesh material ensures optimal air circulation within the glove.

  • Sizes range from 8-11
  • G3 Quad Grip foam
  • Backhand made of Soft PVC
  • Wide latex wrist bandage
  • Expanse Cut ESS pattern

Soccer Goalie Glove Buying Guide

Soccer Goalie Glove 12

Gloves are the goalkeeper’s best friend. They are the most important equipment for the keeper. Having the right pair of gloves can make or break a game. It could give you the perfect save or just be praised for your effort in inevitably letting the ball pass from your grasp. Soccer goalie gloves give you a better grip of the ball, provide protection and cushion to your hands, and of course help you in blocking, catching and punching the ball. The gloves are usually made from a mix of synthetic and natural foams. Some goalie gloves are better fit on artificial grass; others are great for real grass, in heavy elements like rain, at the pro leagues or at a beginner level.

With everything that was discussed so far, it would seem that this type of equipment is complicated. Good thing that this guide is made just for choosing the perfect pair of gloves for your hands. We would also be talking about taking care of those gloves to provide some after-sales support.

Factors to Consider When buying Soccer Goalie Glove

First off, we need to find out the different components of soccer goalie gloves. This would help you get a better grasp at how they work and also definitely help you on which pair of gloves to get to perfectly block that ball rushing to the goal.


Let’s talk about the backhand first. This is the part of the glove that provides protection whenever you hit the ball with your fist. The glove’s body and fingers usually connect the palm and the backhand, just like how it is with our human hands. The composition of the backhand is actually something to consider in the cost of the glove. Single layer gloves are cheaper, while gloves that have latex backhands are the best gloves with a premium price.


Next is the palm. The palm of the goalie’s glove, together with the fingers, helps you in catching the ball. These gloves are made with a good grip. Upper-level gloves have a strong grip and the palm is made of top grade materials. The different types of palm include dimpled, smooth and textured. Gloves that are better suited for practice are the textured or dimpled ones.


Third one is the closure. When we talk about the closure, it’s how the soccer goalie gloves gets off and on your hand. It is about how the glove would stay at your hand despite the strong pressure from the ball and from your hands. The two most common types of closures are the hook and loop. These feature and elastic flap that can adjust and be used to adjust how tight your glove is holding your hands. Another form of closure is the V-notch, which has a vented (therefore the name V-notch) opening to keep your hands ventilated. Elastic closures that wraps securely on the wrist like a medical bandage are called bandage closures. Bandage closures give you the best support in how it fits your wrist, so some goalies stray away from bandage closures because of its restrictive nature.

Fingers of the Gloves

The last one is fairly obvious, which are the fingers of the gloves. These are an important part of the glove because you would be using them in catching the ball. Fingers can differ on how tight or loose the glove is. Some players prefer a tighter and more fitted glove because it provides control and security in catching the ball, and the others want to play using a looser glove for more space in moving their fingers.

Cut of the Glove

The next thing in the list would be the cut of the glove. The cut refers to how the soccer goalie gloves are constructed, specifically on the palm. Let’s go ahead and talk about the different cuts.

Soccer Goalie Glove 1

Different Cuts

Flat One

First is the flat one. This is the traditional cut of a goalkeeper’s glove. It consists of a single flat foam on the palm. Flat palmed gloves offer a loose fit and are boxy in shape.

Rolled Cut

The next one is the rolled cut. Rolled cut palms have rolled fingers, with the seams on their back being the cause of the fingers rolling. This type of cut gives the goalie a comfortable fit and provides a bigger area for catching the ball.

Negative Gloves

The third is the negative. Cool name, huh? With negative gloves, the seams are inside the glove, which explains the name because the seams are usually outside. They are the most comfortable fit of all the cuts available, and is ideal for goalies with slimmer hands. We would not want any broken fingers during the match, do we?

Hybrid Cut

The last one is a hybrid cut. This could either be combination of a rolled cut with a choice of a flat or negative cut.

We would not be talking about the size of the glove because the best way to figure out if it fits you is by trying it on. Therefore it would be good to buy one in a sporting goods store. If you are planning to buy online, the websites that sell soccer goalie gloves provide sizing options to make sure you get the proper fit. It is best to make sure to check if they can send you two sizes and then return the one that does not fit you.

The best way to make sure that the soccer goalie gloves you buy would last is to have two pairs of gloves. One for training and the other one for your matches. This would prevent wearing out your match glove during practice, and if ever the match glove malfunctions in the middle of the match, you would be able to have your trusty practice gloves handy for your victory. It is also recommended to avail of a glove wash, because these are gentler and are a better fit of a formula than the usual detergents. Which would help in keeping your gloves clean and free from that unpleasant odor.


Getting the perfect soccer goalie gloves depend on how you play. Consider what type of goalkeeper you are and check in the list of the type of cuts that are offered in this guide. Are you a more of a controlled keeper or do you prefer more freedom of movement with your fingers? Put these things into consideration and you will be able to get that perfect glove that would aid you in getting those awesome saves.

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