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Best Soccer Shin Guard

Soccer Shin Guard

Soccer Shin Guard Reviews

When playing any sport you need the proper equipment that will keep you safe. Shin guards protect your legs as you play soccer. Since Soccer is a contact sport, especially using feet and legs, having a good quality shin guard that will be comfortable, stay in place and protect your legs will prevent injuries. Today sports are very competitive and injuries are seen in even the youngest of players. Wearing good quality gear will reduce injuries and allow you to play the sport safely. We have evaluated and selected the best shin guards that will provide a comfortable fit and strong protection for your body, while playing soccer.

Most Popular Soccer Shin Guard


5/5 Product Rating

The Adidas Club Shin Guard is a product that is sure to protect you while playing soccer. These shin guards are an optimized fit. Over 90,000 shins were measured globally in order for these shin guards to be perfect for one size range. The shin guards will not interfere with your performance due to the lightweight shield with ideal fit to the leg. The Adidas Club Shin Guard has a single-strap closure with ankle sock for adjustable guard width and ankle protection. The shin guard has EVA backing material that provides soft and durable cushioning next to the skin. This makes the shin guards comfortable to wear. The EVA backing material is padded and ventilated allowing your legs to breathe while playing. The Adidas Club Shin Guard also has a soft synthetic lining for high comfort. With the synthetic lining you will be protected while performing at your best.

  • Measured globally to be the perfect one size
  • Lightweight
  • Single strap closure with ankle sock
  • Soft and durable cushioning
  • EVA backing material for comfort

Best Overall Soccer Shin Guard

Champion Sports

4.8/5 Product Rating

The Champion Sports Youth Sock Style Soccer Shinguards are stylish and can come in black or white, which allows you to match your team colors. These shin guards also come in different sizes based on age. The shin guards allow ages four to ten to be protected while playing the game. The sock includes a removable high impact EVA foam shin guard that slides into the sock. The EVA feature allows your shins to be padded while allowing your legs ventilation to breathe. This shin guard also features a built-in ankle protector for added protection. The Champion Sports Youth Sock Style Soccer Shin guards are machine washable. Instead of having smelly equipment lying around you can throw these shin guards in the wash and have them smelling like new. Your child is sure to feel safe and protected while wearing these comfortable shin guards.

  • Come in black or white
  • Different sizes available depending on your age
  • Removable EVA shin guard
  • Ankle protector
  • Sock is Machine washable

Best Budget Soccer Shin Guard

adidas adi

4.6/5 Product Rating

The Adidas adi Club Soccer Shin Guard comes in either black/white or diva/white. With the different color options you will easily be able to wear shin guards that match your uniform. They have a single-strap front closure plus a fixed ankle sock. The shin guards are adjustable with width and ankle protection. The Adidas adi Club Soccer Shin Guard has a soft synthetic lining that provides comfort and increases the life of the shin guard. The soft interior creates a comfortable fit against the skin and the hard exterior shellprovides protection. The shin guards have a highly protective front plate and with the Guard O Axation the guard will stay in place. The EVA feature allows the shin guards to be soft and durable with a cushioning back material. The Adidas adi Club Soccer Shin Guard offers you protection enabling you to run and kick while staying protected.

  • Two different colors available
  • Fixed ankle sock
  • Soft synthetic lining
  • Hard shell
  • Guard O Axation that allows the shin guard to stay in place

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