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Best Soil Test Kit

Soil Test Kit 4

Soil Test Kit Reviews

A lot of people start planting and gardening without really taking the time to test their soil. Many have overlooked the importance of this simple yet essential step. The truth is, the use of a soil test kit can dramatically improve your garden. A soil test kit is used to accurately determine the balance of alkalinity and the acidity of your soil as well as the quantities of the nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. In fact, many horticulturists openly agree that soil testing is one of the most important investments you will make. With the availability of home kits for soil testing, you don’t have to hire a professional to conduct the test as you can do it yourself at a fraction of the cost. By taking the time to determine the acid-to-alkaline pH balance, you will be able to determine what specific plants are able to absorb your fertilizers well and if they are getting the nutrients they require for growing and proliferating.

Most Popular Soil Test Kit

Environmental Concepts

5/5 Product Rating

For advanced gardeners and professionals who want to take their planting and gardening prowess to the next level, this soil test kit from Luster Leaf is specifically designed for professional and commercial use.

The product comes with a sturdy plastic case for maximum protection. It also includes a comprehensive booklet to help you perform the process accurately as well as interpret the results to your best advantage.

This kit offers a quick, accurate and simple inexpensive alternative to hiring a professional soil tester. Instead of wasting your money with fertilizers that may not be properly absorbed by your plants, you can be sure all the nutrients are maximized and minimize having your money go down the drain.

  • Easily and accurately determines deficiencies in soil
  • Affordable alternative to professional soil testing
  • Generate results in minutes
  • Very useful
  • Very compact and user-friendly

Best Overall Soil Test Kit

Luster Leaf 1601

4.9/5 Product Rating

The RapiTest Soil Test is manufactured and distributed by Luster Leaf Products, Inc. This kit is specifically designed to offer a simple, easy to use and highly accurate test that even beginners and homeowners can use.

It can be conducted on over 450 plants for gardens, homes and yards. It features a device called the color comparators, with one indicator for each of the following: potash, phosphorus, pH and nitrogen. The kit is color coded and comes complete with a color chart. This soil test kit is designed to allow you to grow and enjoy abundant flowers, greener lawns and bigger yield on fruits and vegetables.

The kit includes 10 individual tests and can be conducted following three simple processes. The charts are also designed to be waterproof and come with complete instructions on how you can adjust your soil condition and proper fertilization.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Ideal for amateur gardeners
  • Comes with comprehensive instructions in layman’s terms
  • Fast order processing and shipping

Best Budget Soil Test Kit

Luster Leaf Rapitest

4.7/5 Product Rating

This soil tester from Luster Leaf features five easy to use coded testing tubes along with a color comparing chart designed to help you accurately determine the pH balance of your soil. The kit includes 4 test kits for pH balance, 2 for phosphorus, 2 for nitrogen and 2 for potash carded.

Packaged with easy to understand instructions, color coded design; any amateur gardener can easily understand and interpret the test results without professional assistance. Now you can easily test your soil and look forward to better yield and more lush lawns with this simple and affordable test kit.

Whether you are planning to grow some turf, plant vegetables or flowers, this is the soil test kit you need to easily determine how you can effectively use your fertilizers to grow your garden.

Know exactly what your soil needs are to support your plants and vegetables and look forward to better results that will impress your family and friends.

  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to interpret soil sample results to determine pH balance of soil
  • Ideal for home gardeners and those who plan to prepare soil and perform composting
  • Cost effective
  • Accurately pinpoints deficiencies in soil

Soil Test Kit Buying Guide

Soil Test Kit 1

Both amateurs and those skilled in making a living from the commodities grown on the land benefit from ensuring that the soil in which they grow their plants and crops are fully fortified and contain all of the required elements for growing healthy plants. While some believe that fertilization and weed control are adequate, others understand that testing the soil is important for ensuring that the very best conditions exist for growing healthy plants.

There are many different soil testing kits available on the market and choosing the best soil tester can leave some wondering where to begin. This guide is prepared to help you to know why soil testing is important, which tests should be conducted, and what to look for when choosing the right soil tester.

Why Soil Testing Is Important

Have you ever grown garden plants that appear healthy but have thrown their fruit prior to reaching maturation? This can be frustrating, but there are ways to avoid this happening. There is nothing more disheartening than watching a plant wither away and die, or to fail to produce the lovely blooms or healthy fruit that you have anticipated since planting the seeds in the ground.

Not all soil is in the optimal condition for growing healthy plants. There are several reasons why soil may not be suitable without conditioning. Some crops delete the nitrogen supply and other important nutrients found within healthy soil. The soil may have been over fertilized, creating an environment in which the plants may grow too fast and become more vulnerable to disease. Soil testing can measure the ph levels in the soil along with a variety of other characteristics that will tell you if the soil needs treatment to bring it into alignment with the types of plants that you intend to grow. It can also help you to determine which plants would thrive in the environment and when it is time to fertilize. The only way that you will be able to distinguish the condition of the soil is through accurate soil testing.

Soil Traits That Are to Be Tested

Regular soil testing

It is recommended, but testing for the right things is vital. One of the most important things that you need to know about your soil is the pH level. The pH levels affect how well certain plants do in a given environment. This is measured in numbers from one to fourteen. For this test, levels under 7 are acidic and above 7, alkaline. When the soil is too acidic it can actually prevent plants from absorbing the nutrients that are found within the soil.


It is determined through two measurements tested. These are electrical conductivity also known as EC, which refers to the amount of nutrients that are present within the soil, and TDS which stands for total dissolved solids which measures the amount of fertilizer that exists in the soil. This is how growers determine how much fertilizer is needed.

Soil temperature

This is important when sowing certain seeds. Some seeds require specific soil temperature ranges to successfully germinate and emerge into plants. The depth of the measurement taken with regard to the depth that the seeds should be planted is vital. It is important that the soil is tested at consistent depths to get accurate results.

Soil Test Kit 3

Different Types of Soil Testers Available

In addition to a wide variety of brands that are on the market, there is a selection of soil testing types. The differing types of tests include those for measuring pH levels in the soil through the use of a soil pH meter.

Other meters that are designed to test light and moisture levels are also available. Soil testers may be sold in kits or as individual tests that contain as many as four individual soil testers. It is recommended that you test all of the components of the soil initially, and that at a minimum, the pH levels are tested on a regular basis. If you were to select one test to complete, the pH would be the most important.

What to look for in soil testers

If you are unfamiliar with soil testing, the best types of soil testers to begin with are kits that include helpful instructions on their use and care when storing. These tests will also need to be calibrated with the correct solution. Testing kits that include a manual that describes how to properly calibrate the tests will help you to achieve the most accurate results. If tests are not done correctly, the information that you obtain can result in either under fertilizing or over fertilizing the soil. This can interfere with the quality of the plants that are produced.

For confidence in choosing the most reliable brands, it is worth a few moments of your time to peruse the available online customer reviews prior to purchasing. Consumers who have purchased and used these products describe their personal experiences with them and this can help to give you an idea of which brands will provide you with the best results.


Soil testers are important for anyone who wishes to ensure that the soil they will use is ready for the type of plants that are to be grown. By conducting a few simple tests, you will gain the knowledge of what, if anything needs to be done to condition the soil so it is adequate to provide the nurturance of healthy plants. This can mean the difference in plants that will thrive and produce quality flowers, fruits or vegetables, and those that may fail to grow or appear weak and sickly.

There are four main tests that should be conducted, but if you elect to choose only one, the pH testing is the most important. If the soil is either too acidic or too alkaline, certain plants may not survive in the environment. Prior to purchasing any soil tester, it is recommended that you browse through the many online customer reviews to find out what other people have to say about specific brands. This will help you to have an idea about which brands and types tend to be the most reliable.

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