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Best Speech Software

Speech Software Reviews

Speech Software Reviews

Speech recognition software programs are not just for people who can not type. They actually are much more accurate than tying and can be used much faster than pointing, clicking and typing. Speech recognition software isn’t just for writing documents either, you can operate virtually anything on your computer or through the web with commands. Some software provides additional options and may only work on specific operating systems so we reviewed the type versions and highlighted them for you below.

Most Popular Speech Software

Dragon Premium

5/5 Product Rating

This speech recognition software helps your productivity level get boosted by allowing you to use your voice to interact with your computer applications. When you speak the words performs those actions or get typed in documents. Typing with your own fingers is slower than this fast application and also it is 99 percent accurate so writing and editing documents, presentations and eMails can be accomplished efficiently. You can control programs and websites and perform all necessary windows commands with your voice.

  • Volume control
  • Transcribe the recorded files into text on your PC
  • Editing and correction options
  • Fast output, Smart formatting Rules
  • Uses natural sounding speech to text controls

Best Overall Speech Software

Dragon Mac

4.9/5 Product Rating

You can work accurately with no typing. Dragon Mac help your productivity. This version is made for the Mac and it allows you to create or manipulate documents by using your voice. Voice activate your application, surf the web, send eMails and do everything else you need to do on your computer with voice programed or custom voice commands. The neat thing about this version is that you can also use your iPod of iPhone as a microphone.

  • Improved Accuracy
  • Fast, Advanced Correction
  • Control of More Applications
  • Transcription of Speech Recordings
  • For MAC

Best Budget Speech Software

Dragon Home

4.8/5 Product Rating

The newest version lets you turn talk to text with a new level of convenience and creativity. By interacting with your PC with your voice, the software recognizes your spoken words and follows your verbal commands. You can control your PC applications and create documents, surf the web, etc. It is very easy to use and is also fun. The software is accurate and surprising can be used faster than typing. If Dragon is installed on your computer that has 4gb ram or more it will use the appropriate model for your system and possible deliver better performance. It will also make corrections in your dictated work.

  • Editing and correction options
  • Fast output
  • Smart formatting Rules
  • Uses natural sounding speech to text controls
  • Volume control

Speech Software Buying Guide

Speech Software Lady

Factors to Consider

The mind could move faster than the body. It is for this reason that some people who are quick thinkers end up losing their thread of thoughts when they need to write or, in this case, type it down. The body, specifically the hands, cannot keep up with the thought process of the mind and could end up drawing a blank or forgetting how the end of the sentence would go. This is where speech software enters.

1. Understand First What the Program Is Capable Of and If It Is Really Needed

Users of speech software are required to speak in their normal voice at a moderate speed. The computer would then convert the sound waves they receive and turn these into texts. There is also a feature where users could make the software dictate the words it received; this is to make sure that what the person said and what the computer received are the same. Users could also edit the document and make the necessary corrections, all while using the speech software.

Just like in Excel, speech software also has macros, called voice macros. This is a feature where the user could create word associations or input information. He could then say, “insert” and follow it with a certain set of word information. For example, he needs to put his home address multiple times. He would first create macros with the topic home address and then input the complete information adjacent it. In using the macros, he would simple say “insert home address” and the program would type the called information.

The speech software is not limited to converting words into texts. It could also be used for system command. The user could use it to do trivial things such as open, create or delete files, search for documents, close running programs, and the likes.

2. Know How Accurate a Speech Program Could Capture the Sounds It Receives

The speech software compares the sounds it receives from the users with the acoustic profile in its memory file. When it has found a match, whether it is the correct word or a word that only closely resembles it, the program would then convert the sounds into text. More often than not, speech programs contain only the basic vocabulary and operating considerations that would permit it to accommodate a number of speech accents and styles.

In choosing a speech program, make sure that the vocabulary memory file of the software could be expanded to add new words. Some speech software adapt ovser the time they are used and become tuned with the way the user speaks and with the words he would regularly use. These types of software usually give an average of 95% hit accuracy. There are also those, which could scan existing files and documents, especially the professional sounding ones, and would include the words to the set of learned vocabulary.

Speech Software  Cortana

3. Make Sure That There Is Compatibility With The Speech Software

Users should never buy speech software without checking first whether the program is compatible with the applications already installed and used for work. It is also good to note that compatibility of the program with the application does not necessarily translate to a high level of control. This level would often vary depending on the program.

For users who often do the same tasks over and over again, speech software would be a wise investment. The program could remember what is done often and could save the entire procedure for ease of the user; it could automatically perform the tasks upon recognition, thus saving a lot of time. An example of this is when a person has to type the same pieces of information in several forms.

The more complex the prior applications are, the harder it would be to employ the aid of the speech software. People whose work involve different non-repeating tasks would find that the speech software could be a source of problem. When using speech software, a person should keep in mind that complicated tasks would only consume too much time.

4. The Power of the Computer Being Used Also Affects Speech Programs.

Speech programs may sound like a simple application, but they have a rather strict set of minimum system requirements. The software may not work properly or not at all when it finds the system of the computer lacking. The user may even be forced to upgrade his system just so he could take advantage of all the features of continuous speech recognition offered.

5. Inspect Past Purchases First To See Whether A Speech Program Is Already Included

In the world of technology, almost everything comes in a package. No product now could fully function without an additional component, a booster, an aid, or even an entirely different product. Software accompanies other software, hardware, and other technologies. Hidden in the past purchases may be speech software the user is not aware. It would be a complete waste of time to buy speech software and realize that there is already an existing one included in the previous applications, just waiting to be used.

A lot of the personal computers being sold today have their own built-in speech recognition capabilities, making it unnecessary to purchases a separate package. There is also a number of software that have a compiled set up programs within them, a software that contains software. It would be a really wise move to know first whether a speech program is included in another program one plans on buying in the future.

6.Test-Drive The Software. Practical Is Better Than Theory at This Point.

Regardless of how well a software seems to be or how great the sales representative is in pitching the program, it would only be as good as it actually is when used. The buyer should therefore ask first whether he could try the program. Some speech programs may have a lot of features but these features could work only as an entry-level type. The user would therefore be better off purchasing the program with less but full functioning features than the program with a large range of entry level features.

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