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Best Steam Cleaners

As consumers are looking for ways to clean their homes in an environmentally conscious way, stream cleaners have become very popular. Cleaning with steam provides a powerful cleaning tool that does not use harsh chemicals. The units will clean, deodorize and sanitize surfaces with only hot steam. The units also have the power to remove stuck on grime and grease, remove stains, and clean nearly any hard surface.

With the steam cleaners becoming more and more popular, companies are producing steamers with varying degrees of quality. Cutting through the hype of which ones are well made and which ones will not last, can be a challenge. We have selected the best steamers on the market, to simplify the buying process.




  • 1500 Watts of power
  • 10 Accessory attachments included with storage compartment
  • Steams, sanitizes and deodorizes without harsh chemicals
  • 50 Ounce Water tank for an hour’s use of full steam
  • Water heats to 200 degrees F

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The McCulloch-MC-1275-Heavy-Duty-Steam-Cleaner has 1500 watts of power to clean and sanitize without harsh chemicals. The 50 ounce water tank provides enough steam for about an hour’s worth of full nozzle steam. In reality because cleaning requires steaming and then wiping, it will last from 2 to 3 hours of standard cleaning. The McCulloch-MC-1275-Heavy-Duty-Steam-Cleaner removes grease and grime, cleans grout, and removes odors from upholstery. Whether you are cleaning the car, the BBQ grill, or kitchen floors and bathrooms, this stream cleaner will get the job done. Simply fill the 50 ounce water tank and wait until the ready light comes on. This lets you know when the water has been heated and pressurized. There are 10 attachments including a mop head and washable pads, a jet nozzle, extension wands, and a utility brush. There is a storage caddy which stores all the accessories. The McCulloch-MC-1275-Heavy-Duty-Steam-Cleaner has caster wheels, which makes it easy to move the machine from job to job. The 12 foot cord and long hose make it easy to get into the smaller hard to reach places to clean. Water is heated to over 200 degrees F, which enables you to both clean and sanitize.




  • 1500 Watts of power
  • 48 Ounce water reservoir for 45 minutes of continuous use
  • Water heats to 135 degrees F
  • I Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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The Wagner-915-500-Watt-On-Demand-Steamer comes with 1500 watts of power and a 48 ounce water tank. This gives you enough water and power to clean and sanitize most any area of the house or garage. The Wagner-915-500-Watt-On-Demand-Steamer also comes with a wall paper removal attachment. This reduces the amount of time needed to remove wallpaper. The unit kills bacteria and sanitizes surfaces without the use of chemicals and heats to 135 degrees. There is an option of using continuous steam or intermittent steam, depending on the job. The Wagner-915-500-Watt-On-Demand-Steamer comes with an 8 foot steam hose and 2 extension tubes, so reaching hard to get to places becomes easy. A mop head and window squeegee are also included for various household jobs. The unit is simple to use. Simply fill the tank and turn the unit on. A ready indicator light will come on when the water is heated and pressurized. The caster wheels make it easy to move from place to place. The Wagner-915-500-Watt-On-Demand-Steamer comes with a one year warranty.

DBTech-Multi-Purpose-Pressurized-Sanitizing steamer



  • 1050 Watts of power
  • 6 Ounce water tank
  • Heats up in 3 minutes and cleans continuously for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Handheld for easy mobility
  • Heats water up to 210 degrees F

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DBTech-Multi-Purpose-Pressurized-Sanitizing steamer

The DBTech-Multi-Purpose-Pressurized-Sanitizing steamer is a handheld steamer. For smaller jobs this handheld steamer is a great product. It holds up to 6 ounces of water and heats up in as little as 3 minutes. The DBTech-Multi-Purpose-Pressurized-Sanitizing steamer has 1050 watts of power and is powerful enough to clean tile and grout, stovetops and bathrooms, yet gentle enough to steam garments without having to hassle with an iron. The water heats up to 210 degrees F, and will get stains out of upholstery or clean blinds and drapes with ease. The 12 foot power cord and attachments makes any cleaning job easy. Included is a squeegee for cleaning windows, a bent and round brush and a long spray tube for getting to hard to reach places. Because the unit is handheld carrying it from job to job is easy and efficient. The DBTech-Multi-Purpose-Pressurized-Sanitizing steamer will clean and sanitize providing a chemical free way to clean your home, garage or even vehicles.

Steam Cleaner Buying Guide

Steam Cleaners Hand Held

Steam cleaners are handy, multi-purpose appliances that can eliminate dirt and grime from carpets, upholstery and even floors, glass windows and tiles using heat, high pressure steam and moisture. In addition they can remove allergens, molds, bacteria, viruses and dust mites and also refresh fabrics. Every home should have a steam cleaner. It would spare everybody of having to opt for external cleaning services and waiting downtime. For countries with winter, steam cleaners are ideal for spring cleaning. Because it uses heat, it’s more hygienic to use than ordinary mops.

What Are Steam Cleaners?

Steam cleaners are basically cleaning appliances. Because it uses steam, the area on contact quickly dries. Steam cleaners emit high-pressure steam that lifts unwanted stains. Very little water is used and temperatures range from 100-170 degrees Celsius. Due to their high heat, they are effective in killing bed bugs and dust mites and disinfect the surface at the same time without using harsh chemical detergents. Steam cleaners are therefore hypoallergenic to use. For better cleaning, vacuum the surface first.

Steam cleaners can be classified into three types: handheld, mop or cylinder. Handheld steam cleaners are the most compact among the three. They are portable and are best used for small-scale cleaning like tiles in walls, windows, upholstery and curtains. Mop steam cleaners are upright cleaners used primarily for cleaning floors. They have a larger water tank and can be used on tiles, laminate and wooden floors. Cylinder steam cleaners are the largest and heaviest of the three. They offer the longest steaming time but needs around 10-15 minutes to heat up. They are built with a long bendable hose, a handle and a nozzle where steam would come out.

Here Are Some Guidelines To Consider When Buying Steam Cleaners

The Type of Steam Cleaner You Need

First you have to consider your needs. What would you be using the steam cleaner for? Would it be for your carpets, floors, upholstery or kitchen? If you are having trouble cleaning, ask yourself what needs cleaning the most. Maybe your kitchen tiles and windows are grimy and dirty. In that case, a handheld steam cleaner would be the best. If you have a lot of dust mites and bed bugs, then a cylinder steam heater or a handheld one would be the best. Handheld steam cleaners are most useful for refreshing and cleaning grills, windows, mirrors, upholstery, hobs and ovens.

Mop Steam Cleaners– On the other hand are best for hard-sealed floors like tiles, linoleum, laminate and wood floors. It can also clean marble and stone floors and carpets well.

Cylinder Steam Cleaners – These are heavy duty cleaners that offer the longest steaming time. Although bulky, it can take the job of a mop steam cleaner or a handheld steam cleaner.

Consider your needs well. Also, think about the storage space each steam cleaner needs. Make sure to keep them away from children as the steam head can cause burns.

Weight, Water tank content, heating time and steaming time.

Steam-Cleaner on Grill

Handheld Steam Cleaners – This carry around 250 ml and offers around 8-10 minutes of continued steaming time per water tank content. That means, after 10 minutes of steaming, you have to let the handheld steamer cool down before refilling it. The instructions are always included in the manual upon purchase. Handheld steam cleaners take about 2 minutes to heat up and run on 900-1200 watts. The temperature does not exceed 150 degrees Celsius. Handheld steam cleaners are very portable and weigh only around 1-2 kilograms (roughly 2-4 pounds). They can also take the task of ironing wrinkled clothes or fabrics.

Mop Steam Cleaners – This carry around 250 to 500 ml and offers around 8-25 minutes of steaming time. Depending on the unit and manufacturer, mop steam cleaners take around 30 to 120 seconds (2 minutes) to heat up. The cord length is about 6-8 meters long. They run on 1200 to 1500 watts. It weighs around 2-3 kilograms. Some models offer variable steam control, meaning the user can specify how much steam comes out. Some manufacturers include a specially formulated detergent that can be mixed with into water tank. Make sure to purchase only the designated detergent to avoid clogging and build up. Mop steam cleaners with a V-shaped head can clean corners easily.

Cylinder Steam Cleaners It can carry around 1-2 liters of water and offer around 40 minutes of steaming time per tank. Because of its size and water capacity, it takes 10-15 minutes to heat up. It runs on at least 1500 watts and the cord length is about 6 meters long. Like the mop steam cleaner, some cylinder steam cleaners uses a specially formulated detergent.

Nozzle Attachments

Different nozzle attachments are included in the box of steam cleaners upon purchase. They will accomplish specified tasks easier. Here is list of different nozzle attachments and their uses:

Scrubbing Brushes – Each brush head have small holes where steam could pass through. These are suitable for cleaning stubborn grime and hardened accumulated dirt on tiles. They can also work for scrubbing away stained patches on carpets.

Squeegee – These are flat and smooth rubber blades that are used to clean glass specifically. Squeegees are not hard enough to scratch glass.

Scrubbing and Cleaning Pads – Cleaning pads are attachments on steam cleaners that are made from microfiber material that absorbs dust and dirt, unlike ordinary mops that just spread and push dirt away. They are washable and reusable. Cleaning pads are used best on hard surfaces. Scrubbing pads are a rougher version of cleaning pads for tougher grout and stains. Each unit model has its own kind of scrubbing and cleaning pad that can fit perfectly.

Steam Cleaner Ratings

Customers actually post their review of steam cleaners on their blogs or rate their purchase on a 1-5 star basis plus their comments and experience. Take time to research about certain steam cleaner brands and prepare to narrow it down around 3 options before visiting the home depot or appliance store. If the store allows it, test the unit before purchasing.

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