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Best Tax Software

Tax Software Review

Tax Software Reviews

Take the intimidation out of filing taxes with the latest tax software. There are many companies and many different levels of tax software available when it comes it filing taxes each year. Yet it is important to purchase tax software that you have confidence in. We have selected software that will make the correct calculations, provide all the necessary forms regardless of how complicated the return, have the technical support needed for any questions along the way and help you maximize your deductions. We have selected software companies that have strong industry reputations and provide comprehensive software. This ensures a safe an accurate return that you can have confidence in.

Most Popular Tax Software


5/5 Product Rating

The TurboTax-Deluxe-Efile-State-Refund tax software is easy to use and produces accurate, fast returns for less money than in person tax companies charge. Turbo Tax searches over 350 deductions and credits to get your taxes done right with the lowest taxes paid and the highest refund available. The program walks customers step by step through life events that impact taxes. This helps customers maximize their deductions. Turbo Tax offers live tech support for all tax software packages and has four levels on tax software from basic software for simple returns to complicated returns that include investments, rental property, and other non-standard income that complicate tax returns. Turbo Tax offers 100% accurate calculations and double checks returns running thousands of error checks to ensure the most accurate return possible. Turbo Tax offers state return paperwork for all 50 states and will import state information from the federal return saving tax filers the work of inputting information more than once. They also offer import features which will import the tax information from the previous year increasing accuracy and reducing errors.

  • Free Basic filing
  • 4 level of return software for accurate filing regardless of complexity
  • State refund accuracy for all 50 states importing information from federal returns
  • Live tech support included with software
  • Search over 350 deductions and credits getting taxes done right with 100% accurate calculations

Best Overall Tax Software


4.9/5 Product Rating

The TurboTax-Business-Fed-Efile-2019 tax return is complete business software for all your business tax filing needs. Get your personal and business taxes done right through the Turbo Tax software. The Business efile includes business software with all needed schedules and one state return selected from any of the 50 states. The downloadable software also includes 5 free efiles. The Turbo Tax software can be downloaded onto either a PC or a MAC computer providing instant access to the tax forms needed. Turbo Tax provides extra guidance to small businesses and self-employed filers. The software automatically double checks areas that might trigger an audit. Turbo Tax also offers audit support providing guidance in the event that the IRS does contact you. There is also guidance and support via online and telephone enabling customers to save money by completing taxes themselves, with the confidence of accurate filing. The new tax software has guides to help customers and small businesses work through the updates to the new healthcare laws and how that impacts their business tax picture.

  • Complete returns for small businesses and the self-employed
  • Double checks return and flags areas that may trigger an audit
  • Audit support in the event you are contacted by the IRS
  • Updated software covering all the new healthcare laws
  • Business return, state return and 5 free federal efiles with downloadable software

Best Budget Tax Software

H&R Block

4.7/5 Product Rating

The Block-Software-Deluxe-State-Download tax return is downloadable software that is available for both PC’s and MAC computers. The package purchase includes both the federal and the state returns for any of the 50 states for one low price. The step by step instructions guide you through life events and tax questions providing deductions and credits that create an accurate return regardless of your tax situation. The software includes 5 free federal e-files. This enables you to file taxes for your children as well as the family tax return. Four levels of software are available for all level of filers from basic, to deluxe to business filers. H&R Block offers worry free tech support for all levels of software providing the perfect mix between online and live telephone support for filers. With easy importing of W2’s this tax filing software is user friendly and allows customers to file taxes with confidence.

  • 5 Free federal e-filing returns
  • 4 Levels of downloadable tax return software
  • State tax filing is included with the federal return in 1 package
  • Live tech support with any downloaded software
  • Step by step guide walking tax filers through the return

Tax Software Buying Guide

Tax Software 3

9 Things To Look For in Buying a Tax Software

Doing your taxes can be a very ‘taxing’ job, so to speak. Thankfully, there are numerous tax software products available to aid you so you can just breeze through the tax season. These tax software products have been competing in the market for almost 25 years. This healthy competition is good for the consumers as this ensured high quality and innovative tax software products and provides constant improvement in the future. So which of these tax preparation software products is right for you? Below are the things that you have keep in mind in finding the tax preparation software that will fully cater to your needs.

1. The Tax Software Should Be Fit for Your Tax Situation

Tax situations vary from simple to complex and as such, there can never be a one size fits all solution that will apply for all people. The key here is to find the tax software that will fully anticipate and accommodate all your needs. The thing is, besides the huge selection of tax software products, these software products also have different versions ranging from the basic free version to the paid deluxe and premium versions.

Generally, if your tax situation is relatively simple (you have one regular job, your tax is the same as last year or you are just starting your financial life) then the free basic tax preparation software versions will suffice. It will not only save time but also money as you can directly file your taxes online without consulting and paying for a CPA (certified public accountant). Deluxe and premium versions usually are more applicable for people who have multiple jobs like freelancers and those with lots of properties and investments as well as those who have bonds and business partnerships. DO NOT be too complacent though, as people with complicated tax situations may have tax deductions that may be overlooked by tax software so it would be best to consult with a CPA especially when in doubt. Unlike software, CPAs can make judgment calls on “grey areas” based on their experience potentially decreasing the chance for audits and identifying complicated tax deductions. CPAs can also give advice and strategies in case you learn you owe the IRS some amount. There are some people who occasionally switch between CPAs and tax software depending on the complexity of their finances that year. Oh and most CPAs these days do not do taxes by hand. They actually have more sophisticated tax software of their own.

2. A Tax Software Company Should Have a Reputation and History of Reliability

Just because everybody is using the same tax software does not necessarily mean you have to use that software too. What we mean here is that you should ask: Who runs these companies? Who developed the tax software? These people should at least be knowledgeable to tax laws to keep their software up to date and relevant. A CPA can actually represent you in case of possible audits by the IRS. Does the company have any guarantees for that? Can these companies provide for professional help and support? A good reputation also means that it is less likely that you will be “orphaned” with the sudden loss of the tax software company of your choice.

3. Tax Software Should Have an Intuitive Interface

This actually applies for all the software products that you use but is especially true for tax software as people have a tendency to fret during tax time. If it takes more than an hour to learn to use a tax software effectively, then shifting to another software might be a better choice.

Tax Software 2

4. Using Tax Software Should Be Time-Efficient

On the average, assuming that you have all the needed documents right in front you, inputting relevant information up to upload should only take 30 minutes to two hours. (Of course you should be familiar with your software first!) Tax software that saves personal information will greatly speed up filling in forms. It is even much better if your tax software saves your last year’s tax data.

5. Tax Software Should Be Compatible with Your Operating System

This seems logical but there are reports where a particular software does not work well with some operating systems. If you have an operating system other than Windows, you should make sure the tax software of your choice does not have any problems running on your OS. If you are a fan of multi-tasking, then a mobile version would be your best friend.

6. Tax Software Should Be Up to Date with The Tax Laws

Not all people know their way around tax laws, so a tax software should be always be up to date with tax laws. You can end up losing dollars of potential tax deductions if the deduction tools are not parallel with the tax laws.

7. Tax Software Should Have a Decent Support System

There will be occasional bugs and admit it, not all of you are computer savvy so it is very important that a support system is there to provide you with the needed information when you need it. Free live advice (preferably from CPAs) and in-person support are always preferable. Always ask for the address of the office of the developers. Online forums, video tutorials and FAQs should also be at least present.

8. Tax Software Should Have a Universal Import Capability

Your tax software should be able to import virtually all of the needed data for filing. PDF files are the most common way of digitalizing information from papers such as receipt slips and even log books for miles driven. Pictures are used for documenting donations.

9. Tax Software Should Be Able to at Least Identify Possible Risks of IRS Audit and Make Recommendations

This may be too much to ask for tax software, but features like this actually exist. This is not surprising since, as previously mentioned, there is a quarter of a century for the evolution of tax software products. Identification of risks will allow the user to decide to seek the expertise of a CPA.

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