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Best Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle Reviews

Tea Kettle Reviews

Tea Kettles have been found in American kitchens since the country was established. Finding an attractive tea kettle that will enhance the kitchen décor and yet be functional can be a challenge. This simple appliance has a range of problems including spilling hot water, the steam not building in the pot, and it being difficult to fill, clean and handle. When handling hot water safety and functionality is as important as the look and design. We have combed through the available tea kettles to find the products with the best features to provide you with a safe and functional appliance that will serve your family for years to come.

Most Popular Tea Kettle


5/5 Product Rating

The OXO-Classic-Kettle-Brushed-Stainless steel tea pot is built with both form and function in mind. Recognizing that many owners leave their tea pot on the stove for daily use, the OXO-Classic-Kettle-Brushed-Stainless teapot is stainless steel construction and very attractive. The heavy duty stainless steel construction protects the unit against rust. It is easy to use and easy to clean. There is a large lid for easy filling and cleaning. The large base heats quickly and the whistle is loud enough to hear even if you are not in the same room. The OXO-Classic-Kettle-Brushed-Stainless teapot has silicone touch points on the handle and the spout. These are heat resistant so it is easy to handle even when pouring hot water. One of the best features of the OXO-Classic-Kettle-Brushed-Stainless teapot is the steam shield and the handle. The handle folds down for easy filling and storing. Yet it is secure and stable for pouring. This combination of form and function make it a favorite among tea kettle owners.

  • 1.7 Quart capacity
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Silicone on handle and spout for heat resistant pouring
  • Steam shield
  • Handle rotates for easy filling and storing

Best Overall Tea Kettle


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Revere-2-1/3-Quart-Whistling-Kettle holds 2 1/3 cups of water which provides for several cups of hot tea in minutes. The copper bottom is great at conducting heat and heats the water quickly. The Revere-2-1/3-Quart-Whistling-Kettle is a whistling teapot and the whistle is loud enough to hear from another room. The stainless steel construction creates a sleek design that is easy to maintain and is an attractive addition to any kitchen. Cleaning The Revere-2-1/3-Quart-Whistling-Kettle is simple and easy to do. Fill the tea kettle with equal parts of water and vinegar and boil for 10 minutes. Then rinse and it is ready to use again. The Revere-2-1/3-Quart-Whistling-Kettle has phenolic handles and spout. This material keeps the handles and spout cool for handling the hot kettle. It does not sputter when the hot water is poured, which prevents water from spilling on the counter. The Revere-2-1/3-Quart-Whistling-Kettle comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • 2 1/3 Quart capacity
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Phenolic handles and spout for cool touch
  • Copper bottom for quick heating
  • 1 Year Warranty

Best Budget Tea Kettle

Chef’s Secret

4.4/5 Product Rating

The Chefs Secret 2.75 Quart Surgical-Stainless-Capsule tea kettle is a high quality kettle for heavy tea drinkers, or boiling water for other cooking needs. The Chefs Secret 2.75 Quart Surgical-Stainless-Capsule tea kettle is made of stainless steel. This gives it a sleek look and retains the heat in the kettle very well. The kettle heats up rapidly and has a strong whistle letting you know when the water is ready. The silicone used on the handle makes for an easy grip and easy pouring. There is no plastic on the tea kettle, allowing you to get years of use with no parts to break. The Chefs Secret 2.75 Quart Surgical-Stainless-Capsule tea kettle has a wide bottom base with copper to reduce heat loss from the burner and speed the heating process. The Chefs Secret 2.75 Quart Surgical-Stainless-Capsule tea kettle pours without sputtering and the handle stays cool even when it is finished boiling.

  • 2.75 Quart capacity
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Easy grip handle that remains cool
  • Large base with copper bottom for fast heating
  • Pours without sputtering

Tea Kettle Buying Guide

Tea Kettle Buying Guide

What’s Short and Stout That Works? A Buyer’s Guide to Buying Tea Kettles

Tea kettles are useful for heating up, not only tea, but also coffee and cup noodles. There are two basic types of tea kettles: the stove top and electric ones.

Tea Kettles Types

Stove Top Tea Kettle

The stove top tea kettle is the traditional kettle with a whistle mechanism – a cover that flips over the spout when the water boils and steam emits. Stove top kettles have a traditional style. They are placed over gas or electric stoves to be used. With handles and spouts, stove top kettles are simple and efficient. They are also cheaper than the electric ones. This is very practical to those who only use tea kettles once in a while. This kind of tea kettle only needs a good gas range for it to work. Stove top ones are usually made of metal, which is a good conductor of heat. They are also very durable. In fact, many antique stove top tea kettles are still used today. Stove top tea kettles are also easy to clean. They are also smaller and handier to carry around. Buying a stove top tea kettle should also entail looking for non-slip handles for a better grip.

Electric Tea Kettle

Electric tea kettles are more expensive, but they generate their own heat, thus they are able to heat water faster than stove top ones. They are also very easy to use, since most of the process is done with the press of a button after the tea kettle is plugged in an electric socket. The downside of this is that, unlike its stove top counterpart, electric tea kettles are more difficult to clean, having two parts (the actual kettle that holds the water and the heating element). It is, therefore, very important to read the instructions as the cleaning procedure might vary depending on the merchandise.

Rarely does an electric tea kettle have a whistle. Instead, some of them have pre-set temperatures for different types of tea. They also have set buttons for how long water has to boil. Unlike stove top tea kettles, the electric ones are cool to the touch. They also come in corded and cordless variety, which make them easier to use anywhere in the house, although most of them are bigger and heavier than the stove top tea kettles.

Comparison of Various Tea Kettles

Both stove top and electric tea kettle production have included tea infusers or mesh baskets for tea-making. Users of stove top tea kettles have to manually lower down and raise the mesh from the water. Those who use electric ones can just sit back and let the kettle do the work on its own. It can automatically lower and raise the tea infuser under the pre-set temperature control settings.

Stove top and electric tea kettles come in many varieties and designs. Stove top ones can either be aluminum, cast iron, or copper, or steel. The most popular one is stainless steel. Aluminum stove top tea kettles are energy-efficient but are more expensive. They are also popular among those who want to use light kettles, which are also resistant to stains. These ones are not used often, however, because of health considerations regarding the chemical components.

Tea Kettle Buying Guide

Copper ones conduct heat better than steel and can therefore heat water quickly, although these types should only be used on medium heat, which is already enough to heat things. They use less energy, but are in need of higher maintenance when it comes to cleaning, as they are easily tarnished.

A cast iron stove top tea kettle is heavy but very durable. Because they are prone to rusting, most cast iron kettles are coated with enamel. They take longer to boil, but the water also takes longer to lose heat.

Electric tea kettles come in glass or plastic varieties. These ones are more delicate, and in need of greater care. Electric ones in glass can be aesthetically pleasing. They also practically allow the user to view the heating process. If the tea kettle does not come with a tea infuser, then the glass ones can help the user make tea or coffee better. The disadvantage of using this is that the user must take great care not to subject the glass tea kettle to extreme temperature changes, as it might break or crack. Most plastic tea kettles have water filters that remove hard water deposits sitting in the kettle. This mechanism allows the user to have deposits disposed of more efficiently, without hassle.

When buying a tea kettle, one must also know the size of the spout and the handle. For those who use small cups and pots, tea kettles with narrow spouts and light handles are highly recommended, so as to avoid spilling.

Tea Kettle Design Features

Stove top and electric tea kettles also come in many designs. The more artistic of the two, however, are the stove top kettles. Since these kettles are more traditional, many have bought them, not only for their practical purposes, but also for their aesthetical uses. Many of these kettles can look like they came from royal houses or from the sixties. With their small stature, these kettles are more commonly used in households. Since they also don’t entail the use of electricity, they can help cut down the electric bill.

Electric tea kettles are more modern; therefore, they rarely have more artistic designs. Most electric kettles are designed to be efficient. Also, the two parts of an electric tea kettle prevents it from being as light or stylish as the antique kettle some people use.

Tea kettles can either be stylish or simple. The important thing is the kind of use the buyer has for them. For those whose early mornings are not so dependent on quick access to the caffeine, a stove top one can help with that. For those, however, who live in a bustling city, having a quick and easy tea kettle for many uses can be a lifesaver. A buyer must consider the main use he or she will have of the tea kettle and the lifestyle he or she has. Tea kettles are always a good addition to the kitchen area, so a buyer should always know which one fits the family best.

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