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Tennis Grip Reviews

If you are a frequent tennis player, perhaps your first investment should include a racket and several tennis balls. However, as you progress, you will need to include other products that will also prove to be necessary in improving your game. In tennis, it eventually becomes necessary to invest in grips or overgrips to improve your grip of the racket. Grips help absorb moisture thus, it helps the players control the racket better. In away, grips and overgrips help prolong the life of tennis rackets because it saves from wear and tear. It also helps the tennis players improve their game by providing a better control of the racket. The right style and brand of grips will make your racket feel even better when in your hands. Have a look at the review of these three tennis grip products to know what might work for you.

Most Popular Tennis Grip


5/5 Product Rating

With the picture of Roger Federer on the packaging, the Wilson Overgrip tennis racquet grip obviously promises nothing but the best quality tennis gear. Players claim that the use of this particular grip changed their game because it allows for more convenient movement. It easily absorbs moisture from sweat and rain, so a tight grip on the racket is not difficult to maintain. As long as the grips are correctly positioned on the racket, it will stay firmly in place in spite of intense movement. The grips are conveniently packed, and they are very easy to put on most any type or brand of tennis racket.

Wilson is a respected name in the sport. Those who choose to buy this product should expect only the best tennis gear from Wilson.

  • Easily absorbs moisture from sweat and rain
  • Grip stays in place in spite of intense movement
  • Convenient packaging
  • Easy to put on any kind of racket
  • Ideal for everyday training sessions

Best Overall Tennis Grip


4.9/5 Product Rating

Unique Tourna has many loyal followers who swear by the use of this product. They say that it has significantly improved their game because of all the unique and convenient elements of the grip. More specifically, this XXL Original Dry Feel tennis Grip allows for maximum coverage of the racket because of the size of the product. The Unique Tourna Grip also has excellent sweat capture capacity that ensures a slide-free tennis grip of the player. This product is cost-effective, and it only costs about half the price of well-known brands without necessarily sacrificing the quality of the product.

This American product comes in a convenient vinyl pouch with a zipper to ensure that players will not have difficulty storing or using the product during training. There are about 30 grips in a pack and it comes with a finishing tape.

  • Easy to use packaging for players-on-the-go
  • XXL size for maximum coverage
  • Excellent sweat capture design for moist control
  • Comfortable in the hand, even during intense game
  • Affordable in spite of all the quality features

Best Budget Tennis Grip


4.6/5 Product Rating

Head is a well-known brand in the world of tennis. It provides high quality products including rackets, balls, bags and other kinds of gear. The company supports many famous players including Novac and Djokovic. The brand, the name and the logo are well known all over the world.

Head Contour Cushion Pro lives up to the name of the brand. It is very convenient to use and it seems like they never get wet and slippery. The grip also provides a lot of cushioning to decrease discomfort especially in the thumb area. It is very easy to apply even for beginners and casual players. This grip has an excellent feel and touch and it is recommended for those who are looking for a durable and tacky grip.

  • High durability and excellent craftsmanship from a well-known brand
  • Provides cushioning to decrease discomfort
  • Excellent in absorbing moisture
  • Improves player’s hold on the racket
  • Has an excellent feel and touch

Tennis Grip Buying Guide

Player Changing Tennis Grip

Tennis players know it is difficult to achieve success in the game if you cannot have a firm grip on the racquet. The difference in performance of great players is determined by several factors. Apart from the knowledge and skill of the players, tennis grip performs a significant role. For this reason, tennis players pay special attention to the type and quality of tennis grips they purchase. Every tennis player needs tennis grip. Making a choice is not easy because of the different high-class tennis grips on the market. It is difficult to determine which brand is actually the best. This simple buying guide will assist you in selecting the best tennis grip that is more useful for you.

Determine the Type of Tennis Grips You Want

Before you shop for tennis grip, you have to decide the type of grip you want. Some tennis players would just require a replacement grip while many would demand an over grip. These are two types of tennis grips available on the market. You should consider different factors to decide the one that is more suitable for your needs. You need a replacement grip when there is a need to replace the original grip. That is when the grip becomes slippery in your hands. Over grip on the other hands is used when you want to increase the handle size and when you want to protect the original grip. You must determine the best condition to change your grip and the perfect grip to use at any time, as that would guide you in making a choice of the best grip you want to buy.

Selecting Your Tennis Grip

You should not forget that the major aim of using tennis grip is to handle tennis racquet firmly. Your hands must be dry if you must handle it firmly. If you want a replacement grip, you have to consider such factors as:

Perfect Match for Your Racquet

For you to hold the racquet firmly, you should go for a replacement grip that would match your tennis racquet. The best replacement grips in the market include the Aero and Pure racquet lines. They are preferred because they offer a perfect and durable grip on the racquet.

Tennis Grip Comfort

This is another point you have to consider whether you want to buy a replacement or an over grip. You have to get a grip that would always be very comfortable anytime you use it to play football. The grip should be comfortable in your hands irrespective of whether it is a short or a long grip. Look for a brand produced from high quality calfskin. They have a smoother surface, which enhances the grip.

Ease of Use

It is not easy to use a replacement grip. This makes it more expensive than the other types of grips on the market. However, you have to look for a brand you can easily apply. If you find it difficult to apply replacement grip, you can opt for over grips which are simpler to apply and even cheaper in the market.

Black  Colour Tennis Grip

Features of Tennis Grip

Whether you want to choose an over grip or a replacement grip; you have to consider the features of each product before you pay for it. The important features you have to consider include cushioning, absorption, as well as a tack. You must always bear these features in mind while shopping for tennis grip. Depending on your tennis playing level, you can prefer one feature to the others. Many players would prefer that these features must be available before they buy the product. These three features perform different functions:


If you want to purchase an over grip, tack feature is very important as it determines the stickiness of the grip. It ensures that the racquet grips on the hands of the players firmly. You should demonstrate the product before you pay, to ensure that it has a tight grip.


A good grip should absorb all the moisture that come out of your hands because of perspiration. When it absorbs the heat, it makes your hands cool. They ensure that there is a comfortable grip. This feature is important for those who want to purchase an over grip.


You have to consider the cushioning effect of such grip. There is a shock vibration, which usually accompanies the hitting of the ball. Tennis grip should be able to cushion such a vibration. You have to consider this factor when you want to buy an over grip.

How to Buy Your Tennis Grip

These days it is no longer difficult to buy tennis grip. This is because there are many outlets you can buy them after comparing various brands available on the market. Many people prefer to buy such products from the internet because of the opportunities opened for them on the internet.

Buying from eBay and Amazon: you can buy tennis grip from any of the online merchants such as the Amazon and the eBay. Buying from these channels is recommended because you are sure of the quality you want to buy. Using the appropriate keywords, you can compare the various brands on these online portals and order them. It does not take more than one week for it to arrive at the address you provided.

Cost: you can make a budget before you shop for tennis grips. Making a budget will help you to have a focus while shopping for the product. You should go for the most affordable, durable tennis grip.


The above tips are the simple measures that you can take to purchase the best tennis grip for your use. You should decide whether you want a permanent, over grip or a replacement tennis grip. You should be guided by your needs and your budget. It is best to source them online because you will have access to different brands and it could cheaper for you. If you follow these helpful tips, you can buy a professional tennis grip that can serve you for a long time.

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