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Tool Cabinet Reviews

For those who are seriously into hardware, crafting, garage tools, and other fun toys that let you built, create, and repair, then you know that you can collect a lot of items. Storage space is key for making your garage or shop a free and open space to work. Finding the right tool cabinet is essential to keeping your work space…..workable. There are so many different kinds of tool cabinets out there to choose from, and made of a number of different materials. Which one is right for you depends upon what kinds of tools and materials you’ll be storing, and how much of it you have. If you’re a major builder, then you probably have some heavy duty electric tools and heavy objects that are going to need a tool cabinet that is equally as tough. For those who are looking for storage for craft supplies, then you probably could go with a cabinet that is a bit more lightweight and versatile.

Most Popular Tool Cabinet


5/5 Product Rating

Gladiator is a trusted name in garage and shop furniture, and this wall cabinet is a wonderful addition that helps you to create more organization and storage space in your work area. With Black Powder coat paint finish, Large storage spaces separated by an adjustable shelf behind 2 doors Adjustable shelves with highly resistant support hardware for additional security. The frame is what makes this wall cabinet so durable and strong, and Overall: 26.8 x 18.1 x 27 inches Weight: 44.7 lbs total weight capacity: 110 lbs. This versatile wall cabinet features one adjustable shelf to help accommodate objects of varying sizes. to convert a cluttered room into a clean storage space. Behind two doors you will find a large storage space with an adjustable shelf. The doors are equipped with a lock and keys for the safety of your valuables. It really doesn’t take up much space at all, but allows you to get things out of the way in your garage, creating more space to do your work.

  • Comes with 2 adjustable shelves
  • 2-door wall cabinet that is easily assembled
  • Includes pegboard and multipurpose bins
  • Metal hang bar makes it easy to fasten to the wall

Best Overall Tool Cabinet


4.7/5 Product Rating

Using the highest quality steel, the Homak SE series garage furniture is designed to go beyond what customers expect. The incredible strength and durability of their 2-Door Wall Cabinet is made to the same standards as all other Homak tool chests and cabinets. The 2 adjustable shelves offer ample storage space, freeing up your shop or garage to have more room to work. It’s easy to lock the doors with the HMC high security tubular locking system when the cabinets aren’t in use, protecting your tools from mishandling or theft. The cabinets come fully pre-drilled for easy mounting, and all other mounting hardware is included with your purchase. The shelf dimensions are 26 1/2in.W x 10 1/2in.D x 3/4in.H. There is some assembly required, but for the most part it’s incredibly easy to quickly put these cabinets together right out of the box.

  • Convenient storage with 2 adjustable shelves
  • Pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • HMC locks with 100 combinations

Best Budget Tool Cabinet


4.6/5 Product Rating

This is a wonderfully versatile hardware and craft storage cabinet from Akro-Mils. It allows you to decide if you want to stack it or mount it on the wall with the included keyhole slots. The durable clarified polypropylene ensures that this cabinet is definitely built to last. The dividable drawers make it easy to organize and identify your content in a snap. Akro-Mils has been a highly respected company for years now, providing storage tools for industry professionals as well as residential customers that are looking to improve efficiency and organization of materials. Their products and storage solutions also help to improve part protection and maintain accurate inventories. This cabinet is ideal to organize your hardware, beads, fishing supplies, and crafting tools. It's built to be indestructible, and to last you for years to come. The fine-looking design makes it fit into any home or garage decor with ease. It also just happens to be 100% made in the USA.

  • Easy to stack or mount with keyhole slots
  • Rugged polystyrene frame
  • Drawer dividers
  • 64 unbreakable drawers
  • Great for beads, crafts, hardware, fishing and so much more


Tool Cabinet Buying Guide

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Auto mechanics, construction workers and carpenters are some of the few professions that benefit from the use of tool cabinets. These structures are necessary for housing and storing lots of tools, supplies and equipment for workers who need different parts and pieces to complete complex mechanical repairs or simple quick-fix jobs. The following information will explain the different types of tool cabinets and how they can best be used as a means for businesses or residential homeowners to store, organize and use their tools.

Tool Cabinet Uses

Tool cabinets are best used inside of buildings and garages for storing tools. Smaller tool cabinets can also be added to a truck, van or RV so that workers will have access to their equipment and supplies while out in the field. Cabinets can be made of a variety of materials, which include wood, plastic and metal.

Roofers, plumbers and carpenters must have a good tool cabinet to house their supplies and equipment. Other workers such as handy men and craftsmen need a tool cabinet to lock-up their items as well. They are often installed in shops and in garages. Unless a tool cabinet is a portable model they probably will not be used out in the field.

Tool Cabinet Designs

There are a variety of tool cabinet models. Some tool cabinets have wheels, which make them portable and easy to maneuver throughout a location. A portable tool cabinet is great for workers who have to constantly perform different repair jobs at outside locations.

Tool cabinets can be fixed into a wall or they could have a design that resembles a bedroom dresser. Some models have swinging doors that open outward. A few tool cabinets are so big and sophisticated that they look like armoires or closet organizers.

The drawers on tool cabinets are designed with different functions. Some can be made to fold outward and they can big and roomy or small and compact. Many tool cabinets have shelving that is similar to the type that is found in kitchen cabinets and closets. Many have small compartments for organizing items such as screws, nuts and bolts.

Side doors are built onto some cabinets and some have an overhead light design with a built-in workbench. Lighted tool cabinets are also having different light designs and they are great for performing work in areas with poor lighting.

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Materials Used To Build Tool Cabinets

Cabinets can be made of a variety of materials, which include wood, plastic and metal. Wooden materials are constantly used to make tool cabinets. This material is best suited for cabinet designs that are built into a wall. Metal cabinets are great for mobile tool carts that are consistently moved around to different locations. Plastic wood cabinets are usually made as low-end tool containers. While they are great for storing tools they should be used on a temporary basis since they will not last as long as wood or metal.

Some Cabinets Are Made Out Of Aluminum

Metal tool cabinets are usually covered with paint or some material that is designed to protect them from moisture. The portable cabinet carts are also covered with some type paint or protective film, which makes them practical for working in the rain, fog or snow. Depending on size, some tool cabinets can be hauled or carried to a work site location and serve as a satellite tool storage compartment.

Special Features and Considerations for Tool Cabinets

Tool cabinets can be outfitted with locks and latches and they can have light attachments built into the units. A worktable or bench can also be included so people can perform some minor repair work. A tool cabinet can also mounted onto a wall like a hanging cabinet, which are typically found inside of kitchens. Some have built-in chargers and special equipment for charging tools and lights.

Tool cabinets should also be strong durable enough to last for years and in most cases they are. A good fixed tool cabinet should last for more than 50 years. Portable tool cabinets might not last as long if they are utilized in outside environments where weather and excessive usage has the opportunity to wear them down. Drawers, shelving and spaces in tool cabinets can be altered and adjusted so that workers will have enough room for equipment and supplies. Workers should visibly inspect a tool cabinet before they purchase one of these items.

Problems with Tool Cabinets

People can have issues with a tool cabinet if they are not able to secure their equipment and supplies. A tool cabinet can also present problems for workers when they are not big enough to store all of their tools. Other than these two issues tool cabinets typically do not pose a problem at all for workers.

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