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Best Travel Mug

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Travel Mug Reviews

Travel Mugs present an environmentally friendly and cost effective option for daily coffee, tea, water and juice drinkers. Using a reusable travel mug instead of buying disposable cups can save nearly 23 pounds of paper cup waste a year. Add the savings from buying coffee and other drinks at restaurants and coffee shops and the savings can easily grow to hundreds of dollars a year in cost savings. If you are looking for a travel mug that will save you time and money, and be good for the environment then we have found the best travel mugs available.

Most Popular Travel Mug


5/5 Product Rating

The Contigo-AUTOSEAL-Stainless-20-Ounce-Easy-Clean travel mug is available in both a 16 ounce and a 20 ounce travel mug size. The Contigo-AUTOSEAL-Stainless-20-Ounce-Easy-Clean travel mug has a vacuum sealed insulated design that keeps hot beverages hot for up to 6 hours and cold beverages cold for up to 18 hours. The Contigo-AUTOSEAL-Stainless-20-Ounce-Easy-Clean travel mug has an auto seal lid that seals after every sip. This provides a spill proof and leak proof travel mug. The Auto seal feature also helps to keep the beverages at their preferred temperature for extended periods of time. This produces fresh beverages for hours at a time. The tapered design fits in most automobile cup holders. The travel mug has a rubber grip which makes it easy to hold and carry. The Contigo-AUTOSEAL-Stainless-20-Ounce-Easy-Clean travel mug has a dishwasher safe lid, but the mug itself should be hand washed. The Contigo-AUTOSEAL-Stainless-20-Ounce-Easy-Clean travel mug also comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • 16 ounce and 20 ounce versions
  • Insulated technology keeps drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 18 hours
  • Auto seal lid for leak and spill proof travel mug
  • Hand wash (lid is dishwasher safe)
  • Lifetime Warranty

Best Overall Travel Mug


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Thermos-16-Ounce-Vacuum-Insulated-Tumbler-Stainless travel mug is a 16 ounce sleek design that is easy to grip and fits in most standard automobile cup holders. The Thermos-16-Ounce-Vacuum-Insulated-Tumbler-Stainless travel mug comes from the trusted Thermos brand. It is made with a TherMax double wall vacuumed insulation design that keeps drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for up to 9 hours. To maximize the temperature control it is recommended that the travel mug be pre-chilled or pre-heated just before use. The stainless steel design is virtually unbreakable and made for many years of use. The Thermos-16-Ounce-Vacuum-Insulated-Tumbler-Stainless travel mug has all BPA-Free parts. It contains a leak proof lid to eliminate spills and messes from overturned mugs. The entire mug is dishwasher safe. The Thermos-16-Ounce-Vacuum-Insulated-Tumbler-Stainless travel mug has a built in hook on the bottom of the lid that holds tea bags and most loose leaf infusers. The Thermos-16-Ounce-Vacuum-Insulated-Tumbler-Stainless travel mug is backed by a 5 year warranty.

  • 16 ounce travel mug
  • Spill proof lid
  • TherMax double wall insulated design for 5 hours of hot drinks and 9 hours for cold drinks
  • All BPA Free parts
  • 5 Year warranty

Best Budget Travel Mug


4.5/5 Product Rating

Thermos-Stainless-16-Ounce-Leak-Proof travel mug is made of durable stainless steel construction. This makes the travel mug virtually unbreakable. The inner and outer stainless steel layers are vacuum insulated to create an airless space between the layers. This enables drinks to stay hot or cold for hours. Hot drinks can stay hot for up to 5 hours, where cold drinks can stay cold for up to 9 hours. To maximize the insulation time of the travel mug pre-chill or pre-heat the mug just before use. The Thermos-Stainless-16-Ounce-Leak-Proof travel mug will stay cool on the outside, even when the drink inside is steaming hot. The Thermos-Stainless-16-Ounce-Leak-Proof travel mug has a lid that seals, preventing spills and leaks 100% of the time. The travel mug has a tapered shape which fits most automobile cup holders. The Thermos-Stainless-16-Ounce-Leak-Proof travel mug is made with all BPA-Free materials. The travel mug should be hand washed only due to the insulated features.

  • 16 ounce travel mug
  • Vacuum sealed insulation
  • Maintains hot drinks for 5 hours and cold drinks for 9 hours
  • Leak Proof Sealing Lid
  • Hand Wash

Travel Mug Buying Guide

Travel Mug

Many people around the world wake up before the sun rises to go to work. More people are bringing with them drinks to keep them awake for their agenda for the day. Such a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle has called for the necessity and popularity of the travel mug, which is a more economical and environmental alternative to buying dozens of coffee in Styrofoam containers.

What Are the Different Types of Travel Mugs Available

A travel mug can either be stainless steel or plastic. Stainless steel mugs have fewer environmental and health effects on the user. They are more expensive than the plastic travel mugs, but they also keep heat longer. Recent technology has enabled the production of stainless steel travel mugs that can hold heat for at least eight hours. This variety of travel mugs is highly popular among commuters who travel long distances or for those who are constantly travelling to far places. Stainless steel travel mugs are also more durable than their plastic counterparts. Most stainless steel ones have double-wall insulation. This is very important in choosing a travel mug, as it keeps the heat inside, and not outside the mug, thus reducing the hassle of using cloth or paper to pick up hot mugs.

A plastic travel mug, meanwhile, is cheaper, but is also highly breakable, especially when dropped. Plastic travel mugs are recommended for people who do not travel often or people who do not use their travel mug daily or for longer periods of time. Plastic travel mugs can’t keep the tea or coffee hot for long periods of time, but there are plastic ones with stainless steel liners that will prevent the heat from seeping outside the cup. This is also a very important feature to look for in plastic travel mugs; otherwise, using these mugs will be troublesome.

What Other Important Features Should Be Considered in Buying Travel Mugs?

Travel mugs come in many shapes and sizes. One has to make sure that the travel mug fits the cupholder in the car. If there is no cupholder for the travel mug to be placed in, then the buyer should consider buying travel mugs that have wide bottoms or those with non-slip ones. They are usually covered in thick black rubber that will prevent the mug sliding from place to place. Travel mugs with non-slip bottoms are very practical. They can be kept firmly in place on office tables and drawers. It is also very important to consider the locking or opening mechanism, or the seals of the travel mug. It is important to decide between a flap that snaps shut when no longer held by a finger, and a sliding mechanism that stays open until it is shut closed. This will depend largely on the buyer’s preferences and habits.

Washing travel mugs is also another matter to take into consideration. They should be washed by hand instead of washed by machine. Since they have seals and flaps, there is a huge tendency for soap residue to remain in the cups. One should also look for, consider, and buy travel mugs with leak-proof seals. Most stainless steel travel mugs have this feature. Office workers, students, and other employees who are always in a rush need to place this one at the top of their list. Many travel mugs have all the nice features, but are not actually leak-proof.

When buying a travel mug, most customers see the features they like, but get confused by the fact that they don’t like the design. Some will prefer a mug with handle. This can, however, cause a hassle if the mug needs to be placed inside a small bag. This is why it is very important to consider preferences, lifestyles, and habits when buying a travel mug.

For those people who are on the road every day, who commute to and from work or school: What type of travel mug should they look for? These busy people need to buy travel mugs that can be used with one hand. This goes for those who drive their own vehicles. More travel mugs produced today consider the necessity of one-hand handling of these containers to avoid the trouble of sifting inside the bag for the travel mug while the other hand needs to be doing something else.

What if someone wants to reheat their travel mug in their microwave? Heating or reheating travel mugs in microwaves can be done, but not all travel mugs are up for the task. A stainless steel travel mug should not be used. A plastic one can be used, although not all are made for heating in the microwave. The best advice for this is to simply read the labels and instructions that come with the travel mug. Look for signs that state that the mug can be used in microwaves. If there are no indications, one can ask the store assistants. It will be very wrong to assume that all plastic travel mugs can be used for reheating in the microwave. The fact that plastic travel mugs have chemicals that are in threat of drastically changing due to the temperature is a clear warning. This is also likely to happen when the plastic mug has been sitting in the heat for a long period of time. The mug might have already built up internal condensation. When this happens, the contents of the mug must be thrown. It should be washed well before being used again.

What about the taste? There is sometimes a taste that stays in water, coffee, or tea when used inside in plastic travel mugs, especially if the fluid has been in the container for a long period of time. Stainless steel ones are less likely to leave such tastes.

The last thing to consider is the size of the travel mug needed. For buyers who do not drink a lot of coffee, a size 8 oz. or 12 might do. Buying a large one will only be a hassle. Travel mugs are an efficient innovation in drinking favorite beverages, as long as buying them doesn’t become a nuisance.

Travel Mug 3

Finding the Best Mug

A travel mug is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who does a lot of traveling – they are essentially used for keeping your drink either hot or cold respectively and of course for making sure that there are no spillages or leakages of your drink, which could definitely cause a huge problem if you are storing the drink in a bag!

The major downside to these travel mugs is that they are such a simple concept and so many manufacturers have now saturated the market – this has left consumers feeling confused and they are no longer certain what to look for in a travel mug because there are so many options to choose from. Well throughout this article we’ll be giving you some tips and tricks on how you can make sure that you get the best travel mug for your own personal requirements.


The main thing that will determine whether the travel mug is suitable for your use or not is the material; there are so many different materials on the market today and so it’s understandable that we’re not really sure which one to go for. We’ll go through the four most popular below.

Stainless steel mugs are perhaps the most popular, they fit in most ordinary cup holders making them very convenient and the material allows you mug to be protected in the event of a slip or a fall. The only downside to having a stainless steel mug is that the lids aren’t insulated very well and so you might get a slight leakage if you are moving the mug around.

However, if you like the stainless steel mugs but want to have the ability to transport your beverage without the risk of having liquids leaking all over you, then you can opt for an insulated stainless steel mug. These are a bit more durable and bulkier but will stop any liquid from leaking through. Many of the designs can keep drinks hot for several hours, and keep cold drinks cool for up to 12 hours.

Ceramic is also a very popular material but is not used much in terms of drinking – although they can be used as a travel mug – their most common application is on someone’s desk either for a nice warm beverage and sometimes even to hold pens, pencils and other stationary.

There are also plastic travel mugs available on the market, these are the best option for young children or anyone else who is prone to dropping their drink. They are crafted from hard plastic and can take a fair amount of damage so breaking the come as a result of a drop is out of the question, it simply won’t happen.

Additional Information

So now that you know about the different types of materials that you can get for travel mugs, you will now be able to purchase a travel mug that is more suited to your needs. Even though the material on the mug is very important, you should also take many other factors into consideration – you’ll want to look for high-quality brands and designs that have good user reviews, it might be wise to get a few recommendations from friends, family, or even colleagues.

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