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Best Ultrabook

Ultrabook  Review

Ultrabook Reviews

Ultrabooks provide thin light laptops that provide the processing power to complete most tasks. They are not bulky like a laptop and provide transport ability that desktops lack. They provide fast enough processing for streaming and movie watching with enough storage to store photos and videos. They have great graphics and clear monitors for quality viewing of wither movies or webpages. Most include a 3.0 USB port for faster file transfers. If you love the laptop but want a thinner and lighter machine consider the Ultrabook. With the advent of the Cloud for data storage needs, the Ultrabook might be just the flexibility you are looking for when it comes to portable computer offerings. We have selected the best Ultrabook products on the market to meet your entertainment and working needs. They provide long battery life, efficiency and speed needed to complete everyday tasks.

Most Popular Ultrabook


5/5 Product Rating

The Asus-15-6-Inch-Ultrabook has a compact and thin design for the ultimate in power and portability. With an Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5GHz processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM there is enough speed and computing power to work multiple applications at the same time. The 1TB Hard Drive provides lots of space for programs, videos, photos and other storage needs. Pre-installed is the Windows 10 Home operating system for an easy customer friendly experience. In addition to being light and ultra-thin the Asus-15-6-Inch-Ultrabook is packed with features. The 15.6 inch screen has an LED backlit display for a cinematic experience. The processor has Turbo Boost technology for faster performance. There is an instant on in 2 seconds and a longer standby time for better efficiency. There are built in speakers with ASUS Sonic Master to deliver top quality sound for watching videos and movies. The Asus-15-6-Inch-Ultrabook comes with an HD camera and a DVD drive and weighs only 4.6 pounds with the battery. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • 15.6 inch display screen
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB hard drive
  • Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5GHz processor
  • DVD drive and HD camera
  • 1 Year Warranty

Best Overall Ultrabook

Lenovo Flex

4.8/5 Product Rating

The Lenovo-15-6-Inch-Touchscreen-Flex has a 15.6 inch touch screen with NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics. It comes with an Intel Core i7-4500U 1.8 GHz processor, 16GB DDR SDRAM and 1TB hard drive storage. The Lenovo-15-6-Inch-Touchscreen-Flex is preloaded with Windows 10 Home and has a 5 hour battery life. It only weighs 5.1 pounds with the battery. The unique thing about this Ultrabook is that it is a dual mode laptop. The screen flips 300 degrees from laptop to stand mode and is perfect for watching movies, gaming, streaming videos or getting your work done. The touchscreen provides a 10 point multi touch display that allows all 10 fingers to interact with the screen at once. It has an Intelligent Touchpad that provides easy scrolling, zooming, and rotating functions. It also includes an AccuType keyboard for comfortable and accurate typing. The built in Dolby speakers provide high quality sound. The Lenovo-15-6-Inch-Touchscreen-Flex includes OneKey Recovery which makes data backup and recovery easy.

  • 15.6 Inch touchscreen display
  • Intel Core i7-4500U processor, 16GB DDR SDRAM and a 1TB hard drive
  • Weighs 5.1 Pounds
  • OneKey Recovery for easy data backup
  • 300 degree Flip screen for laptop or stand model

Best Budget Ultrabook

Lenovo Yoga

4.3/5 Product Rating

The Lenovo-Yoga-13-3-Inch-Touchscreen-Ultrabook-Graphite comes with an Intel i5-8250U processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB Solid State Drive. This provides the speed, computing power and storage to meet all your needs. The 13.3 inch screen has 1920 x 1080 pixels and integrated graphics for clear vivid colors of both movies and web pages. The touchscreen provides a 10 point multi touch display that allows all 10 fingers to interact with the screen at once. It has an Intelligent Touchpad that provides easy scrolling, zooming, and rotating functions. The Lenovo-Yoga-13-3-Inch-Touchscreen-Ultrabook-Graphite comes with Windows 10 Home and has a 6 hour average battery life. It comes with 1 2.0 USB port and 2 3.0 USB ports. It only weighs 3.7 pounds with the battery making this Ultra book both thin and lightweight. The built in speakers provide Dolby Home Theater sound with v4 audio enhancements. It also has a built in webcam for video conferencing and video chatting. The Lenovo-Yoga-13-3-Inch-Touchscreen-Ultrabook-Graphite has OneKey Recovery which makes data backup and recovery simple and efficient.

  • 13.3 Inch touchscreen display
  • Intel i5-8250U processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB Solid State Drive
  • Weighs 3.7 Pounds
  • OneKey Recovery for easy data backup
  • Built in speakers and webcam

Ultrabook Buying Guide


With the breakthroughs of technology developments in the 21st century, anything comes in different sizes. From cellular phones, tablets, desktop computers, to laptop computers, the number of sizes is innumerable. And since we are in the day and age of fast communication and everything could be done in a couple of clicks in the keyboard, we prefer to have a gadget which offers the basic services and at the same time, very lightweight and portable. Luckily, an ultrabook offers just that.

An ultrabook is a mini notebook which has similar features from that of a computer but lesser in size, weight, and has a longer battery life. In fact, it is considered to be something which is between a notebook and a tablet. It has the same look of a notebook computer but provides for the portability like that of a tablet. Also, note that it is not the same as netbooks because netbooks has low computing power. However, it should not be immediately assumed that ultrabooks are highly expensive. It also comes in a range of prices in accordance with the extra features it offers. So, with lots of confusion mind, before buying one, there are a few things that should be kept in mind.

Slim and sleek design.

This is one of the features that should distinguish an ultrabook from all other types of computers. Typically, it should have a thickness from 18mm to 21mm, depending on the size of the system display. The weight should also be between 3 to 5 pounds. Since you need something that you could easily carry anywhere, you should make sure that it is lighter than any portable laptops and netbooks. If it fits perfectly in your should bag without a hint of bulkiness, then that is a good sign.

Resumes quickly from sleep.

One of the downs of a laptop is that when you switch it sleep more, it has resumes slowly when you turn it on again. Such delay is very inconvenient and at most times annoying, most especially if you are hurrying to open something in your computer. This kind of a laptop should not give you that hassle. After opening your lead, the screen should be ready for use within 7 seconds. In fact, some higher-end ultrabooks can easily resume from sleep within 2-3 seconds. It is really quick which makes it undeniably impressive.

Ultrabook 1

Sensitivity of the touchpad.

Usually, the touch pads in netbooks are button less and invisible which makes it hard it to navigate a cursor. In the case of ultrabooks, it has a discrete button which could be located easily, that is without it being too prominent in the touchpad. The navigation process should be convenient. The sensitivity, too, should be quick and fast which would not require too many swipes and clicks.

Storage system.

Just because it is smaller in size and lighter in weight does not mean that the storage capacity should be compromised as well. This combination of a notebook and a tablet is purposefully made to give the same function that of a standard laptop computer so its storage capacity should be equally impressive as well. There are ultrabooks that offer a 320GB hard drive on top of a 20GB solid state drive. However, if you are good with a solid state drive only, then that would be better because your gadget will work faster.

Mind the Ultrabook design.

It should be strong, firm, and sturdy. An all-metal frame is recommended than a combination of a metal lid and plastic around the keyboard area. Your gadget should be aesthetically attractive as much as it is quality wise. These gadgets come in various designs suitable for the different types of people who buy it. Just like other laptops, you could have the front lid customized as well, depending on your needs and desire.

Look for slots and ports.

USB ports and memory card slots are the basic skeletal part of any computer.  Ultrabooks should have those ports and slots as well. The easy and convenient transferring of important date and files is one the main concerns of every person so this must be catered well. So, in buying one, make sure that you data transfer will not be a hassle.

Long battery life.

This feature makes the decision which one to odd out easier. On most cases, the battery life of a gadget becomes its Achilles heel, so you would notice that most stores really display the battery life of a gadget. The same with ultrabooks as you would not want to keep on looking for available electricity outlets, let alone bringing a charger with you, if you intend to use it for a long time. The battery life should be long enough to support the needs of a career person. 6 hours of battery life is already good but those that exceeds 7 hours is better.

The security system with the Ultrabook

Your gadget should have utmost security protection from theft. Most ultrabooks already have anti-theft and identity protection technology which would lock down your computer and store the personal and important files you have saved whenever they are stolen, used by somebody else, or accidentally lost. The two security features need subscription for supreme protection.

Standby Features

If you are fond of social networking and would want to keep your social networking accounts on display and on the background even if the system sleeps, then you should look for this optional feature. This would help for a better and quick access to your accounts, not to mention easy diverting strategy in socially awkward situations.

You already have the money for the gadget and you know why you want it. The only thing that you should bring with you when you shop for this kind of a gadget is a keen mind as to what should be inside the gadget that you will be buying.  Knowledge is important so that you will not be easily deceived with sales talk. Remember that the value of the gadget should justify its cost.

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