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Best Utilities Software

Best Utilities Software Reviews

Utilities Software Reviews

Improve underperforming PCs with utility software. This software can speed up slow running computers; eliminate viruses and malware along with stopping infected files from being downloaded onto your computer. There are so many viruses and malware that can be loaded on your computer without the proper protection. Today our PC’s have so much personal information that leaving it unprotected would be like leaving your home unlocked. Secure your information and protect your computer with one of the following utility software programs. Not only will utility software speed up and improve your PCs performance, it will also keep your hardware clean of problematic downloads.

Most Popular Utilities Software


5/5 Product Rating

Norton Security Premium (for up to 10 PCs) will keep your PC more secure when working with a Windows platform and CD-ROM Media. With this utility software you will be able to browse the internet, make purchases online, and bank online with the ultimate security. This utility software will notify you of social media scams and content that could damage your computer. The Norton Security Premium (for up to 10 PCs) stops threats at all times keeping your computer and all of your important information safe and secure. This utility software will block infected and dangerous downloads preventing PC crashes. The Norton Software will reduce startup times for your computer and will increase your PCs performance making the PC easier to use. This software can be used to help your older computers run like new, and protecting it against viruses, worms, and spyware.

  • Safe when you browse internet, make online purchases, and banking
  • Notify you about social media scams
  • Stops threats
  • Blocks infected downloads
  • Reduces startup time

Best Overall Utilities Software


4.8/5 Product Rating

The Winzip Systems Utilities Suite (Single User) [Download] is a software utility that will clean your PC from unwanted and damaging programs. The utility is a fast download and works on any broadband connection. This software utility will help clean junk data, viruses, malware and other programs that are slowing your system. This frees up valuable computer space and provides faster load time, faster web surfing and faster operations. This utility software will defrag your hard drive allowing you to maximize the use of your computer space. It will also clean hidden privacy exposing traces, which will allow you to keep your identity safe. To improve your PCs performance level, the software utility will also fix and eliminate registry errors providing better PC performance. The Winzip Systems Utilities Suite scans for outdated or missing drivers and automatically installs the latest updates so your PC is always running with the most up to date technology.

  • Installation is simple and takes minutes when using broadband
  • Cleans junk data
  • Defrag the hard disk
  • Fix registry errors
  • Scans for outdated or missing drivers

Best Budget Utilities Software

System Mechanic

4.4/5 Product Rating

The System Mechanic- Up to 3 PCs will keep your PC protected from the many dangers on the internet. This utility software, once loaded, will automatically fix current issues with your PC helping your PC run faster and perform like new. The System Mechanic will correct all problems including registry errors, crashes, and computer freezes. This utility software will automatically clean your system eliminating computer clutter, viruses and malware that may be slowing down your computer systems. When you purchase the System Mechanic your PC’s start time and web speed will improve by an average of 300%. This utility software has over 40 tools and over 200 critical tests and repairs to keep your PC in the best possible condition. The utility will update automatically providing you with updated protection on a daily basis. By regularly cleaning up your PC, this utility software will allow you to use your hard drive to its maximum potential without having clutter using up important space.

  • Automatically fixes your PC
  • Cleans system clogging clutter
  • Will increase your PCs start time and web speed by 300%
  • 40 tools and 200 critical tests
  • Allows you to maximize your hard drive use

Utilities Software Buying Guide

Utility software is the software that enables you to store data and manages files on your computer. It can also scan for viruses and malware, create a backup of your data, and run a system cleaner to help your virtual memory.

Utility software is useful for improving your computer’s infrastructure because it aids you in performing tasks better. Some of these utilities are included in your system files (such as the cleaning utility). You can also buy additional software, such as anti-virus software.

The programs are generally easy to use and don’t take very long to run. Unless you are doing anything other than emailing and simply browsing the web, you will need good, reliable utility software. Below is a breakdown of how you can choose the best utilities software.

Utility Types

Utilities are not created equal. There are 4 main types on the market for you to choose from:

  • System Utilities – System utilities are applications such as anti-virus, network utilities, memory testers, and registry cleaners.
  • File Management Utilities – File management utilities are things like backup software, archivers, and data compression.
  • Storage Device Management Utilities – Storage device management utilities refer to disk checkers, partition editors, disk analyzers, and disk formatters.
  • Miscellaneous Utilities – Miscellaneous utilities include utilities like hex editors and data generators.

Why You Need to Have It

It’s true. Not many people utilize their system registry (unless they have caught a nasty trojan), but one thing most people can agree is essential, is anti-virus protection. With so many threats in the digital world, having system utilities can significantly enhance the longevity of your computer.

It will also help you keep your files in good working order. You can run the defrag option in your system utilities quickly and efficiently to free up virtual memory to decrease program load times.

To Pay or Not to Pay

There are a wide variety of utilities available for free on select websites. However, these sites can often install malware or keylogging software along with a legitimate copy of the application you want. Of course, you won’t know about the malware and keylogging software until you download an anti-virus program. It all fits together nicely. One utility is strengthened by another utility.

On the other hand, while legitimate software developers usually charge quite a bit of money for their utilities programs, you won’t run the risk of exposing your computer to nasty and irritating trojans and malware. When you pay, you will also receive the full version of the program versus only receiving part access, which you commonly see with free downloads.

Not All Utilities Are the Same

It should be noted that if you are searching for an anti-virus program, not all are created the same way. Each brand has its own unique features, such as being able to find specific types of malware. Other programs can find more trojans than malware. Some will cause your computer to run more slowly. It all depends on where you get them.

How to Choose from the Competition

There are lots of utilities out there, depending on what you need for your computer. You might want to read some customer reviews, talk to your friends, and check out the different brands available. (for example, Norton Anti-virus makes your computer run slower; Avast does not).

You may find that you will need multiple utilities to enhance your computer’s performance, which is perfectly fine. If your computer is older, getting a few utilities software applications can help with slow, low, or not enough virtual memory. Utilities software is not such an essential need in newer systems as they are likely already efficient.

A Warning

As you decide on a particular utility or utilities, you may eventually find yourself playing in the system registry. It’s not a good idea to change anything in your computer registry. If you delete anything from the registry, you can cause the computer not to work.

You may accidentally delete a manufacturer’s file. If that happens, even re-installing the operating system will not bring that file back. Tampering with the registry can ruin your computer and leave you with an expensive paperweight. Meaning you will find yourself in the market for a brand-new computer.

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