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Best Video Graphics Card

Video Graphics Card

Video Graphics Card Reviews

Video graphics cards are essential if you are doing a lot of gaming, or are displaying a lot of video or other digital material. They’re pretty simple to use, and for most, really all that you have to do is install it in the expansion slot on the motherboard. There are a number of different formats to choose from, but the most common you’ll find is the PCIe format, which works comfortably with most computers. In proximity to the motherboard, case and expansion card, the video graphics card is going to fit just outside the case after it is installed, and in this position all of its ports can be utilized. Some of the most basic cards are only going to have one port, but if you are looking to spend a little more money, you can get a card with multiple ports that feed numerous monitors and devices simultaneously.

Most Popular Video Graphics Card


5/5 Product Rating

The EVGA GeForce is a gamers dream, and becoming immensely popular in the video graphics card world. What this offers is increased speed, insane graphics, and quiet operation. With its award winning ACX cooling, you can be sure that this card is never going to overheat and always remain at its peak performance. In fact, you’re getting 15% lower GPU temperatures than any other card on the market. It’s also energy efficient because the fan blades are of the highest quality. The double ball bearing fans not only work wonderfully, but they’re also backed by a 12 year lifespan estimation, which is nearly 4x longer than all other cards. With its efficiency and safety, this graphics card is at the top of the list of must-have improvements to your computer. The digital quality is unsurpassed, and the price is quite reasonable. Add to that the massive memory it has, and you pretty much have the perfect graphics card.

  • 1072 MHz base clock
  • 1137 MHz boost clock
  • 6008 MHz effective memory clock
  • 2048MB GDDR5 256bit Memory

Best Overall Video Graphics Card


4.8/5 Product Rating

The GTX 660 is proving to be an amazing upgrade for those on the old GTX 295, and is considered one of the best SLI “on a single card” solutions. This card seriously amps up the graphics on your favorite games, improving picture quality, speed, and efficiency. As an added bonus, the 660 is much more energy efficient than models that proceed it. It’s extraordinary how little power this card uses, while still creating the fluid digital images that surpass what games have ever looked like before. There’s also the Gigabyte cooling system that not only keeps the card at healthy temperatures non-stop, but it’s almost completely silent, and you really do not even know when it’s one. Note that you’re a little limited in overclocking potential with the 660 because of design choices in the clip. But even with this minor problem, this card is highly recommended for those who love gaming on their computer and want to take the performance and clarity to the next level.

  • Windforce cooling system with Triangle Cool technology
  • 10% increase in overclocking capacity
  • 5-10% decrease in temperature
  • Supports NVIDIA SLI / 3D Vision / Surround / CUDA / PhysX technology

Best Budget Video Graphics Card


4.5/5 Product Rating

Gamers looking for enhanced graphics performance may get quite a boost from this graphics card from VRM technology. With its Super Alloy Power technology you’ll get enhanced digital delivery as well as a whole new level of durability. An innovation here is the GPU Tweak utility that is made for allowing the user to modify certain elements on the card, such as voltages, clock speed, and fan performance. With the insane graphics on the latest games, it’s totally essential to keep your computer up to par so you can enjoy these games as they’re meant to be experienced. This VRM card is definitely providing the power to amp up your graphics with minimal energy usage and sound. On its “out of the box” setting, this card runs very nicely, and maintains a cool temperature even during the most demanding games. The basic speed that it is set at is 1020 MHz, which is a nice speed that seems to be sufficient for most games.

  • Massive 2GB memory for fantastic resolution
  • 1020 MHz overclock for superior performance
  • GPU Tweak utility allows for personalized tuning of your graphics

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