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Best Water Testing Kit

Water Testing Kit

Water Testing Kit Reviews

It seems like every time we turn around there are pollutants released into water that may potentially end up in our drinking water. Considering that the presence of these pollutants can cause illnesses and disease it has become more important than ever to test our drinking water on a regular basis. We also use water in aquariums, pools, spas and other sources that can be tested to ensure we are using water that is safe. We have selected the best testing systems on the market today that will provide you with accurate readings so you can take counter measures if necessary to keep your family safe

Most Popular Water Testing Kit

HM Digital

5/5 Product Rating

The HM-Digital-TDS-EZ-Measurement-Resolution water tester will test the overall water quality by measuring the TDS levels in the water. The thermometer has a microprocessor which creates very accurate readings with a maximum variation of 3%. The LCD screen is easy to read and the unit is easy to use. There is a hold function that will save measurements and allow you to record readings over time. The meter also has an auto off function which saves the battery by turning the unit off after 10 minutes of inactivity. The thermometer includes an easy to read TDS chart on the back of the thermometer. This allows you to evaluate the readings and determine a course of action if necessary. The TDS measures salt, minerals and metals that are in the water. The HM-Digital-TDS-EZ-Measurement-Resolution water testing kit is a very convenient tool that provides instant water testing in a thermometer design. It will measure drinking water, pools, hydroponics and more.

  • Accurate measurements within 3%
  • TDS measures salt, minerals and metals that contaminate water systems
  • Chart on back creates an easy to read evaluation
  • LCD screen provides instant readings that can also be stored
  • Out shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity

Best Overall Water Testing Kit


4.8/5 Product Rating

The Watersafe-WS425W-Well-Water-Testing kit was created to identify 10 different contaminants in the water system. These contaminants include the presence of lead, copper and iron. It will also detect traces of nitrates and nitrites if they are at dangerous levels. The Watersafe-WS425W-Well-Water-Test kit is easy to use and very accurate. The kit will identify bacteria that is known to be harmful along with toxins that may be present in water from the use of fertilizers or pesticides. It will also measure the level of chlorine, provide PH levels and measure the hardness of the water. This kit is particularly useful if you use private well water and it is recommended that water be tested at least once a year. The kit provides lab quality results in the privacy of your home.

  • Tests for the most common contaminants (10 different types)
  • Easy to use with professional results
  • Use for private wells. It is recommended that the water be tested at a minimum of once a year
  • Identifies lead copper and iron minerals
  • Identifies presence of fertilizers, pesticides, chlorine, PH levels and hard water

Best Budget Water Testing Kit

HM Digital

4.5/5 Product Rating

The HM-Digital-TDS-3-Handheld-Carrying water testing kit is made for both residential and commercial use. The kit comes with both a belt clip and a case to carry the tester in. The unit will store readings and measurements allowing you to maintain a record of a series of tests. The HM-Digital-TDS-3-Handheld-Carrying water testing kit comes with microprocessor technology that provides accurate readings within 2% range of accuracy. The digital thermometer has a large LCD display that is easy to read the measurements taken. It will measure the level of salt, metals and minerals that are present in the water. The unit measures the TDS levels (Total Dissolved Solids), allowing you to determine the waters condition. The lower the level the better water quality. This unit is great for determining when filters need to be changed. It provides accurate reading for drinking water, aquariums, pools and other areas where water is used.

  • Measures TDS level within 2% accuracy
  • Tests drinking water, pools, aquariums and more
  • Measures salt, metals and minerals found in the water for an overall water purity level
  • Great for determining when filters should be changed
  • Comes with a carry case and belt clip

Water Testing Kit Buying Guide

Water Testing Kit 1

Water is life. However, this does not mean any water, but clean water. There have been reports of the presence of lead, pesticides, ammonia, and other chemicals in drinking water. As much as thorough tests are conducted to ensure clean water is piped into houses, it somehow gets contaminated along the way. Consequently, the only way to prove the safety of your water is to test it at home. There are several types of water testing kits available on the market. You may have a difficult time trying to figure out which one to buy. This article is here to save you this headache.

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Water Testing Kit

You need to have a clear picture of what you want to buy in your water testing kit. Several considerations will help you narrow down choices to the perfect test kit for your situation.

1. Cost

It is easy to associate cheap things with low quality and expensive ones with high quality. This is often true, but not always. The best thing is to stick to your budget. You may buy an expensive kit, which may not be as effective as a cheap one.

2. Additional Uses

Some water testing kits are just a mixed package of different kits. There are those that can only test a few contaminants while others can measure many types. For instance, who does not want to buy a water testing kit that can test many chemicals? Having one that can test ammonia, lead, pesticide, calcium, magnesium, and many more will give you a clearer result. Furthermore, there are water-testing kits with water treatment kits incorporated in them. This will give you an instant solution just in case any of your tests read positive.

3. Efficiency and Accuracy

This describes how easy to use, reliable, effective, and awesome a water testing kit is. Did you know that there are kits that can detect over 150 kinds of impurities? Such kits will read positive if there are any contaminants present. Some kits are packaged complexly, and the method of testing is difficult. Do not go for a water testing kit that will give you a hard time using it. Time is also a crucial factor. Some kits take just a few minutes to produce test results while others can take up to hours or even days. For some, you can perform the test at home while others may require a laboratory setup. Choose what is convenient for you.

Water Testing Kit 4

3 Types of Water Testing Kits

1. Test strips

This is the most common, affordable, and easy-to-use type. Although their accuracy is not 100%, you can still get a good idea of the quality of your water. To use a test strip, dip it in a small sample of water and gently shake the test tube. After a few minutes, there will be a color change which you will compare with a color on the included color chart. Each strip changes color depending on the type of contaminant present. It also shows the concentration of the impurities.

2. Color Disk Kits

These kits have more accurate results compared to other available methods. Here, you just need to add a few drops of water into a tube containing the test powder. Alternatively, you can pour the powder in the water sample. Shake gently to ensure the contents mix well. Afterward, place the tube in a plastic viewing box and compare the color of the sample with the ones on the color disk. Keep rotating the disk until you find what color matches with that of the sample. The disk will show the concentration of the chemical present.

3. Digital test kits

These are the most accurate kits that exist. They are small hand-held meters, colorimeters, and photometers. Their cost is also higher compared than the other kits. Here, you will need batteries to power the kit, and you’ll need to make sure they are calibrated before using. A digital water testing kit is easily portable, reusable, and reliable. They are the most highly recommended

Keep the safety of your water in check, and you will reduce your chances of sickness. Drinking clean water is one of the healthiest habits out there. It cleans toxins from your system and keeps you hydrated. Purchase the best kit you can afford and enjoy.

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