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Best Waterfowl Blind Bag

Waterfowl Blind Bag Reviews

Waterfowl Blind Bag Reviews

If you’re a hunter of waterfowl, you’ve probably used a blind at some point to conceal yourself from the flock. You’ve also likely braved the cold, dark hours of early dawn and late dusk when the fowl are most likely to fly. Needless to say, you put in a significant amount of effort in hopes that your day’s payoff will be a handful of freshly killed fowl. Scouting a location and setting up your blind is only half the battle. From there you have to deal with decoys, cartridges, calls, tools, extra clothing, and a variety of other equipment and gear needed to execute an effective hunt. Like any other outdoor sport, hunting comes with a lot of baggage, literally and figuratively speaking. A good hunter knows that organization is an important part of execution in the world of man versus fowl. For that, a quality blind bag is an essential piece of gear that will help you organize all your equipment to make it easily accessible when you need it most.

Most Popular Waterfowl Blind Bag

Rig Em Right

5/5 Product Rating

The Rig Em Right Waterfowl Large Double Banded Blind Bag is one of the most rugged innovative blind bags available. On the outside of the bag are dual Spring-Open Shell Pockets, one of which can be removed and looped onto a belt of attached to a hook or branch for immediate access to your shells or cartridges. The exterior also features a top thermos sleeve and front accessory pocket. The hard-bottom Swamp-Sole keeps the bag high and dry and protects its contents when the bag is dropped. The top flap of the bag reveals a large zippered pocket and two see-through mesh pockets. A clear vinyl pocket on the inside panel is perfect for storing maps, hunting license, and timetable charts. In all, the bag pockets make it so all of your pertinent gear is organized and accessible, with room left over for extras on the floor of the bag. A seam-welded vinyl liner combined with the bag’s organizer liner help create a waterproof interior from the rugged bottom to the top zipper.

  • Separate molded ammo compartment with hard bottom
  • Molded sunglasses case
  • Drink holder pocket
  • Clear internal pockets
  • Separated main compartment for your essentials

Best Overall Waterfowl Blind Bag


4.7/5 Product Rating

Tanglefree has long been hailed as one of the premier designers and manufacturers of camouflage hunting gear and apparel. One part of their ever-evolving lineup is the Tanglefree Waterfowl Bag, a no-nonsense blind bag designed to stand up to anything you throw at it while out in the field. Starting at the bottom, the Tanglefree features a rugged plastic bottom to give the bag structural integrity and protection against moisture and mud. Multiple external storage pockets allow for easy access to calls, shells, and sunglasses, and a top bungee rigging provides room for a jacket, hat, and/or gloves. A water-resistant liner can be removed for cleaning, or to lighten the bag’s weight and increase its capacity. In addition to a carry handle, an adjustable length strap makes the Tanglefree Waterfowl Bag easy and comfortable to carry from car to trail to blind.

  • Rugged, plastic bottom keeps bag and contents high and dry
  • Multiple internal and external storage pockets for hunting gear and personal items
  • Water-resistant liner keeps moisture out

Best Budget Waterfowl Blind Bag


4.5/5 Product Rating

The Drake Waterfowl Floating Series of blind bags are some of the best on the market. The Extra Large model has over 20 storage pockets and offers a main storage compartment protected by two liners to create a virtually waterproof interior below the zipper. The bag is constructed of PVC-backed 900 denier polyester with 5 panels of closed cell floatation foam to give it is floating properties. The bag is 18-inches wide, 11-inches tall, and 10-inches deep, offering more than ample space for all of your hunting (or fishing) gear plus extra clothes, snacks, and other must-haves in the field. In addition to durable pockets capable of holding tools, GPS devices, and other large gear, there are multiple elastic loops for flashlights and hand calls, as well as plastic D-ring and carabiner hooks to clip on your keys and compass.

  • Bag floats on water and stays dry inside
  • Over 20 storage pockets, loops, rings, and clips
  • Dual lining creates virtually waterproof interior

Waterfowl Blind Bag Buying Guide

Waterfowl Blind Bag Review

You may be an avid hunter, but you no longer have the limber joints needed to help you climb trees. You will, therefore, need a blind that gives you stability, comfort, portability, and concealment. You should have sufficient space so that you can hunt comfortably.

The set up and take down of your blind should be fast so that you can keep up with the moving animals. The market has many waterfowl blind options which come in different shapes, sizes, and types. Buying one can be difficult, but we will show you how to choose the right one for you.

  • Why Do You Need A Waterfowl Blind?

Before you start shopping, you must answer the question of whether you need a waterfowl blind. The main reason to buy one is to remain invisible to waterfowl. You want to be able to move from place to place with maximum concealment.

A waterfall blind will allow you to camouflage your movements such as stretching and readjusting without scaring away your game. You can also draw your weapon without the prey knowing what you are doing.

Choose a blind that will give you proper camouflage. You will also find some blind options that have scent-blocking technology.

  • Portability

Most of the waterfowl blinds in the market are very portable because the material used in the construction is lightweight. You may, however, need to be careful about leaving them outdoors because the weather can break down the material.

Very strong wind and snow build-up may also make the lightweight frames collapse. Look for durability so that even if you must leave the blind outside occasionally, you can still enjoy some long-term usage from it.

  • Consider the Type of Game You Are Hunting

You should not restrict yourself to the type of game you can hunt when shopping for a blind. While waterfowl blinds are specific to waterfowls, you can also get additional usage for other types of game.

  • Type of Hunting Tools

Waterfowl Blind Bag Review

Whether you are using a rifle or crossbow, you need sufficient space to draw your weapon effectively. You must do all this while maintaining the cover you need. You will find specific blinds that are suitable for those who are using bows.

The more compact style of blind will not give you sufficient space to maneuver with a bow but will work well for rifles. Pay attention to the interior dimensions because it will determine your comfort level when hunting.

  • Height of your Waterfowl Blind

The height of your waterfowl blind will depend on your requirements. Some have shallow ceilings, making them uncomfortable for someone very tall. If you prefer to hand from a standing position, they may compromise your field of view.

 You will also have to contend with aches and pains due to the stooped posture you will need to take. If you prefer to hunt when kneeling, the low ceiling will not matter much.

  • Frame Vs. Pop-Up Waterfowl Blinds

You have the option of a frame versus a pop-up blind. The latter is lightweight and ideal for long treks. The pop-up style can, however, trap wind, much like an umbrella, and may blow away.

The frame option is more substantial with rigid fiberglass or metal frames. They are, therefore, ideal for windy conditions. But they are heavier and a bit more challenging to set up.

  • Protection Against the Elements

Look for a waterfowl blind that is waterproof because you will be very uncomfortable if it is raining, and it gets into the blind. Go for those with snow covers so that you can camouflage well when it is snowing.

  • Price

We recommend that you focus on the features that you feel you must have, and then allocate your budget appropriately. Go for high-quality material that gives you durability and long-term usage. You may end up spending a bit more, but in the long run, you will save money because you do not need to keep replacing your waterfowl blind.

  • Additional features

    • The doors should be comfortable enough for you to enter and exit without much trouble. It should also open quickly in case you need to exit suddenly. The bigger the door, the easier it will be for you.
    • Ports for calling and flagging
    • Straps for additional concealment

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